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BDS 347: According To Women

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, Gronk, virtual darts championship, PGA plans to resume, Bogut may retire, NBA cutting players salary 25%, Mahomes leads in sales, Steph was tested for Coronavirus, Djokovic doesn’t want to take a vaccine, Panthers moving headquarters, Mets for sale, Ben Simmons returning, Draymond talking about KD, US Soccer granted loan, MJ charity, Brett Hundley accused of domestic violence, Red Sox apologize, Kawhi lawsuit dismissed, James Dolan to donate plasma, McGraw retires, Warriors turned down documentary, NBA expandign G League, Perkins defends Lebron, Richard Sherman beefing with Revis, Iyanna Mayweather, Redskins players not social distancing, Tarvaris Jackson was speeding, Larsa Pippen, cocaine circus bulls and NFL funding Wheelchair football league.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jark Emmert,

    I hope all is good with y’all out here during the age of the rona, shouts out 3GO.

    I’ve easily logged a couple thousand hours playing NCAA Football 14. Hell, the entire reason I still have a (mostly) working Xbox 360 is to play NCAA 14. I love college football and I love that game. So when I hopped on the timeline the other day and saw “NCAA 21” trending? I knew some fuckery was afoot cuz the whole reason the game stopped being made as cuz of the NCAA and schools, not EA. EA was more than prepared to cut them boys some checks to keep making those games. Everything about “the NCAA is going to let players profit off their name, image and likeness” is full of shit.

    Players can profit off their likeness, but they can’t directly rep their school; the NCAA wants them to be paid “market value to ensure competitive balance” (Ohio State has been good for 20 years running, bish there ain’t no competition to balance); and there is a ban on group licenses. That last part is major cuz it’s partially cuz college football players don’t have a union to decide how things like money from the video game would be distributed. Issue for the NCAA: if the college football players had a union? Oh these niggas is not just sitting at a table for some video game tokens. They’d be able to come for everything a union fights for, like healthcare, practice and training standards, etc. Like I get a lotta folks don’t follow this shit closely, but I’ve been annoyed all week watching folks give the NCAA the benefit of the doubt on this. A snake stays a snake; NCAA never stopped being a fucktastic viper pit.

    How many years do y’all think it Jordan to accept, in theory, that Pippen really could play through migraine? Jordan to this day clearly doesn’t think something like a silly ole migraine should stop someone from playing, but he’s also the dude who *proudly* talks about how he’d have risked taken cyanide for a fucking headache.

    Speaking of headaches, the Bad Boy Pistons were before my time, but goddamn it looked like playing Detroit was painful back then. Jordan would take a step in the paint and then 15 different niggas would hit him the back of the head? I swear in one of those highlights Bill Lambeer hit this nigga Jordan with a chair.

    Have a great weekend as always y’all,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod and Juvernius Cole,

    Something told me KD just couldn’t go the year under the raydar, super low key, just rehab and mind his business. Of course he sees Lebron was going crazy and needed to get back into the topic of discussion. We haven’t forgotten about KD but he thinks we need annoying reminders. This is why people don’t like you. And of course here comes Draymond to rehash KD leaving. Nobody cares. The contracts are signed and can’t be voided. Move on and mind your business. These dudes are super corny.

    Deep down I think he knows Kyrie’s body is gonna keep crumbling . The Nets was a splash to take over free agency talk but it’s not gonna work. And the Clippers stunted on them anyway by snagging Kawhi and PG. Unless the Nets get Giannis when he’s up and the Nets is a trash move is see him forcing his way out of. Good luck. I respect the hell out of his game but he’s a fake asshole that just wants adulation.

    RIP to Gianna. It’s her bday and every time I think about the deaths of those 9 people I get super sad.

  3. jamielscorpio

    What Rod, Karen, and J 3 percent. How the fuck the Patriots did not know? I find it funny these scouts have no problem asking these athletes during interviews if their mothers are whores or if they are gay. But there is no evidence of them asking a white one if they ever say the word nigger or in ant hate groups. It’s all about “locker room distractions” in NfL locker rooms. Which are 60-70 percent black. Also did the Lakers announce they gave that money back thinking ppl would applaud them?

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and JCAA

    The G-League got these niggas SHOOK! First they upped the money to about $500,000 a year and now you have the #1 ranked Point Guard in the country dropping a commitment and going with the Top recruit to the G-League? If you go by ESPN’s rankings that’s 3 of the top 20 kids already this year. Now wonder all of a sudden the NCAA is talking about letting kids sign endorsement deals. The block got hot! 

    And folks talk about it for other companies, but dat Rona might move this along too. We don’t even know if there will be college classes in the fall let alone basketball, so if more kids start jumping ship, this could be something. They’re not even having them slum it in G-League cities anymore, they’re setting up their own basketball academies and even when they ball against G-League and Euro teams those are exhibitions instead of grinding like they’re in the minor leagues. Sounds like they’re even trying to get NBA coaches like Sam Mitchell and Fizdale and really make this a whole year development league.

    I just need all the good basketball news I can get, this Jordan doc stays reminding me of all the times the Knicks got clowned, so I’m getting slandered on the TL when we ain’t even playing! And they picked James Dolan for New York’s advisory board on when we can re-open the state so we ain’t never leaving the house. At least my Liberty gonna be good when they ever play again. Alright y’all have a good one as always.

  5. fyahworks

    Good day rod queen K and jaaron Gordon

    1)Quarantine has brought. Out the best and worse in some of our beloved athletes. AG still salty about the dunk contest, and I guess we’ll he had time! Do you guys rate the diss track?

    2. So the GOAT (on and off the court) said “last dance? Cute!!” Guess what imma do.? a tv special for all the high school kids who can’t graduate or go to their prom! Lbj getting some artists to perform and people to do Commencement speeches! Ya fav would never! (Because he don’t take pictures with niggaz)

    3. Speaking of last dance, maybe you guys can explain to me! The lovely deloris Jordan, Mjs mom, who looks wonderful, damn near better than mj, referred to her late husband as Mr. Jordan in the doc! Is that a southern thing? Or is it just something she did?? She never said my husband or James or michaels father! I was just curious about that!

    Have a good one y’all

    Niggaz only /only niggaz

    Fyah works

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