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BDS 340: I Will Do Better!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Spike Lee gets kicked out the Garden, Dion Waiters to Lakers, KD wants weed unbaned, Jack Brewer, LA Deputies took pics of crash site, Cousins talks about threatening his ex, Peyton in the booth, NBA dealing with Coronavirus, Marshawn Lynch commencement speaking, Lebron gets AT&T endorsement, AI paying for college application fees, bettor threatens players, A Rod on Astros cheating, Trent Williams may seek trade, XLF Coronavirus scare, Kansas objects to NCAA charges, Al Michaels, Kentucky racist fan, Italy banning fans, Olympics may take place later, Nic Batum is sorry, Matthew Barnaby chokes bouncer, Muhammad Wilkerson arrested, Quinnen Williams arrested and Scott Piercy homophobic meme post.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Judy Gobert,

    I hope all is we with y’all.

    Shouts out to Cleveland second greatest achievement behind LeBron and them niggas in 2016: The Cleveland Clinic is working to create a test for dat rona that only takes 8 hours to get results. Hang the Clinic’s jerseys in the rafters! That would be 2 Championships in Cleveland before any ever reach Rocky Boston aka Utah. Goddamn Rudy Gobert, thought shit was sweet and now he’s got that rona. I do sincerely wish him and Donavan Mitchell a speedy recovery and hope everyone else in Utah is fine. But still though, touching everything he could and then becoming the NBA’s Patient 0? Nigga please.

    Kinda broad implausble ass question, but what would y’all think of the NFL getting rid of their anti-trust exemption? What would the league look like if teams couldn’t just constantly field sorry add teams and still reap a profit?

    Are y’all surprised that the NCAA canceled March Madness? Not cuz it was the right thing to do, but cuz my expectations for the NCAA are so goddamn low I half expect Mark Emmert to have an email somewhere asking, “I mean how sick does sick *really* mean?”

    I hope y’all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Niggas only, only niggas!

    – Dough

  2. fyahworks

    Good evening rod , Karen, and Judy Gobert

    I’m glad I held off on writing this till 2 hours before the show! Although I understand, it’s sad and frustrating that we gonna have a possible gap in sports, “ Becuase there nothing else to do SAL”

    Your boy Rudy out here being reckless just touching shit and now poor Donovan Mitchell got the corona! I hope those guys and all affected come out on the other side with a clean bill of health! Before the season was suspended and there was talk of playing in memory arenas my brother told me he heard a joke, that the WNBA players said we used to playing in empty arenas! No we ain’t got shit with all sports going down one by one including the NCAA, nascar, and golf!

    Lastly, who won before donkey and Charles Barkley? Charles said donkey got a face for radio and I fell out! We need some off the court drama to hold us over till we get sports back, and I’m sure niggaz won’t disappoint!

    One love
    Stay safe

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Rona

    Don’t even let that nigga Justin in the building! Make him come through the back door like he’s Spike Lee! It’s one thing when y’all making jokes about my bum ass squad, but when fucking Neil Degrasse Tyson is roasting my ass? Cold world. But I’ll still take that over rooting for the Nets.

    But damn we’re really going full Space Jam with this shit. I hope MJ got his bottle of cognac ready because we’re gonna need him to defeat the Cornavirus and bring the NBA back this time. Shit is wild. I just hope we get some good crime time out of this.

    Alright y’all appreciate you as always, have a great one.

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