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TTM 65: The Cabin

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey,

    I’m always behind so thanks for baring with me.

    Just a quick observation, how is Randall getting these waves but we never see him in a durag? We always see Beth and the girls in bonnets and scraves but never Randall in a durag? Random thought.

    Sooooo…I really loved The Cabin, it was so well written. It kinda felt like whoever was writing the first 2 seasons came back and wrote this episode. My favorite part was the 3 listening to Jack’s tape. It was the first time we see Jack and the adult 3 in the same scene (kinda). I really enjoyed it, I actually teared up a bit. What I didn’t like was Mark not getting the ass kicking he deserved. Teen Randall and Kevin are my new favorites. I really enjoy how much they act like Justin and Sterlin; they have their mannerisms down. Sometimes it’s kinda eerie how much like them they are.

    Im really annoyed it took baby Jack choking for Toby to come around. I mean I’m really traumatized by seeing that baby choke. I have a toddler and that was a very really fear. I hate it! I knew Toby and Kate would be fine. The gesture was nice and whatnot.

    Randall…watching him in therapy gave me anxiety. He finds fault in everything and its nerve wracking. Also very relatable to me, I hope he keeps going. AND I’m so happy Beth was honest honest with Randall. I was worried a bottle of wine was going to fall out of her purse.

    It was fun to see Rebecca and Kevin have a day together, past and present. Young Kevin really was proud of himself for that mediocre report card (future Mayor Pete with those grades and smugness, I kid).

    I’m here for Zaddy Kevin!

    Thanks Rod & Bassey!


  2. Bre Slay

    Hey ya’ll, this may be long, so sorry.

    I wrote this all out and then the screen refreshed and I promptly flipped my lid before returning to this page to retype everything.
    The recaps of the show are great! Rod and Bassey, you are both amazing and so insightful.

    I know ya’ll are not here for Toby, buuuutttt I am kinda here for it. I like this very real version of parentified that is not always shown and often frowned upon. Toby already is prone to depressive episodes and is struggling to deal with the reality of a child with different abilities. Everyone is not able to just jump on board and make it work like Kate. I like seeing Toby’s struggle and his pushing through it. I don’t think this is the end of their marital woes though. I think Kate still needs to address her emotional affair for Greg next door. I also wonder if we are ever going to get a future Marc appearance dun dun dunnnn?

    So, on to Randall. Yes, it is quite annoying how long it took him to be ready for therapy, but if he had gone before he was ready then it wouldn’t stick. (which we will see in the next episode). I think ya’ll hit the nail on the head about Randall’s control issues and belief that he is the glue that brings his family together without allowing other people to get their own shit together. I wrote about Randall’s issues being a parentified child in a blog post here (no need to mention on the show if ya’ll read these on the next recap, I’m a licensed therapist soon to be Dr. #blackgirlmagic and I love hearing ya’ll discuss the mental health aspects of this show. Also Bassey, your book is amazing and I recommended it to my professor to put on the required reading list for our diagnosis class): https://breannslay.wixsite.com/allthethings/post/randall-pearson-the-perils-of-the-parentified-child

    So, future predictions. I do think Kevin’s backstory/lesson about finding something else to love does lend itself to Kevin and Madison ending up together. However, I think there is something to be said about the trauma bond Kevin and Sophie have together. I think it will be difficult for Kevin to be with someone who never knew his dad, just like it will be hard for Sophie to be with someone who never knew her mom. Who knows. I also think Kate and Miguel are dead in the future. We have not seen Kate in the future. We saw a flash forward at the end of season 2 where Toby was depressed and Randall was calling him encouraging him to come somewhere. In the most recent flash forward, we saw Toby and no Kate, but he said he called Jack and “they” were on their way. I think this “they” is Jack and his new boo. This is Us is good for the bait and switch and the story has been too clear this season. They are setting us up for the family getting back together way in the future to see a sick family member and showing us it is Rebecca. HOWEVER I think it’s a 2 part flash forward and eventually, we will get to see Rebecca’s last days, but first (unfortunately) we will see Kate as the one they are getting ready to see. What do ya’ll think? Will Kate have some health complication? Car accident? Does Marc come back? Who knows.

    Anyway, love the show! Looking forward to the next one!

    – Bre

    • Bre

      I like this very real version of parenting**

  3. rodimusprime

    Is this where I leave feedback??

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Question on timelines:

    Did yall figure out ages for the time machine time traveling time lines yet? How old are the Big 3 in the future when Rebecca is at the new cabin (they’re 39/40ish now and Rebecca is supposed to be what…late 60s, 70ish??)? Cuz future Tess looks like she pays her own rent grown as she was social working that baby (is he coming back to any timeline?) and Rebecca already seems elderish now sooo does she end up living long and prospering?

    Did Miguel make it to the future? (can’t remember if he was present from previous episodes).

    And could that put baby Jack from the future in a different time line altogether? What’s going on here (verbal Karen)??

    Love the show!


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    This show , this show, this show my god the writers have been doing an amazing job on the last episodes of this season ! I have absolutely loved the parallels in the awesome parenting job Jack and Rebecca did in this episode, respectively speaking with Jack with Randall and Rebecca with Kevin . And now we kind of see why Randall and Kevin begin to fight with each other as it relates to Rebecca’s care!

    I’m so glad Randall is in therapy and I absolutely love that they cast Pamela Adlon to play his psychiatrist she’s going to tell Randall exactly what he needs to hear about himself . Hopefully he can deal with his fear of abandonment issues ( which are valid) in a healthy way now and his need to overcompensate by trying to be perfect all the time . “You’re family won’t leave you if your not perfect Randall” – so chill out man lol. But finding out that’s why Randall runs , this show ,this show!

    On Kate and Madison

    See I told y’all Madison was a good friend . She was ready to kill that CrossFit bitch YESSSSS Madison. She really is a genuine friend to Kate and I love that about her . Please let her be Kevin’s future wife , on everything please let it be so lol.

    On Toby and Kate

    Toby still trash though, like bruh it took your kid almost choking for you to give a shit about him – GTFOH ! He did better this episode but he still trash lol

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey! Have a good one !


  5. rodimusprime

    Sorry I’m late but can I share my This could be us, ect?

    So, first I just wanna say that MADISON IS PREGNANT, I’m calling it. If she not then she will be soon. We figured out who Kevin’s baby mama is!

    For this could be us, I could’ve been Toby. My son choked on a refrigerator magnet when he was two. I don’t know where those hemlick manuver (sp?) skills came from but he couldn’t breathe and I somehow got it out. Then took him to the doctor too to see if his throat was ok. I feel you Toby. I also could’ve been young adult Kate. Dating that Fuck Nigga Marc. I mean haven’t we all? And when I was in it I thought it was ok, not until looking back at those situations in my 30’s and seeing that his antics had nothing to do with me or that I didn’t cause them.

    This ain’t me is of course Marc bitch ass.

    I didn’t cry this episode but my this too much moment was when Toby started actually playing with his adorable son. That made my heart smile. And when they played the tape recorder and actually heard their father’s voice after all that time. That kinda brought them back together.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Randall get some therapy. And I really want to know why they mad at Randal. I hope we find out before this season ends. Also looking forward to seeing if my Theory about Madison & Kevin is right and if he finally finds what he’s been looking for in her.

    Thank y’all and can’t wait for the next episode!


  6. GN

    Tobey took so long to get into life-saving mode with Jack, there was really a moment where i was like, “Is he gonna let his son die so he doesn’t have to raise a blind child?” I had to remind myself that we’ve seen a flash forward of Baby Jack! That scene was really stressful. Also shoutout to the casting director for finding a baby who can ACT. You already said it in the recap, but that choking was SO real.

    Also, I hope before the season ends we find out if Miguel bought the food that choked Jack. Feels like a very important detail that should not be overlooked.

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