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2095: Diamond And Silk Fired

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Rod and Karen discuss staying creative as you age, Coronavirus News, Diamond and Silk fired, Dale Zorn confederate flag mask, Marine Corp bans confederate flag, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms gets racist text, racist come to the virtual cookout, bored man cruises the beach, man calls in bomb threat to his job, masked man flashes penis at Target and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SymSymma

    I listened to all the music three times and that was after watching live on Crowdcast. It was a full dance party for real. They can take off their disguises, wear face coverings and hide in plain sight now, so I have no sympathy. Love to see it!

  2. Darienfoxx

    Mayne, I love it when Fox News coons get fired. Bet money. Any day now, they’ll be in some article blaming their firing on racism. Talkin’ bout how their other co-workers were saying the same things like 2 seconds ago. And maybe they’ll be right, but the irony is so sweet! If you hold water for the racists, you’re gonna get wet.

    Fuck Cubic Zirconium and Polyester. Glad I could party on them with y’all!

  3. Dia

    My sister and I talked about that woman from Idaho and all the white folks protesting and it is just another example of how some people, (guess the race) aren’t accustomed to following rules or doing anything that remotely looks like a loss of privilege.

    Coincidentally, the black folks we know have not had a hard time following the distancing orders, because we’ve been following rules all of our lives. And it has nothing to do with being weak-minded, followers. When you come from generations that had to take basically unpassable test to vote, can’t sit in certain places and all the unspoken rules that come with just being black, you just genetically predisposed to following rules and dealing with bullshit.

    They say leave the park, we leave.
    They say you can’t come in without a face covering, we cover our face. They say stand on the X, we stand on the X.

    But also, we know this virus is disproportionately killing us and I feel like once that message got out, people were like, “this is against my constitutional rights. Kids we going to the park.”

  4. Evie E

    If Diamond and Silk hadn’t cooned so hard for a man who is only proping them up to prove he’s not racist even though he clearly is, I’d actually feel sorry for them. But fuck them. Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell.

  5. Sofa King

    Y’all! Someone online referred to Diamond and Silk as the Menstrual Show, and now I can’t breathe!

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I was dancing around my living room singing in celebration, IT’S TIME!! I knew you were serious in your joy when you broke out Tareeq Nasheed. Get Itchy and Scratchy out the paint. Thank you.

  7. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars for the dance party celebrating Tater and Tot being let go from Fox News!

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