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2074: Masks On

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Rod and Karen discuss how to cope online right now, Coronavirus news, Japan airlines no longer requiring high heels, Joe Exotic lawsuit, Summer Walker denies being abused, Tyler Perry’s hair department improving, man points gun at women wearing masks, man coughs on woman at Wegmans, man lies about having Coronavirus at Walmart and sword ratchetness.

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Food Article: https://www.seriouseats.com/2020/03/food-safety-and-coronavirus-a-comprehensive-guide.html?fbclid=IwAR0nfz0mLSng1DD8_25ThMdbbV4QBBLBVy2XB0bPrYTtuOujPOOx


  1. Kemdoc

    EvieE….she guilty as fuck. She did that shyt. The intoxication of these tigers is something I don’t ever wanna experience. The one guy had a Harem of barely legal girls. Thank goodness it wasn’t any black women in there.

    I thought on many occasions that if one or two of the Tiger folks was black and popping the laws would switched up super quick. They can’t have that.

    I still haven’t finished the doc. It was a good white trash time until Travis blew his brains out. Thankfully it wasn’t on camera although I do feel like they had a real camera angle of it. That was all too much for me. And he got yet another young husband. If you watch the date the guy only cares about being close to the tigers. Not about dirty Joe.

  2. EvieE

    You are so right about being glad blacks weren’t involved in that fuckery called tiger king, especially when the only person of color got his arm bitten smooth off. Nope. They can keep that shit. Plus I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why people are surprised that Joe is racist. That’s the least surprising part of this whole mess. People are saying free Joe? And I’m like what? While the documentary was entertaining that dude is a predator, preying on young men and keeping them high to stay with him. He is where he belongs, in prison.

    PS Carol Baskin killed her husband for sure

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