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2082: The Princess Lied

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Iman

    My husband reminded me that the actress playing Connie is going to be in Eternals. So hopefully if we don’t find out what happed to Connie in episode 16, they’ll leave it open until she’s finished with filming for marvel.


  2. MizzBarnes72

    I love this episode, however, I need that finale….I wish these nuts keep their ass at the house. In the meantime, I have noticed a few things:

    1. Who is doing Kelly’s hair in Alexandria? She’s faded up sharp and her curls look 1000 times better than mine. And I am loving her positive attitude in this time of crisis. We all can learn from Kelly.

    2. Judith is getting the proper training in this z-poc. She might as well have a doctorate behind her name when dealing with this shit.

    3. I want to sadly thank you for confirming that WAS a negro that I saw in the Whisperer crew. I was like, ‘ Are you in the right group?’ Wow……I guess the recruiter was like, come through, get to know everyone, stay quite, don’t shower and here is your training mask. Shaky-ass leadership. That little bit of scene made me shake my head so much, I need a neck brace now.

    4. Princess is alot…..however, she is badly needed, but can you imagine, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carol rolling up on ole girl first? Sadly, I don’t think that she would have made it , especially after that field trip through the land mines.

    I know that I’m typing up this like my work email, but this episode was so good! I need a season finale soon in my life because I need Connie to come on back and reunite with Daryl. I don’t want him to learn ASL for nothing.

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