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TNO 149: Who M.A.S.K.ed For This?

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Borderlands movie, Activision wants to sue Reddit users over leaks, body painting streamer banned from Twitch, Netflix Transformers trilogy, Kevin Feige had to fight for a woman-led super hero movie, XBox Series X, bad guys can’t use iPhones, M.A.S.K., Anthony Mackie, The Movies That Made Us gets renewed, She-Hulk, Snake Eyes movie wraps production, Upgrade sequel, Kung Fu reboot, Last of Us TV show, Kids In The Hall, Onward banned in middle east countries, Wonder Woman 1984, Coronavirus shut downs, Hawkeye still continuing, Dead Or Alive microtransactions, NFL 2k, Lost in Space renewed, Naughty Dog crunching for Last of Us 2, BioWare redesigning Anthem, Twitch signing gamers to exclusivity deals, AT&T suspends broadband data caps, Invisible Man profits, Google Stadia having issues running true 4K, Madison from Fear The Walking Dead, E3, Playstation Store sale and Doc and Marty reunited.


  1. rodimusprime

    It’s been a while since i wrote into TNO, but I’m glad dat Rona gave me an opportunity this week!!

    Kriss (if you there), thank you for your coverage of Freaks on MTR network and suggestion on TNO. Based on the review, I watched it by myself, and liked it so much that I convinced my husband to watch it. He’s a man of few words, so when he said ‘I liked it, it means he was surprised at how good it was! It was great, and was very surprised to hear about how low the budget was. They did a great job, and I hope the creators get some more projects to do in the near future.

    Aaron, you got any suggestions for learning apps / games for a toddler? I’ve been keeping my daughter home for the last couple of weeks, and I like to switch it up every now and then. I have ABC Mouse and Khan Academy, and they have little stories on there that we can read together, along with activities.

    A while ago someone mentioned how Disney+ is actually safer for parents because we don’t have to worry about kids finding questionable content. Whoever said that, you are so right!! I monitor what my daughter watches, and I’ve had to block like twenty stupid shows on Netflix, and I don’t even let her touch YouTube because I just don’t know enough about the content creators. However I’ll share songs or videos that I think she’ll enjoy when I’m with her, but never by herself. Speaking of YouTube creators, anybody ever heard of Blippi?? He’s a guy that creates ‘safe’ videos for kids, but I watched about five min of it and turned it off. I was uncomfortable. Just … weird.

    Anthony Mackie gotta shut the fuck up, right?? I feel like RDJ and Chris Evans didnt speak too much before we as the audience became comfortable with them as their characters. Anthony mackie is so forgettable, I don’t remember his characters name half the time, and I have watched every single marvel movie. I just want him to be good as the new Capt and not fucking ruin it by sharing his personal opinions. But I think I’m asking for too much.

    Bacon if you’re there, or you’re listening, hey!!! I love you when come on TNO and share your insights on all the nerdom. Makes me happy.

    Aight that’s it. Between MTR Network and TBGWT, y’all are getting me through this Rona with some humor and analysis, which I appreciate. Have fun and be safe!!


  2. Amani

    Shout out to 150 episodes of The Nerd Off! A cavalcade of nerds out here dropping gems and it’s so appreciated, especially under lockdown. I even went back and listened to episode 53 when it was just Rod and Kriss nerding out about John Williams, so a special shout out to Kriss throwing it back by doing the Darth Vader breathing the whole episode last episode and trying to blame it on Aaron.

    Just want to remind people to keep their mute lists active, because Arguing Season, I mean Insecure is coming back next week and if you thought these niggas were bored with nothing to do before? Whooo buddy I don’t know if I’m ready for the bullshit that’s gonna come out this year. But between that and Rick and Morty coming back in May at least we’re finally getting some new episodes of TV soon. Alright y’all hope everybody is doing safe, and enjoying themselves.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron,

    I am just writing in to let Kriss know that I blame him for not only Dat Rona, but the entire shitshow that has been 2020. You may ask why I blame this black man, well, I noticed that at the end of 2019, Kriss announced not only the end of the Insanity Check, but the move to one episode monthly till the show ends. The entire world has gone to hell since his declaration that his foot will no longer be on its neck. Coincidence, I.Think.Not!

  4. Felix

    Hi guys, Felix here. Been a while since I left feedback but Ive got a good excuse. Been busy working since the start of February on something I’m really jazzed about. By the time the next nerdoff happens hopefully everything will have gone smoothly and I’ll fill you guys in on it.

    During that time however, like a lot of folks, seasonal flu hit me like several trucks. When it gets this bad my tonsillitis also starts acting up and as that subsided I got strep throat so I could barely talk for 2 weeks. I was basically in pain and coughing for the entire month of February up until a couple weeks ago. I still managed to hit my deadlines for the previously mentioned “thing” I was working on thanks to painkillers and my “fuck you flu, I will not have this ruined for me” attitude.

    While I was in pain I managed to catch up on a few things. I loved the hell outta castlevania this season. Another step up from the previous one. This season had some staff changes but the new animators that joined the crew did amazing work. Shout-out to Tam Lu in particular, I cant even begin to imagine how much work it was drawing action scenes that complicated.

    Ive been catching up on black clover and boruto. Boruto in particular is adapting some manga content currently and it’s looking like things are about to heat the fuck up over there.

    I watched Picard despite not knowing a damn thing about Star Trek The Next Generation besides Ben Cisco shading the shit outta Picard in the first episode of deep space nine. I liked it though I couldn’t help but not like the doctor lady. It’s no Star Trek Discovery for me though. I can’t wait for that to come back.

    I watched 2 seasons of Elementary because Lucy Liu and the Sherlock dude are both fine as hell and watching them solve crimes is very fun. I’m caught up on all the CW Shows except Batwoman and Black Lightning. They finally put the new season of Black Lightning on UK netflix so I’ll binge that during this darn quarantine. I loved the ending of Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar needs to be arrested for emotional abuse haha.

    Lastly, Was wondering how far into She-Ra Karen was atm. They just announced the upcoming season is the last so she doesn’t have too much to catch up on if she hasn’t already. It’s gonna be wild. And on comics, Like I expected, Eve Ewing killed that shit on Outlawed #1. She has just the right tones for all the characters and I was so into it. Sad everything’s on hold right now. My local comics store had to close less than a month after doing a big renovation for the first time in like 5 years. I hope they’ll be able to hang in there because I love those guys now. Started off a bit rocky with their iffy Ms Marvel opinions but we’re solid now. Will wait and see.

    Oh also before I go, Rod, those last 2 issues of Black Panther man, just give coates a damn medal already (also pls never put this artist on black panther again, Sheesh ). Looking forward to the show. Felix out.

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