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TTM 71: Lowkey Thankful

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    This is episode was weird and uncomfortable have a good one guys lol .


  2. Bre

    Hey yall! Hope you are all safe and well!

    Few points, I think (like one of yall already said) Molly and Issa and growing in different ways and we are seeing more of Molly’s growth the last few episodes. I think it is easier to build a new relationship/friendship as the person you are now than to go back deconstruct and rebuild previous relationships/friendships. Molly is doing all of the right things with Andrew but it is not translating to her friendship with Issa. Issa & Molly are relating to their old selves and not making room for and seeing their new selves. Molly’s insecurity is not feeling needing/wanted/essential so when she saw Condola come in (someone who was doing the opposite of her, hyping up Issa and supporting her since their relationship seemed to always include the subtle jabs and maybe not being so outwardly affectionate or supportive) she felt threatened and these issues that have always been there started to boil up. They need to talk and one of them is gonna have to be the bigger person and say “hey, we need to talk and I don’t want to keep canceling and pushing this under the rug.”

    Also, not asking Andrew about the hookup cause she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship is BS. Any other instance I would get it, but I think this is Molly being bitter (not that she doesn’t have the right to be). Also, that was not her damn parking spot!

    Lawrence and Condola…..the way she reacted to him “inviting himself” made me wonder if she was in an abusive or controlling relationship previously. I’ve agreed with yall from the beginning that Lawrence and Issa are end game, and this past episode is really highlighting that. It’s interesting that the discussion of problems in the relationship seems like it’s gonna come form Lawrence to Issa and Condola to Issa like we were predicting.

    I don’t think the Nathan story is over and Issa may have a tough choice to make soon.

    Did they make Tiffeny look more hood than usual this episode?? Did she always have a wrist tattoo? Is this their way of making her look unpresentable?

    That’s all yall. Can’t wait to see how the Block Party goes next week, the preview looks like..drama???

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    I don’t know if I missed the recording but I had to write in again because the Anti-Molly spin on Twitter is ridiculous. All I see is Molly isn’t a real friend and I can’t stand Molly because she prioritizes men. Not one of those people addressed the fact that Issa did not call her friend out of friendship. Issa called the friend she has been avoiding dealing with not to connect or to speak with her girl, but to see if Molly was okay with allowing Issa to use her. I could even see if if Issa and Andrew were friends, but we know this is not the case. It was purely, Molly, can I use you to get something out of the man you are seeing.

    Also, I wonder if Schoolboy Q backing out of the block party has something to do with the strangely MIA Condola.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    The one thing that rubbed me the wrong way in the last episode was this:

    If Issa and Molly were not really on the same wavelength as friends, what made Issa think it was okay to ask Molly to ask Andrew for a favor regarding getting an artist for the block party? We saw earlier in the episode when they are at Tiffany and Derrick’s house that Issa was joking about how serious Molly was taking her relationship with Andrew (Red Table Talk). Issa appeared to be almost oblivious to how much Molly was invested in being with Andrew as if she were not capable of having a relationship. Issa came off as a hater in my opinion.

    I have had friends who appeared to be missing from the parts of my life that I celebrated, but were always around when they needed something. Maybe it just me, but it seems that Issa is being really self-centered and maybe even superficial.


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Your reviews of these shows are top notch! You uncover analysis that my mind rarely goes to.

    Molly and Issa are rolling down a steep path with their friendship that will be hard to recover from. Issa clearly got to that parking spot first, what the fukk yo…. It’s passive aggressiveness and putting off conversations until there’s either a huge blow up or an act of benevolence. I think either are plausible at this point. The tit for tat is at the level where no sides can be picked. Issa’s foolish and foul for asking Molly to involve Andrew in the block party when they’re clearly not effing with each other. How did issa not pick up on the sign. Is she that self absorbed with her shyt? I mean I can see it since it’s crumbling fast and Condola is now the flake of the century. Wonder what Lawrence needed to tell her?

    Molly assuming Issa is back at it with Lawrence is really unfair in my opinion. Exes can talk casually. If they’re matured but from what we gather, Molly cuts people off completely and can barely make a convo with an ex flow.

    Yet another complex and incredible episode. The Molly Issa breakdown is relatable and rich. Even the Tiffany and her friends and her baby saga is relatable as well. Wouldn’t put it past her to chose someone other than Kelly to be the godmother of that baby lol.

    Take care of yourselves and those you love,

  6. rodimusprime

    Rod, Bassey,

    I am enjoying the ride with these crazy kids. I thought I would be as annoyed as I was by Being Mary Jane. But nope. Anyway…

    Are we going to have to fight Condola? Was she purposely being unresponsive to Issa? Did she say the headliner rapper whose name escapes me cus I have ‘Auntie Brain’ couldn’t make it so Issa wouldn’t pay the next payment and the contract would be voided? Unprofessional much?

    Nathan has a lot of beige, light-eyed nerve calling Issa on some ‘testing the waters under the guise of congratulations’ BS. Ugh. Thank goodness she doesn’t seem to be falling for it and didn’t get pregnant by him during that Beychella sex. That would have been disastrous.

    I wish Molly could give multiple people the benefit of the doubt at the same time. It’s like when she started giving Andrew grace, she no longer could extend that grace to Issa.

    The men talking about having a daughter is expected. But I liked that they touched on the reality that a lot of married couples have unplanned pregnancies too. It happens.

    Do you think Condola is evil? Do y’all think he and Lawrence broke up or that he now sees HER? Issa’s couch bae couldn’t help her find another act?

    Stay Corona Free!

    Ms. Smart

  7. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey!

    I’ve never written into any of TBGWT shows and I’m not on the Twitters, so I can’t take part in the mess, but I can email!

    First, shout out to those who don’t hate Molly. No, she’s not perfect, but I think this season has done a great job at highlighting the similarities in the way Molly and Issa treat each other. Molly has many of the same insecurities and dishes out much of the same friendship garbage that Issa does, Molly’s issues are just packaged differently. That comment that Molly said about Issa being messy was the same as the comment that Issa made about Molly not wanting to be happy. The difference? Molly made a declarative statement (“girl, sometimes I think you like the mess”) and Issa posed a question (”girl, aren’t you sick of being miserable?”). It was the same judgement and I think the show was trying to highlight that, which is why the comments are similar. I think they wanted people to pick up the similarity in the content of the statement, while taking note of the difference in the delivery.

    Essentially, I feel like Issa is just more palatable with her friendship bullshit – and I think there are a lot of reasons for that, from their upbringing to their careers; but at the end of the day I think they display different versions of a similar type of behavior. It just goes to show that how you present something can make a huge difference.

    That said, I have questions for y’all!

    (1) What did you all think of Molly being unwilling to ask Andrew about the Live Nation headliner situation?

    On one hand, Issa is a her girl and a friend should help out a friend….BUT, when you’re in a relationship, sometimes it’s a bad time to ask a question, and sometimes you can’t ever bring that shit up. If I were Andrew, I might feel some kind of way, like maybe Molly came over to ask a favor and not really apologize – he’s not in a great place with Molly right now, and when you’re not in a good place, it’s bad time to ask for favors.

    (2) Were y’all also getting mommy vibes from Molly when she held Tiffany’s baby?

    Looking at Molly’s life, she’s in a place where she might be thinking about those steps. I’m not saying she’s ready to have a baby, but she has a good career and a nice place. She seems to be in a good financial position and that’s a huge part of starting a family. It may also be one more reason for Issa and Molly drifting apart. Issa may still be finding herself and her purpose, while Molly maybe looking for something like marriage and kids. When friendships have this sort of difference in where people are in life, they can begin to crumble.

    (3) Issa loosing her headliner was enough to light a fire under her ass, but a whole waterless building slipped her mind – what was that about? Is Issa super focused on the block party or a super irresponsible property manager (or both)?

    When she went to take a shower at the end and the water was still out, I was like “girl, you are fucking irresponsible”. I know her block party is important, but this is her place of residency! She has no money to get a new apartment so she needs to make sure she doesn’t fuck this up. This was a glaring example in the difference between Issa and Molly and how they handle their shit. Molly would never, but this is sooo Issa.

    (4) When Molly started asking Issa about the contract with the headliner, was that being a good or bad friend?

    I thought Molly went overboard when she seemed to imply that Issa must have done something to void the contract, but originally I thought Molly was asking because had the headliner breeched the contract, Issa could have had some legal recourse. With Molly being a lawyer, it seems totally appropriate, but I can see how some people would see it as an example of Molly being a bad friend by asking questions instead of jumping into action to comfort and support Issa.

    Lastly: (5) Where the fuck do you think Condola is!?!?

    Stay safe y’all!

  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    So, we get the return of Nathan, or at least his voice. The realization by Derek who is now a father to a daughter that all the women he did dirty were somebody’s daughter.

    Molly and Issa continue to drift apart and Issa remains oblivious as to why. Her calling Molly because she needed to use her connections and not because she wanted to build a bridge back to their friendship is not a good look.

    Molly’s comments, followed by her assumption when Issa had to leave, which she shared with Tiffany is how foul and unfounded rumors get started behind people’s back. You know shit is off track when Tiffany has words of wisdom.

    The more I see Molly and Andrew together, the more I like them. I respected her decision not to use her relationship with Andrew as a tool for anyone’s advancement.

    Condola appears to be being completely unprofessional. If she doesn’t want to deal with Issa because of the Lawrence situation, she should tell Issa. Condola should not leave Issa hanging when she has things that need to be done for the event.

  9. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassey, I was listening to you guys and a thought popped into my mind.

    What if Lawrence and Issa get back together and Lawrence loses his job?

    I would love your thoughts on this.

  10. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    Y’all MUST secretly be in the writers room for this show because y’all predicted the Issa, Lawerence, and Condola love triangle becoming messy a bit too well. I must say that I am glad the other shoe finally dropped tho, secretly I have been a Lawerence truther as well and I don’t want to see him with anyone other than Issa. I’m glad Issa was able to be real with herself and say that she felt short changed when it came to Lawerence being the man that she wanted for herself for someone else. I was also glad to see Issa and her brother hanging out together and for them to have a real conversation with each other that was great. It seems to me that Issa’s relationships with everyone but Molly are getting stronger. I love that Wendy Raquel Robison is Issa’s mother… I can not wait to see who they have as her father. The comment that Molly made about Issa’s mom trying to make a project out of a man… maybe some subliminal there.. well I felt like there was, I could be reaching.

    I think Condola’s drunk friend Niki was messy.. but maybe she thought Lawerence and Condola had a long conversation. I’m glad that Condola asked Lawerence if he’d still be with Issa if she hadn’t cheated.. No one has asked that man that question since they broke up.

    Molly needs to give her dad a break.. and I get being over something.. but being passive with feelings with ppl I care about annoys me now so I need her to tell her dad how she feels.. and she needs to tell Issa how she feels and get it over with.

    Hopefully this isn’t too long.

    Love the show..


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