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BDS 345: UFC Kumite

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Iyanna Mayweather arrested, NBA HORSE competition, NFL virtual draft, Mike Leach noose tweet, Tristan Thompson working it out with Khloe, Antonio Brown, PGA moving dates, Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan giving, Hulk Hogan says Jesus can cure Coronavirus, Jay Cutler and wife stuck in Bahamas, Kyle Kuzma shooting his shot, Lakers asking staff to take pay cut, LaVar Ball talks bad about Zion, K’Andre Miller racist harassment, Tom Brady on his marriage, Chris Johnson accused of paying for murder, Josh Hamilton accused of abuse, Todd Gurley wants his money, Donald Trump Jr mocks Kaepernick, Kaepernick calls Jets, Geno Smith blasts Rex Ryan, Meghan King Edmonds gets spicy on TikTok, Drew Brees announcing bidding, Mark Cuban might run for president, Ray Allen hairline challenge, Garnett wants to bring the Sonics back, Jameis Winston on Brady, MLB wants to return in May, Saban got an email account, chicken wing surplus, Pass Interference rule might not return, Wimbledon had insurance, Karlos Williams mad, Jerry Stackhouse hated playing with MJ, Steph Curry helping young women film makers and black NBA execs frozen out of VP jobs.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it dooskie Rod, Karen and the JCAA,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Damn, Kyle Larson got fired on his day off cuz he was out here throwing the Hard R out (twice!) to do a mic check. And he can keep his apology cuz he dropped those Hard Rs with the muscle memory and comfort of Michael Jordan sinking a golf swing with money on the line.

    The NCAA is having a rough year. March Madness being cancelled means they lost a lot of their revenue for the year. College football is probably going to be cancelled too. And now the G League came through and put both their feet on the NCAA’s neck. Jalen Green chose getting $500,000 to play a year in the G League *and* getting a college scholarship from the G League instead of spending a year at Memphis or Auburn is the sum of all the NCAA’s fears: a top prospect is going to get paid while staying in the US and the NCAA can’t retort about the values of education cuz he’s also getting a full ride. I wish I could post that “I love it!” D Wade gif here. I wonder if this is gonna fuck up the booster game too cuz clearly the price of the brick went up.

    Are any of y’all looking to read that Kevin Durant book from Ethan Strauss? An excerpt came out with Durant feeling the Bay Area media shitted on him in favor of Steph and said their motion offense could only take the team so far, which led to folks criticizing how inefficient the offense became when KD handled the ball. I hope KD can find some peace in himself when he gets back on the court.

    Speaking of folks getting money, what do y’all think about Christian “Honky Kong” McCaffery getting paid all that money?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and stay rona free in these streets!

    Niggas only, only niggas,

  2. jamielscorpio

    What Rod Karen and Jak Prescott. Even if it was less than ten people at his party it was still dumb as fuck to throw a party.
    Also I remember y’all coveriNg three years ago. Who knew it would take three years for them to come out with the report that Roy Halloday was high as shit and drunk while trying to perform stunts like a blue angel before he crashed his plane. As always be safe and are y’all looking forward to this Jordan doc too?

  3. fyahworks

    Hey rod, quarantine K, and J-XFL

    Well grand opening , grand closing! So The xfl filed for chapter 9,10, & 11 bankruptcy this week! They say they handing out the food stamps on the 15 and that’s it! If I’m not mistaken I think the nba the paying up to the 15 as well, this week would have been the end of the regular season. (Sigh)

    Secondly RIP to Karl Anthony towns moms, losing the tough battle with the rona!

    Speaking of rona, the nfl just caught it’s first case! A player on the rams by the name of brian Allen.

    Lastly I’m hearing rumors about Donovan vs Rudy. And how the relationship is beyond repair over the rona. Now I don’t know if there will be a trade in the future or cooler heads will prevail, but rod, as a loyal, faithful and long time supporter/listener or tbgwt and especially bds, I recall you saying, well how we know Donovan didn’t have it first and possibly gave it to Rudy? It’s just the way it played out with Rudy acting a fool
    In the press conference that would
    Make it seem as if he is the originator.

    Wishing you guys nothing but health and happiness

    Enjoy your weekend

    niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen, Justin, and Other Host,

    I’m catching up on PG/BDS and just listened to BDS 343 with the Antonio Brown diss track. Maybe I missed it but do we know why him and Logan Paul are beefing? Also, do you guys prefer Mr. Whole Lotta Money Going Broke or Meet Me In Temecula?

    Love the show, thanks!


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyle Larson

    You mean to tell me a NASCAR driver said something racist? Well I never! But they got that man up outta the paint with the quickness! You can’t be saying that kinda stuff AT the gig. Rod tried to tell y’all when he was talking about that 2K tournament. It could only be so real before niggas get into trouble, but this dummy went and got fired over a video game. You love to see it.

    And speaking about messing up in quarantine, your boy Dak out here having house parties with the Rona going around? Now he claims it wasn’t as many people as TMZ says, but this ain’t the time to have ANYBODY who doesn’t live with you in the crib. You better get on IG live and celebrate! Then he’s out here working out shirtless and hugging up on Dez Bryant, and this is the only time in NFL history you have folks criticizing a Black QB for doing too much training in the off-season. Not the time!

    Alright y’all hope you have a great week, and appreciate the dope shows as always.

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