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2094: Praytheists

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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss his new comedy album “Fireside Craps: The Deuce.” We also discuss politics, Covid-19 and some sword ratchetness.

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Fireside Craps The Deuce: https://music.apple.com/us/album/fireside-craps-the-deuce/1508711146


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I love when J-L is on the show. I definitely pre-ordered Fireside Craps, The Deuce. Whenever I see his name, I know that not only will I be laughing, but I’ll be learning about politics, comedy, or whatever the topic is. I agree, the choice must be either Abrams or Harris. I am leaning 8n favor of Abrams simply because Harris has a Senate seat and that’s one more democrat to support Biden in office.

  2. Shera (Sheer-a)

    J-L’s talk about the grocery stores had me in my feelings. I’m one of those employees. I’ve gotten two $25 gift cards as a “Thanks.” Our company has been providing us with free lunch since the end of March (this week is the cut off), but I’d much rather have a boost to my hourly pay. We’re getting two separate bonuses, but when it comes to our yearly pay raise in July, 30 cents isn’t going to cut it. None of us are teenagers. I’m the second youngest person in my department. I’m 34. The oldest guy is in his 50s. Work has been super stressful for so many people. It’s weird to not be able to get close and chat with coworkers. Having to wear a mask has been so surreal. Having people dodge me and get out of my way is also wild. I get it, but it’s been hard to get used to. I’m so glad I found a therapist before all of this went down, or I would be in worse shape. Take care.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    I am absolutely loving the Coronavirus songs you’ve been playing. Are you creating it or you’re just playing a premade list on Spotify. My youngest daughter is 13 and into punk and metal, and has some suggestions for you. (This is how we keep it lighthearted during da Rona lockdown.)

    Love, love, love when you have J-L on. He’s just a smart and funny dude. I like hearing his political takes and theories. I will pre-order his album.

    Some of these pastors are tripping during this lockdown. I’m so mad.

  4. Michelle

    Not sure if you could tell but some of the Spanish corona virus songs you played are making fun of Chinese people. They are calling it the chinese virus or saying it came from China.

    • rodimusprime

      We didn’t know. We don’t speak Spanish and have never heard the songs before.

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