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PG 237: Brown Skin Erasure

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Shelter In Place stuff, Dirty Money season 2, Insecure, The Family is boring, American Gods, #BlackAF, not arguing vs arguing on social media, white friends, listener feedback and pre-game news.


  1. fyahworks

    What up rod, Karen, and that light skin drunk they call Justin!

    Thank you for a Thursday recording, last Friday Justin was on his shit and low key I was loving it lol! But I came to talk my shit to shit!
    Justin, maybe you thought or expected “for life” to be like power! But sir it’s based on a real life story of a man sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and became a lawyer in jail, and was prison rep, and help fellow inmates! Its no housewives of Potomac , It’s actually pretty good lol the first season just ended!

    Now to the rest of the premium fam I wanted to recommend a podcast I’ve been listening to if anyone is interested, it’s called somebody! I heard it on Spotify! It’s about a black mom in Chicago whos 22 year old son was shot and drove to the police station for help and e police dropped the ball and he died and she look for the truth! He was actually friends with chance the rapper!

    Thanks to my essential workers, stay blessed and safe

    Have a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day


  2. chubbzero

    Oh and 1 more thing. #Blackaf is a great show. I mean, where else are you gonna get the main character say “I fucking hate white people “? And Kenya’s shoe game is on point. I know the show got compared to curb but it’s got a lot of the office in it too the way the camera dead pans on the character’s faces.

  3. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, Karen, and justin? How’s this corn teen life treating yall? I’m writing you guys this week to ask rod who are these people hating on black capitalists that you talk about? I guess that’s the bad part about having a bunch of followers on Twitter because I ain’t got but a few hundred and I don’t see that. I just don’t understand why people hate to see black greatness but think it’s ok for white folks to make all the dough!And thanks to you guys I binged showtime’s black Monday and I gotta say it’s a great show. Don Cheadle and regina hall have so much on screen chemistry it’s ridiculous! Another show I binged is killing eve , are any of yall watching that? Before I go, I gotta ask you have y’all ever heard of this white lady comedian named Leanne Morgan? Her voice sounds like the “cut it out” sound byte you play sometime. She has a bit where she talks about how mean her daughter is. Its just so funny with that damn country ass twang she got. Alright yall. Peace out. p.s. rod, I do a little djing and if you don’t mind I could send you a mix and yall could play it under the pre game or whatever

    • chubbzero

      Oh and 1 more thing. #Blackaf is a great show. I mean, where else are you gonna get the main character say “I fucking hate white people “? And Kenya’s shoe game is on point. I know the show got compared to curb but it’s got a lot of the office in it too the way the camera dead pans on the character’s faces.

  4. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! Just writing in to say that I successfully turned my mother into a Snowfall fan. We finished season 3 a couple weeks ago and now moms is al caught up on the show. She loves it! It was pretty fun watching her experience the show as we watched it. We’re both looking forward to season 4 now. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a few questions about the show.

    1. What are some of your favorite scenes or moments from the show?

    2. Who are your favorite characters and why?

    3. Who are the characters you disliked or hated the most and why?

    4. What do you think we’ll see Mel or Lucia again?

    5. Are there any things you hope or think we’ll see in the next season, or are you just excited to see whatever happens?

    Leonard Brothers

  5. rodimusprime

    Good morning Rod, Karen and Justin. I know you guys are staying safe-my hearts are with you.

    About Brown Skin erasure-THANK YOU!! OMG! That said, I think it’s a regional thing. I’ve always thought I was brown skinned. In Michigan, I was considered dark skinned, and people I thought was brown skinned (maybe a shade lighter than me but not much) called themselves light skinned. You can insert that rapper with the red solo cup here in terms of my reaction but there it is. I personally hate it all cause it’s just a mess, but what do I know?

    Y’all stay safe!


  6. ShayDeeDame

    You guys were talking about the Wells Fargo nonsense and it stuck a chord because I worked there for damn-near ten years as a personal banker, business banker, and in underwriting.
    I left months before everything blew up and near the end I was MISERABLE. It felt like I was working for the Legion of Doom.
    The very last straw was when someone’s Nana bawling because her account was so overdrawn that it was absolutely going to absorb the bulk of her ssi check when the direct deposit would hit the following week.
    I remember bringing up these concerns in quite a few meetings when my manager would be disappointed that I was just middle of the pack instead of killing the game.
    They management was willfully ignorant on this, along with other issues that would come up.
    I had a coworker that would regularly check her ex-husbands account activity to keep an eye on how he spent his money. I had another one who would open accounts without customer’s consent. I mean, he wouldn’t even ASK if they wanted an account. They would come in to ask about a deposit, or something unrelated, then the next thing they knew, they had a new checking account or credit card.
    All of that caused me to leave and never look back.

  7. CEPETE88

    What up Squad? I appreciate y’all steadily putting out dope content to help us get through the times. I completely agree with everything y’all said about #BlackAF so I won’t repeat it. But I needed to add Kenya’s speech on white people’s battle against the sun. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was fucking brilliant and 100% true. I’m not on Twitter so I don’t see the critiques from the wokes and I’m thankful. That shit sounds exhausting.

    I also wanted to thank you for recommending that documentary Uppity. My nigga Willie T Ribbs was sooooooo good. He’s been waiting to tell that story and I’m so glad he was able to speak for himself.

    I feel y’all on getting rid of white friends. I grew up in Wisconsin so having trash white friends just seemed like a necessary evil as a kid and it was our responsibility as black people to just deal with it. It got to the point where I was more mad at myself for being around them than I was at them. So as I grew up I decided I wasn’t going to live like that anymore and I got rid of most of them. And once trump got elected I just ghosted the rest of them. But that also came at a time where technology allowed us all to start building our own spaces with content that was suitable to our individual needs (shout out TBGWT).

    Lastly, I just wanted to recommend this show called Brockmire with Hank Azaria. I got into it because of the raunchy comedy but the 2nd and 3rd season turned into this hilarious take on white male privilege. So if you got the time definitely give it a look.

    Hope that wasn’t too long. Much love to you all.
    -WestSide P

  8. rodimusprime

    What’s up y’all?!

    I had to pause the episode and write in. Many of Kenya’s critics are consistently overlooking some important details: he hires POC and when the shows gain an audience, he empowers his cast. Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson started off as the leads of a black comedy show. For the fifty plus episodes they are executive producers.
    Tracee also has directed episodes of Blackish and written an episode of Mixed-ish.

    When Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey graduated high school and there was seemingly no new story for her on Black-isnh, Kenya created Grownish. Laurence Fishburne continues his role as Pops Johnson and serves as an executive producer. Deon Cole aka Charlie is a Dean at the school Zoey attends. Marsai Martin, who plays Diane, starred in Little which was produced by Kenya. The screenplay for Little was by Tracy Oliver who also penned the screenplay for Girls Trip and Barbershop The Next Generation with Kenya. Finally Rashida Jones is also an executive producer on Black As Fuck. Kenya has quietly done the work that helps POC gain authority and power in Hollywood but folks get stuck on surface stuff.

    Stay safe and keep up the good work.

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