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2063: Quarantine Cast

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. LotusFlower

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    My job was supposed to go remote starting in June, but because of the rona they sent everyone home early. I’m working from home now and still listen to the same amount of podcasts, so keep them coming please

  2. Static

    Hey Rod & Karen

    Y’alls conversation on third parties made me remember something one of my coworkers told me last week. Somehow third parties came up in conversation and she explained that where she’s from ,India, they have multiple political parties and every election all the parties form coalitions that boil down to two main groups and they resemble what we have in the US. I kinda feel like that’s what the libertarian party does too (My dad always says they’re just republicans who like to smoke weed lol)

    Thanks for all that y’all do!

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    I’m sorry, Rod and Karen. Wasn’t trying to gaslight. Also I didn’t even think about how it came out in rap music when I was typing. So embedded I didn’t even notice.

    You right though, NYers do like to throw that shit around no matter where we go. Lol. But I’ve gotten clowned for being from NY especially when I used to visit my ex husband’s home in Indiana.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    This comment is for the previous week’s feedback show: 2058, The Return of Uncle Joe.

    I am a New Yorker and I truly appreciated your slam of New Yorkers. Sadly, there is an arrogance among us, even Black people, who want to act as if they are superior to other Black people. I have always and will continue to refer to New York as Up South, and I’m someone who has in the past found myself embracing that New York arrogance about people from the south. Thankfully, I check myself and ask why.

    For me, the answer is obvious, and it goes back to what makes dirt poor white people hate the collective black community that has nothing to do with their oppression — people feel better about themselves when they tell themselves that there is someone they are better than. For whites, it’s Black people, unfortunately for Northern Blacks, it’s Southern Blacks.yes, by all means call them stupid, country, whatever, anything to keep you from asking why Ed Koch, Rudy Guiliani and Mike Bloomberg got elected mayor. Feeling “better than” Southern Blacks enables you to pretend there are whole ass sections of New York you know you better not take your Black ass to. Feeling better than Southern Blacks enables you to ignore the slave burial ground located directly across from one of New York’s most famous intersections, Duane and Reade Streets, where the famous drug store chain gets its name from. Feeling better than Southern Blacks allows us to pretend that the police aren’t whipping our asses just like the racist southern cop trope. We do this without realizing how we are playing directly into the hands of those who seek to keep us divided and oppressed. There is a reason Dr. King came up north (where let’s keep it a buck, a significant portion of black people not only didn’t fuck with him, but we’re openly hostile to him), he understood that if black people became a voting collective, we could shake this shake up. Obama’s presidency proved this, but still we backslide.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you two for your show and let you know, I am one of many New Yorkers who is on your side, especially when you drop those truth bombs.

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