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2064: OnlyHands

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Rod and Karen discuss That Rona, Bronx teacher shames students, Andrew Gillum scandal, racist Alabama law, Daniel Kaluuya, Wanessa Nakate, man steals toilet paper from neighbor, Florida duo has sex outside hospital, fake sanitizer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. MizzBarnes72

    So, speaking of Florida, I was so horrified when I heard about the Andrew Gillum scandal. I was like, oh noooo……..meth, escorts and vomiting…….

    The writing was on the wall and sadly, we were all here for it.

  2. Anne

    Coronavirus story: I was having a casual conversation with a friend who is white. The conversation drifted to coronavirus and all of the places being shut down. We both agreed that the situation was serious. Then….she said that the local government’s order for employees to report to work and limit travel was…….slavery. She said that I should be glad I didn’t work for that government agency. I said that was an exaggeration. She asked me if I was sure. (Why me?) I replied that actual slavery involved no pay, violence and the labeling of black people as property. She said that slavery takes many forms. (Why me?) So, I cut to the chase and told her that she shouldn’t make that comparison in front of people whose ancestors were actually slaves. Like me. And I thought it would end there. Nooooo. A few minutes later, she said that it was more personal to her than a history lesson because her husband was banned from working in the same industry by his previous employer because of a non-compete clause but he was able to sue to get it overturned. (Why me?) I just ended it there and told her to stop trying to make me agree with her. But why me? She could have said that garbage to other people who would have agreed with her. Why say it to me? A smarter person would have stopped at the first sign that it bothered me and moved one. Now I hope her employer makes here go to work just out of pettiness.

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