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2081: Running A Train On Dat Rona

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Rod and Karen discuss the pressure to be perfect online, LGBTQ News, Coronavirus News, Black Capitalists, dog learns to drive, man eats drugs, topless joyride arrest and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I absolutely think people should be at the very least fined for saying they have the virus and then coughing on someone. That shit is not funny. I was in the grocery store last week and this lady asked me if I could reach something on the top shelf for her so I did. When I turned around to hand it to her she coughed on me and didn’t cover her fucking mouth. It took the ancestors for me to not punch that woman in the damn face. She gave me a weak apology and said she couldn’t help it. I put that item right back on the shelf and pushed it further back. I spent the next few days hoping I wouldn’t develop symptoms. So far I haven’t. Coughing on someone was gross before this pandemic but now it could mean a death sentence.

    As for that guess the race about the guy being Asian with a Hispanic last name, that’s pretty common in the Philippines because they were once colonized by Spain.

  2. Dee Ramsey

    Episode 2081-Running a Train was epic! I miss tuning into an entire live podcast. We had so much fun yesterday! Rod, Karen, and the entire chatroom was too funny! It was like an Instagram live party! Thanks, everyone for a good time during the Ms. Rona World Tour!

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