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BDS 348: I Can See Clearly Now

Rod, Justin and Karen dsicuss listener feedback, Aaron Gordon diss track to D Wade, NCAA allowing players to get paid,  NBA G-league pulling more players, Gervonta Davis writes bad check, NFL crime time, Cici and Russy double date charity, NBA will let some teams back in facilities, Ball bros signing with Roc Nation, Carmen Electra, Justin Rohrwasser tattoo, Victor Cruz, Jameis can see now, Mason Rudolph, Gabby Union advice to the Currys, Sebastian Telfair loses family to Covid, Devin Booker spotted with Kendall Jenner, David Blatt hating on Bron, John Salley punched by Oakley, NASCAR returning, Cutler and Cavallari divorce, Andy Dalton cut, Little League World Series canceled, Magic Johnson doc, Olympics, Bulls hire a black, NFL draft record ratings, NHL return, MJ, Kraig Appleton, NBA won’t test people who aren’t sick, Spurs selling minority ownership, UFC champ kicks homeless woman, Chris Mosier on trans athletes and Linsanity.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Hey what it do Rod, Karen and Jearl Thomas,

    I hope all is well.

    What in the name of the Great Depression was that coin flip game Jordan and the security guards were playing? I never thought Jordan had a gambling problem; he wakes up every day of his life looking to win *something*. Shit, Jordan probably took bets with the film crew about bugs crawling across his porch. One thing I did wonder though: is Jordan a bad golfer? Nobody with a Jheri curl looks to play you in golf cuz they think you’re gonna be a challenge. Who looked more guilty: Slim with the Jheri curl going to court or Jordan wearing shades indoors telling folks he doesn’t have a gambling problem?

    Jesus, Earl Thomas. Does this count under Ray Lewis telling Sal there’s nothing else to do? One of the first things I thought when the news about Earl and Nina Thomas dropped: Either Earl or his brother have brought this idea up to one of their wives and been turned on it, cuz this reeks of “well, baby you said no so what else was I supposed to do?” And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Thomas brothers had done this before, cuz being *that* comfortable with your brother ain’t something that sounds particularly spur-of-the-moment.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe out here.

    Niggas only, only niggas,

    – Dough

  2. Kemdoc

    Fukk Jason Whitlock. What the entire fukk.


  3. fyahworks

    Dearest rod, Karen, and jarl Thomas;

    1. I guess there’s nothing else do to Sal for real, and I guess that goes for the wives, girlfriends and side chicks of these football players! So Earl Thomas wife held that gun to his head and said kneel now nigga with your cheating ass!
    2. What did y’all think about what Jordan said about his gambling, last Sunday? Obviously it wasn’t a shock, we all knew!!
    3. Justin, May 16 dem lakers are hoping to get the facilites back open out in la
    4. So cam newton got humbled and said he’s open to a backup role on the “right team”! I guess all the spots are taken, but does the pats have a replacement for Brady? If bellichik really is the goat of coaches I say he take the cam project on!
    5. Finally we have heard the rumors and grumbling about Giannis to he warriors! And there was an article that said this corona virus could actually help that happen! I don’t know bout y’all but I don’t wanna see that. Seem like everytime the warriors lose, either losing season or lose in the finals they come back with a cheat code lol!
    Have a safe and great weekend

    Nigz only/only nigz


    To all the moms behind the pay wall

    Happy Mother’s Day

    And of course momma tips and Justin your mom and Karen yours as well

  4. p.a.joseph

    Hey Rod, Karen and JÆon Flux Musk.

    Real quick. Have you heard this soccer story? The euro news were all in a proper tizzy.

    She set his all all the way up.

    Ciao niggas


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