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TTM 68: Strangers: Part Two

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    This too much – Insecure Season 4 Episode 1 feedback comment

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    So glad Insecure is back and Issa is initially in a good head space or at least she is trying to be in a good space. She ‘s messing with the TSA guy ,having a good time and still focused on her goal of bringing the block party to fruition. #youlovetoseeit

    I’m sad that Molly and Issa’s friendship could possibly be ending but sometimes it has to happen. On Molly- I don’t know what she needs to hear to not sabotage herself but I need somebody to get her together. I initially was glad to see her still with Andrew but of course she still not showing her true self to him (remember what he said last season to her about all the different versions of Molly she presented to him)

    But Molly’s energy comes off like she is trying to bring Issa down from the good place that she is in her life -on some low key jealousy shit or something. It seems like Molly enjoyed looking down on Issa their whole friendship, it’s extremely unhealthy. I’ve been wondering have they been friends since they were little kids or just college friends. Since they were young kids ……right?

    Anyways I need Molly to be the kind of friend to Issa that Issa is to her. Like even at Issa’s mixer -Issa was still trying to be a decent friend to her in-spite of Molly’s annoying ways. There are people who can love you but subconsciously be uncomfortable with you evolving. It looks like Molly wants Issa to stay dependent on her. You have to make sure your friends are providing constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.

    I do sincerely hope that Molly and Issa can work out their friendship but the way Molly is acting, probably not. Low key they could learn how to be a good friend from Kelly she seems to be the only one doing it right on the show .

    Despite Issa imagining Lawrence smashing Condola’s cakes to party planning smithereens , I believe Issa and Lawrence are totally in a friendly, mature place and I think they have grown past the – should they still be together thing. I believe the real key to this situation will be Condola and how she handles it . I believe Issa and Lawrence will be fine , but I’m also worried Molly might sneak in and say something to Lawrence or Condola and fuck up the whole situation….lol

    It was hilarious watching Issa’s brother actually smiling and being happy in an episode because he is so mean to folks and it cracks me up and that song choice too …..at that moment lmao

    Anyways thanks again Rod & Bassey


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