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2085: Ralph Northam For President

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Rod and Karen discuss attempts to stop the black vote, Coronavirus news, Bernie drops out, Drake has a new hit, Tiffany Haddish might be quarantined with Common, Ralph Northam goes off, man killed over golf ball, watermelon theft, beef slinger and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sofa King

    Lol, y’all niggas crazy. #BlackFaceLivesMatter

  2. Dia

    Dia Comment 2. I should have waited until I finished the episode.

    Goodness when you mentioned people getting COVID twice my mind went to those Final Destination movies, like the virus comes right back around. Lord halp!

  3. Dia

    Hi Rod and Karen. I wanted to provide feedback on the article you read that mentioned COVID symptoms. The article mentioned a woman who experienced spasms. I never heard that.

    My friend from grad school who lives in Detroit just went home Saturday after being in the hospital with COVID-19. She gave a 17-minute interview to the local public radio station. She works in political PR and was experiencing aches in her upper back the day before the Michigan primary, but assumed it was sinuses because that is how it starts for her. She figured she would push through. She went on to experience chest pains and seeing blood when she went to the bathroom (I never heard about that either). I am so grateful that she is recovering. She is also the first person I have heard say that after the virus leaves, you need about eight weeks to recover and she also needs physical therapy.

    There is so much about this virus we don’t know, symptoms and all…spasms, back aches, blood…it’s really serious.

    Here is a link if you care to listen. The Michigan primary was March 10. She went to the ER that week but did not get admitted to the hospital until March 30 (if I recall). She outlines everything she did to get a test and ultimately get admitted to a hospital. She basically battled COVID for two weeks without a diagnosis and by the time she could get a COVID test, she could not breathe.


    Thank you for being a continued light during this health crisis. I normally listen during my commutes, but now I listen while I work from my little island in the Kitchen. It makes the day go by much faster. I hope you have something that blesses you, as much as you both have blessed me with content over the years.

  4. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars for everything Ralph Northam!!
    Shout outs to Karen’s Clapping and puns!!
    #Michael Jackson

  5. J-L Cauvin

    The Ralph Northam segment was a complete masterpiece. Actually cry-laughing.

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