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BDS 338: Mike Uncle Tomlin?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA All-Star Weekend, Cavs part ways with coach, Ice Cube says NBA stole his idea, Greg Robinson arrested for 157 lbs of weed, Floyd talks TI, Marcus Randle El arrested, Eddie Curry article, Ayesha and Steph trapping for the Gram, NBA All-Star jerseys will be auctioned off, Adrian Peterson, Oakley lawsuit rejected, Lebron upset with MLB, Reggie Jackson going to Clippers, Tomlin defends Rudolph, 400 people went to wrong grave for Kobe and Gianna, Big Baller Brand is back, NFL CBA, Uninterrupted lawsuit, Kyrie getting shoulder surgery, Terrelle Pryor’s ex-gf has murder charge dropped and 5 year ban for penis biting.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Harden

    That boy Giannis got under his skin!!! He got that lemon booty in the All-star game, Russ and small ball getting all the credit for turning around the Rockets season, and he was getting clowned by the Greek Freak and my man had enough. I can’t wait until that rematch in March. I expected that level of salt from CP3, but I haven’t seen anyone get this bitterness out of Harden in public before.

    And gotta give a shout out to Bo and Pablo for High Noon. They got jerked from jump with the studio problems to switching it from an hour, and they still made it a must watch and one of smartest shows every day. I’m definitely gonna miss it.

    Appreciate the dope show as always, and congrats to you and Karen making it to the Big Apple. Keep manifesting what you deserve

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J Wilder. that boy got his ass whooped. Not saying that the batteries were the problem but you can’t blame that L on the batteries.
    But that is not why I am here. Let’s talk about the LeBron and these motherfucking Lakers. First it was they gave up too much for AD, then it was nobody signed with them, then LeBron will run Vogel out the paint. And Dwight will not work. Look at them Lakers now #1 in the west dominating. All those folks that didn’t sign with the Lakers (Russell, Tobias Harris) not working out with there teams that they were so pressed to sign with. Also funny how the Clippers keep signing a bunch of players that were ran off of one or two of their former teams and they are good signings all of sudden. Good to hear from y’all just wanted to chime in on this Laker and LeBron season so far peace.

  3. chubbzero

    Hello Karen, rod and j.c. state. Out of all the seasons to get swept by the heels, this has got to be the worst. UNC is God awful and there is no reason the pack should have lost to them. Twice in fact!I always try to root for the black coaches but they gone fire that night! And do y’all ever watch undisputed with skip Bayless and shannon Sharpe? Man shannon be killing me with that goat mask! Alright, hope you guys have a nice, safe trip to the big apple and be safe! Peace!

  4. fyahworks

    What’s good iN the hood
    Rod, Karen, & jion Williamson

    I’m sure by now you guys seen the Kobe/gig Bryant memorial! I thought it was done well! Shoutouts to Vanessa, she is a strong woman, to go up there and speak in front of millions in staples and world wide! I think all the speakers did a good job! Who would you guys have liked to see speak?

    Also shout outs to Vanessa again on the wrongful death lawsuit. I think it’s important not because of money,(which she isn’t hurting for), but to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again. I’m also sure she will take that money and put it into the mamba/mamba it’s sports foundation. Along with something for the other families that were apart of this tragedy!

    Lastly I wanted to talk about this ROY race between,basically Zion and Ja! Although Zion started late, he is becoming what we expected with the hype! What, in you guys opinion can make Zion surpass ja at this point? If we take away the hype and just focus on their game and their teams? Ja is still my pick for ROY, but I’m sure voters/writers/analysts would or will make a case for Zion! Your thoughts?

    Have a great weekend


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