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2097: Black Women Dream Differently

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  1. MizzBarnes72

    Thank you for talking about us and our makeup. My mother always had beautiful brown skin and would use Fashion Fair Brown Sugar for her foundation as she choose to use something that was closer to her skin tone and did not wear alot of makeup. I will never forget the time when she was working one day and this white woman stared at her for a long time. She finally approached her and said, ” I know that I am staring at you, but I cannot see a pimple on your skin. Your skin looks so beautiful and clear.’ When Mama told this story to me, she had to mention that this lady was looking casket-ready, looking like fresh death with a pound of makeup on her face. Ugh.

    When shopping for foundation for my skin tone, it was a pain in the ass. As with our makeup, once upon a time, with darker shades, it was mixed with a reddish tint to get the foundation to a darker tone. When you applied it in the morning, it was a compliment to my tone, but when 2 pm hit, I looked like a shiny as hell with that reddish tint. It drove me crazy and I just stopped wearing foundation all together. I’m sure that make up companies got it somewhat right since those days of Fashion Fair, Mary Kay and Avon…but it just leaves me with memories of how our tough it is for us dark-skinned ladies.

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