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PG 236: How Do You Reheat A Burrito?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss missing basketball, how we’ve been this week, Coronavirus protesters, BlackAF, The Family, LA92, Pregame News and listener feedback.


  1. bamil73

    Hey Karen Rod and Jenya Barris

    I watched BlackAF and that shit was fucking great. This nigga is worse than Larry. He is a piece of shit all-star. One of complaints I saw online about the show was that is was unrealistic because kids in black families don’t curse in front of their parents. Complaints like those make me realize that I shouldn’t be reading complaints about shows on the interwebs. they obviously did not get the point of the show’s humour.

    On a separate note I’ve got to shout you guys out for helping keep me sane during this pandemic. I work with the wastewater treatment for the region so I am luckier than most because I still have a job. I still have to go to the plant a couple days a week but work from home the rest of the week. This does nothing to alleviate my anxiety which is almost crippling at this point. I honestly don’t understand these motherfuckers that want to open everything up too soon. This is the first time in my life that I am scared to leave my house and I grew up in Jamaica and lived through a violent general election in 1980 which was like a fucking civil war (I was 7 but it still counts). Not only do we worry about the virus, I worry about how the lock-down is affecting people’s behaviour. Two days ago a motherfucker threw a big ass rock through our patio door freaking us out and making me wonder if it’s some asshole taking out their anxiety on the only niggas on the block. Now my younger daughter can’t sleep because she’s afraid they’ll come back. All that to say, that with everything going on, you negroes have been a boon. The laughter alone keeps the anxiety at bay and helps preserve my sanity. Keep doing what you’re doing, I even appreciate the shitty Jamaican accents.

    Sorry for the long post but I’m going to log off now and get my daily Lysol injection.


  2. jamielscorpio

    Hey Rod Karen and J Diddy. He really thought he was saying something profound didn’t he? Just wanna thank you for that “Thing about Pam” Podcast recommendation. She went full dark side Karen didn’t she. Crazy cops and prosecutors get to keep their job after making shit up so it can fit their view of what happened even though it does not make sense logically and witnesses and evidence says otherwise. Y’all stay safe in these times peace.

  3. Rwh2016

    Hey Rod, Karen & J-Trill,

    I don’t know about you but I’m going to miss Better Call Saul. What you guys think of the season finale?

    Stay safe,


  4. fyahworks

    Hello rod Karen & Justin:

    I write you this correspondence with mask and gloves on! Lol I Hope all is well! For a while I missed some regular shows! And the past month or so I’ve been back on it and I mean, rod & Karen, over all these years the evolution, the glow up is amazing! I’m so proud of you guys! How did the reading rainbow theme song become incorporated into the show?

    Secondly just wanted to know if you guys or any one in the vip(premium club) has checked out for life on abc?

    Lastly thank you again to all essential employees and idc what anyone says podcasts are essential employees who don’t have to go outside to work! You guys are needed, especially for those still out here working , like my self

    Have a great weekend y’all

    Fyahworks out!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Jaymond and Silk, and Karen!

    Every single week I intend to send feedback amd the next thing a know, BAM, the new episode is already out.

    I’m really writing to give you the key to re-heating burritos. Are you opposed to opening them? Take the burrito open it on a plate(think large chalupa or open face sandwich), heat it up, roll that bad boy back up, and enjoy!

    This could probably be feedback for the regular show but its coronavirus related.
    I have a white friend who says that this would still be the same no matter who is in office. His whole thing is we need to get rid of Democrats and Republicans all together. He voted for Trump in 2016 and has vowed to never vote for him again, however doesn’t want to vote biden. Its been a good 10 year run but I think we’ll only be friends up until November. To be fair we had lost touch for a few years(he had a crazy wife who pushed all friends and family away), but in 2017 i told him if he didn’t get it right in 2020 that’s a wrap.

    Stay safe and coronavirus free yall!!


  6. thatdudefromvi

    Hey y’all! Thanks for another excellent show! As always y’all are entertaining and thoughtful. I especially appreciate the analysis of Black AF. It was good to hear ppl actually talk about it without trashing it completely like it’s not a very funny show. Glad I watched the show before I let the opinions stop me from watching.

    Thanks again for the dopeness and all the content. Y’all are THE best!


  7. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I hope this finds you and those closest to you well. As the Ronapocolypse continues, television, podcasts and comics remain my constant companions.

    I watched #BlackAF, and that show is so damned funny. I always thought Dre on Blackish was Anthony Anderson as an exaggeration of Kenya. However, after watching #BlackAF, I see that Dre was the toned-down public face of Kenya. When Kenya interacted with Tyler Perry, Issa, Ava, Lena and Will Packer, I died laughing. When he said he didn’t want to spend time with his sons because they were small idiots, I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard. The scene when he got schooled by his questionable cousin about why black people love Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire, while hating on the Juwanna Mann’s was so good. The daughter who is just as obnoxious as him. The wife who does backflips to let people know she is black. Great show all around.

    I wish people on Twitter could get past their anti-Kenya hate (which he acknowledged was based on real things in the episode with his tweets), and their light-skinned issues (I don’t know about those people, but my light relatives and friends are black, and yes, light-skinned privilege is a thing, but it’s not a thing that negates their blackness) because they are cheating themselves out of a good time. I for one hope #BlackAF gets renewed.

    In a completely different viewing vein, Kingdom (a South Korean zombie show on Netflix) is excellent as well, and also worth watching. Train to Busan, is a zombie movie on Netflix. It is all South Korean, but so worth the watch.

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