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TTM 70: Lowkey Distant

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I hereby resign as a formerly proud member of the Molly Is Trash club. Episode 3 showed me that Molly was 100% right about Issa liking that Messy shit. How are you gonna say you want to maintain a friendship with Condola while entertaining her boyfriend/ your ex in instagram DMs!

    Issa finally was truthful about how she feels about the Condola and Lawrence situation when talking to her brother and then immediately fell back into the Lawrence honeypot. I give it two episodes before they fucking again.

    I am mad that Issa immediately shot down Mollys suggestion of inviting over Andrew for Thanksgiving. Like even if its new and you don’t think a whole Thanksgiving dinner was appropriate, you could’ve said oh he can come for dessert or something low key. Like Kelli invited Trina over to Thanksgiving but Molly inviting Andrew is out of pocket?

    I think the way both Issa and Molly react to each other probably stems from the fact that both don’t truly see or fully trust in the growth that either one of them are making. I think its something people do often with friends when you’re so used to seeing a pattern you may assume that what they are doing now is going to repeat itself without taking into account that they may have grown. Just like a parent may see you as their screw up teenager well into your adulthood, it can be hard to see a friend who’s normally screwing up in a new light.

    Anyways I hope that they both learn from this and can respect their growth. Realize also that their growth is not something that is linear, and that them maybe going 2 step forwards 1 step back isn’t a sign that they have fully regressed.

    Thanks for all yall do and stay safe out here!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    First and foremost apologies for my assessment of Molly . I and probably a couple other fans were so used to Molly reacting a certain way to situations involving Issa and other characters that you lowkey expect her to continue that behavior. But she high key is proving me wrong and I loved seeing how she has handled the Andrew situation, Taurean work situation and the situation with her father cheating. Although from next weeks preview I’m scared for her , it looks like Andrew might be problematic and I hate that because I was rooting for the two of them.

    And that was harsh what Issa said to Molly in the grocery store , I wonder if Issa has heard that kind of talk from molly so much past seasons that she has lowkey taken on that mindset herself . Because you guys have made a good point about how where Issa didn’t speak up for herself in the past that much Molly was the exact opposite and would probably speak up too much – I don’t know… shrugs.

    On the Lawrence , Issa and Condola whole situation it was weird and unfair to Lawrence. But it’s hilarious how Lawrence is experiencing what he did to ole girl he dated after Issa with Condola….lol . Now I do want them (Issa and Lawrence)to get back together just not right now – they would need to have a sit down we’re they talk everything out and also Lawrence probably is about to lose his job again and be woop wooping back on that damn couch – so no thank you I don’t want to relive season 1 Issa and Lawrence again lol. Talk it out then come together .

    Thanks Rod and Bassey

  3. Amani

    Does this count as a recap show if y’all are writing the damn scripts? Love the two of y’all and I’m just gonna sit back and get this prophecy.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Bassey,

    Thank you all (cus this definitely includes Karen), for all you do, especially in the time of Corona. They’ll write about you in the history books.

    On to Insecure…

    I like Issa and her brother being friends and want MORE.

    I told y’all (via the chatroom), that Issa would have an issue if Lawrence was treating Condola better than he treated her. But he also kinda wants to do what he is doing with Condola with Issa. He thought he would be. By Condola asking him if he and Issa would be together if Issa hadn’t cheated, he was reminded that he had probably envisioned getting his life together and be with Issa.

    Rod, your wish is coming true. Looks like we are one episode from Lawrence and Condola breaking up and next season Lawrence and Issa getting back together.

    I don’t think Chad and Leah are still seeing each other. He never shows her face.

    How are Trina (the chick from Issa’s building), and her son at Kelly’s Thanksgiving, with Crown Royal? So on brand!

    Lastly, was it weird that they didn’t show us Molly and Andrew texting on a major food holiday?


    Ms. Smart

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I thought about your comments about Issa and Molly and last week’s podcast, and you are right. Molly has been doing everything to turn over a new leaf as it were. Heck, even though we have not seen the therapist, I would not be surprised if she were still in the picture. She might even be helping Molly to see that she can not maintain toxic relationships and expect positive change. Issa has not evolved beyond season one. I think a lot of viewers don’t see it because as awful as Issa has been (lying, cheating, shitting on her white work friend, co-signing the racist treatment of the Latinx kids by the principal), the show has always had Molly be worse. This season, their roles have been reversed and people can’t process this. As for me, I hope Molly and Andrew last, two people who can grow together can form a powerful union, but I know that the odds are Molly and Andrew won’t last past this season.

    This episode continues with the development of the growing rift between Issa and Molly.

    Issa at least got to be honest about how she feels about Lawrence and Condola with her brother. It would be nice if she acknowledged this truth to Molly, but Issa’s ego won’t let her admit that Molly sees her truth when it comes to her situation.

    The first crack in the Lawrence/Condola relationship emerges, and we get closer to Lissa (I agree with you, the people who think that ship has sailed are lying to themselves. Those two are endgame). You know, I thought her drunk friend was Tiffany. Then I realized that was Robin Thede, not Amanda Seales.

  6. Miss1ko

    I’m so happy to hear your review. No shade to the young and fresh but I did want to hear perspectives from people who are not under 35. Like m’self. Anyway, I love the way you describe Issa and Condola’s friendship being int he honeymoon phase. So many of the other reviews I’ve seen are all just anti-Molly, and yes Issa should get the bag and of course be friends with Condola. As Bassey, it is weird.
    The quote of your review: Issa underthinks and Molly overthinks – Bassey 2020
    Confirming my ugly truth….I’m like Molly in ways I’d like to not be as well. Damn I came here for entertainment. Not reflective analysis!

    And yes the timeline and comment sections are all full of people are just not honest with themselves.

    You’re review and breakdown is just refreshing and insightful and I appreciate that in these anxiety-filled days.


  7. rodimusprime

    Not sure when this will be read or if it will even be read but I heard the review and wanted to share my opinion of the Andrew/Molly situation:

    It seems like Andrew is keep things in because it’s twice that Molly has flip-flopped on him from A) not even being sure she wanted to be with an Asian guy and B) she wasn’t being honest with him about not seeing folks or even liking him truly and she left him hanging; 9/10 when it’s a Guy who messes up it takes a ton of work, beyond a month, to reassure a Woman that he wants to make up for “tripping”, and for a lot of Ladies that 1 time mistake does set the tone for the rest of the dating phase and jut in general Nobody who has been Disregarded (Twice) is just gonna open up easily.

    Also, Andrew is a Guy so of course he was still sleeping with Molly; and as this show is mostly about Black Women it doesn’t cover how any non-Black Men feel about being with Black Women and how a lot of times non-Black Folks overall are treated as outsiders of a ton of things. Relationships for us (Black Folks) are a big deal and not a compartmentalization but we don’t really think it could be the same for others too, and Molly isn’t just some regular Black Woman- she’s a Professional and the bits of the stereotypes she exhibits aren’t exactly something Andrew can bring up for obvious reasons


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