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BDS 343: Mr Whole Lotta Money Going Broke

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Clippers new arena on the line, Jon Jones arrested again, Paul Pierce packed the heat, Tristan Thompson getting Khloe’s quarantine cakes, NBA players getting Coronavirus tests, Richard Sherman given bonus, Jamal Murray sextape, Oakley and Dolan have to squash beef, Rudy Gobert on his symptoms, Travis Frederick retires, NBA/NBPA donate for Coronavirus, 76ers walk back pay cut, NFL closing team facilities, Quinn Cook children’s book, Toppin declares for NBA draft, NCAA could give seniors extra year, KAT’s mom in hospital, NFL holding draft as scheduled, NASCAR ordering pay cuts, Trent Williams, Stan Van Gundy, Sean Payton, Deshaun Watson subtweeting team, Dolphins for Cam, Logan Paul diss song, Brees donating, Keith Middlebrook arrested, NHL play-offs, Wilder / Fury 3, WNBA draft, Markelle Fultz cheated on pregnant GF with her besties, Curly Neal dies, Udonis Haslem goes off on kids at the beach, Barkley tests negative for the Rona, Royce White threatens Kendrick Perkins, Tyler Herro, Lebron feeds kids and Hulk marries ex-wife’s niece.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it dooskie Rod, Karen and JFL,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    First and foremost Kemdoc, I’ll have you know that I hope the Browns don’t sign Antonio Brown. That nigga too wild for the Browns and he brings his fuckery to work with him. Can you imagine how Antonio Brown is gonna act on a team with OBJ, Jarvis Landry and noted sorry ass QB Baker Mayfield? Josh Gordan was a consummate professional at work, even as he drank booze and did drugs at halftime. AB would probably spend halftime calling Baker fiftyeleven different Guess The Race answers. Actually, one of his most famous moments as a Steeler was putting his foot through our punter’s face (https://youtu.be/Z2DTio1-HMY). If the Browns signed AB, it’d be a countdown til he did an IG live talking about “whew chile, the ghetto” at halftime while the Browns are losing.

    Y’all, they replayed the 2016 NBA Finals and every time I’ve rewatched those games, I’m taken back to the moment of watching them live. I still get anxious watching Game 7 like I don’t already know the ending. I can still feel the elation at seeing LeBron rising up like Freddy Krueger to block Iggy’s dreams of scoring. And the sense of fear when LeBron fucked up that dunk trying to erase Donkey from existence and thinking, “Wow. This is the most Cleveland shit ever. LeBron probably got his first injury in his career and it had to happen in Game 7 against the Golden DeBarge Warriors”. Hell, I still remember all my petty friends texting me asking me about Kevin Love after that.

    Y’all got any sports memories that hit y’all like that?

    I will say, when UNC won that title and Rod cut off the theme music to play Petey Pablo on the next Balls Deep, I fell onto my floor from laughter.

    Shouts out to the real businessman in the Ball family: LaMelo Ball. This nigga bought his old Australian pro-team!

    I hope y’all have an enjoyable weekend. Once again, happy birthday Karen. Justin, I hope you’re staying safe at work and thank you as always for this awesome podcast.

    Niggas only, only niggas,

    – Dough

  2. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen and jarcus smart

    First I forgot to put this in pre game but I guess this can go here too, Miguel Nunez aka juwanna mann was caught shoplifting lifting from a grocery in LA! Well damn

    Now back to jarcus smart! He is saying he will donate his blood to the research of covid 19! My thing is, if he didn’t have any symptoms that we are aware of, I’m not sure what his blood can provide compared to that of a person who really went through it! Recently all the nba players who were tested positive all got cleared and I don’t recall any having symptoms at all! What are the odds? I’m happy for them but there’s thousands out there who weren’t so lucky!

    Next, after dropping 400Ms for the lakers hand me downs! Stevie just gave 25 million to covid research! I was hearing people say, well shit if u got cash like that u can give 1 million to everyone in the USA and still be rich! What’s your thoughts on a comment like that?

    Lastly the last dance has been pushed up to April 19th on ESPN but they gonna split it up over the course of a month! I’m a ginger so I’ll probably wait till it’s all out

    Niggaz only only niggaz


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jarole Baskin 

    This is why I love this show, everybody else is scrambling for content, but Balls Deep? We set nigga! But all this is proof why the NBA is my favorite league in all of this. Niggas bullied ESPN into moving up that Bulls documentary 2 months early and now they’re gonna put NBA players in a NBA 2K tournament on TV. But as much as I want to clown this, they got Durant and his burner accounts talking shit, so I might be in. They even got 2k’s social media director beefing with Boogie Cousins on twitter. But I guess we can’t get TBGWT as the official podcast of this tournament because them tapes from Rod’s agenda would be hot fire.

    And shout out to Starbury man. When everybody was clowning him back on livestream eating vaseline who would have ever seen this comeback in China happening? Now my man is negotiating with the State department to get 20 million masks up here for health workers. I’m so happy to see him really get his life around. And yes Justin a former Knick doing good! You love to see it. I hear they trying to round up New York niggas down there in Mecklenberg, hope all y’all are staying safe.

    • Amani

      P.S. Happy Birthday to the Queen, Karen! You know we love you!!

  4. Kemdoc

    Whooo wrote that rhyme for that white boy?? He ain’t have to do AB like that….well actually sure he did. Who am I kidding. I’m here for them jokes. He let the choppa song on AB and there’s no coming back from that for me.

    Waiting for the Browns to sign him though.

    With the seasons being cancelled and the Olympics moved to next year we’re all gonna have sports virtigo. It’s going to be so off kilter. And I can see a host of injuries happening if these athletes don’t keep their intensity up now and into next year.

    Why the heck would that idiot post felatio on his IG?? I get the feeling he was trying to DM it to someone. And if that girl is still with him…..I have no words. What an utter violation? Remember when JR was on the road in Milwaukee with Tahiry in his hotel room and he posted her booty? This reminds me of that. While I got a laugh out of the fact that Murray was trending I was sad for that girl when the deleted video was posted on Twitter. You don’t escape that. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned. Then again she could be completely fine with it. Ehhh whatever.

  5. katrese206

    Appreciate all the wonderful content during this chaotic, uncertain time. Karen asked about Getty Images… FX had the show Trust in 2018 that highlighted the Getty Oil dynasty. I watched it @ the time & had intended to do additional reading on the family, but never got around to it… but, I remember searching Getty Images to determine if there was relation… & there was… I can’t remember the full origin… I think it was a Getty grandson that formed Getty Images, which basically does nothing more than pay photographers for pictures of famous people & popular events. I believe there was also an article that talked about how dangerous this is because Getty owns virtually all digital images that are posted online.
    Just wanted to share; take care.

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