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2084: Quaranpeen Fight To The Death

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Rod and Karen are joined by Janelle James to discuss comedy in the age of Coronavirus, working on Black Monday, hosting Strong Black Laughs,

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  1. Iman

    Omg Janelle was so funny! Y’all bring on the best guest! Social distance hugs for all the singles and folks with kids who can’t get any privacy, feeling that quarantine horniness! The first 3 weeks of quarantine were rough, but we figured it out!


  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Omg, Janelle James was wonderful. This episode had me falling on the floor especially the guess the race three-way that ended in a fight. Rod, I loved how you slipped that Adam and Eve ad in. Although I just bought a new vibrator for the quarantine, I might go to Adam and Eve on the strength of your read.

    In regards to Janelle saying that vibrators are too efficient, I agree but, once I had kids, I did not have time to be leisurely. Lol.

    Such a great, funny, episode.

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