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2073: The Legend Of “Hand Washing” Jones

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Iman

    Hey y’all! Thanks for ending this episode on such a hilarious note! I hope someone is inspired to do some artwork about the legend of Hand Washing Jones. I was cracking up!!! I thought maybe Karen was talking about Pasteur, but I was wrong because he just confirmed Hand Washing Jones’ findings. It’s some German guy who’s name I’m not going to look up again because I like Hand Washing Jones! But he died from an infection he got from being beat by the guards of the mental asylum he was in. Probably because THEY DIDN’T WASH THEIR HANDS! Poor Hand Washing Jones.

    Love y’all,

  2. Tiggettcr

    Sitting here listening to the Feedback show as I’m sitting on my balcony watching my neighbors swimming around in our community pool… I don’t know if Quarantine will get extended but people are definitely not respecting the shelter in place order here in Charlotte.

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