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2086: Crocs Vs Gators

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Rod and Karen discuss Obama endorsing Biden, Coronavirus News, Doomscrolling, Raven Symone and Kiely Williams squash the beef, NASCAR driver fired for racial slur, Surgeon General blames black people for their Coronavirus deaths, white women upset about being called “Karen”, police cuff black doctor, package blackmail scam, woman steals from little league, boyfriend accidentally shoots girlfriend in leg at steakhouse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. MizzBarnes72

    I’m part of a FB Target chat for team members (our term for employees) and the word Karen is thrown around like nigga in a rap……with the hard E-N at the end. It’s universally used by white and black folks, alike. You see these chicks always speaking to a manger, the police, asking for a supervisor, in person and on the phone…..it never ends. These hoes can be at the heavenly gates, asking to speak to God when they find out they can’t get into heaven….smdh.

  2. EvieE

    Last sure did come at that NASCAR driver fast. He could have kept that fake apology. He’s only sorry he got caught. Why is it when these racists slip up they always say it’s not who they are? Clearly it is and wouldn’t you know it, people pulled up old tweets about him being against kneeling during the anthem. Sounds like this thing is pretty on brand for him. Hope he enjoys unemployment

  3. Dr. Gay

    In reference to the people who have tested positive, then negative, then positive again for SARS CoV2.

    The cases where this occurred the return to a positive test occurred shortly after the negative test. This implies that it was not a case of reinfection, but relapse. The tests that were being used at the time were not as sensitive as the ones currently in use, making this scenario less likely in the future.

    Furthermore, they have done testing on non-human primates (https://www.genengnews.com/news/covid-19-reinfection-not-a-concern-monkey-study-suggests/) which suggests that reinfection is unlikely.

    How long natural immunity lasts is not known (some of those infected with SARS saw a reduction in immunity after around two years, MERS antibodies lasted a little longer). That being said, reinfection in the near term is highly unlikely.

    And, I do have a PhD in Health Services and have studied this stuff. However, you can also ask Coqui Negra about it, it is a fairly important discussion to have as it would have broad implications for how the pandemic is handled.

  4. Anne

    So, the thing the surgeon general said about not drinking for big mama and abuela is strange because when the WHO said the same thing is referenced the heavy drinking in Europe. But we won’t hear that version.

    “Alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes,” the WHO’s regional office for Europe said on its site late Tuesday, citing heavy alcohol use throughout the continent.”


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