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PG 232: Tiger King

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the Tiger King documentary, Justin’s job during Coronavirus, Karen working for home, Rod conserving energy to do the podcast, J-L Cauvin has a video go viral, listener comments and PreGame news.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Happy birthday Karen!!! Congrats on another lap around the sun and I hope you have an wonderful time celebrating.

    Rod, you were correct in how dense, information wise, Tiger King is. By the time they were interviewing the US Attorney on Joe Exotic’s case I was thinking, “I mean, Carol doesn’t seem that unreasonable” and then I remembered she might’ve killed her husband. Granted, I do think Joe constantly shitting on Karen and swearing she’ll end up in prison is a tad bit hypocritical when this nigga was flagrantly breaking laws all over the place *and being recorded*. I threw my hands in the air extra high at two things: Joe letting them tape him throw accelerant on all those documents he was destroying; and when Jeff told Joe he couldn’t embezzle funds to pay for his campaign and Joe seemed confused that that shit was illegal. Joe Exotic must’ve thought he was Nixon and that recording *everything* would somehow vindicate him in the end.

    And yes, I too was happy there were no Black people in this.

    Although I did walk away wanting to know more about Saff; the person who made the Tiger King podcast said on Twitter that Saff is a transman (uses he/him pronouns) and apparently that nigga is an veteran too. Him, Reinke and Dial seemed like the relatively sane people in all this.

    Thanks for the wonderful show y’all, peace!

  2. chubbzero

    Happy birthday karen! What’s up rod and justin? Man I thought I could handle this stay at home rule,but I’m really bummed about not getting to see that quiet place 2. Question… if they released it for home streaming, what would be a fair price? And are yall watching that new show on freeform called motherland:fort Salem? Its about witches in the u.s. army and they use their powers to fight an enemy called “”the spree”. I’m on the 3rd episode and it’s not bad. Ok, later

  3. fyahworks


    Hello rod, Justin and the birthday girl

    1. Yesterday when April hit, for one not only was I happy to make it to another month during this pandemic, but it’s me and Karen’s birthday month! Aries gang!!! It’s so unfortunate that the year my birthday is on a Friday, (April 17) a nigga can’t do shyt! I’m still happy to be alive and relatively healthy! I’ve given you guys your flowers many times on this show! But I can’t thank you guys enough for your content, and jokes! It really gives me something to look forward too every week! So thank all tree of y’all (bird man voice)

    2 Have y’all seen recent photos of Kevin Hart & diddy with all the greys? Diddy Looking like a black santa on slim fast!! My gosh this rona shit is really humbling uh?

    Karen enjoy your birthday! And you fellas as well



  4. Mdiarra

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Hope y’all are doing well with this quarantine.
    Tiger King was a wild wild ride. Honestly that shit showed me that we need regulations as much as possible like with Guns and Animals. Like Joe had people drugged up handling 1200 tigers in a small cramped space. What the actual fuck.

    Carole for SURE killed her husband. I have never heard of a will where you have a “disappearance” clause. Why would you even think that was needed. Also yall think Carole was a “streetwalker” and Don was picking her up for tricks when they first met. Cause idk why I would be out here driving around trying to pick someone up late at night and then the way that got them into my car was a gun! like WTF. Carole def killed Don, but Don sounds reckless as shit too.
    But even if Carole killed her husband. Out of all of them I still Stan her the most. Unfortunately her volunteering shit is actually the norm with a lot of Zoos, a lot of them get by by having a small amount of staff and then a decent amount of volunteers who do more of the menial stuff. Woman went from illegal business with her ex Don to legal. A real life Stringer Bell!

    Overall great doc and I would love to see what the fallout from this documentary is for the people who played such a strong role in it.

    Thanks for always doing the show!

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Man that Tiger King on Netflix was insane. I watched with a smile on my face because wasn’t nan-one Black person in this mess.

    Rod, I just started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm a few seasons ago. That shit is funny as fuck. Based on your recommendation, I signed up for HBO Go to watch Season 6 when the black characters came on. Man it is funny to me on two levels. The episodes themselves, especially with the one that introduced J.B. Smoove and then the realization that the wife who was responsible for bringing in the black family is gone, but J.B. now resides with Larry.

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