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TTM 72: Lowkey Losing It

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I’ll try to be brief since you have a ton of feedback. Based on your insight, I decided to cut Molly some slack cause she had been improving.

    But fast forward to episode 5. WTF, Molly? Seriously?

    I think Molly was completely out of line for confronting Andrew and Issa. And bringing it up at the event!!! Again, WTF?

    The argument between Issa and Molly got real heated and cut too deep. I don’t know how they can rebuild their friendship after something like this. But I do hope they can pull it off in the next five episodes.

    Now, on to Condola’s ass. I was fine with Issa continuing to work with Condola because I thought they were both mature enough to focus on business and get the job done. But she and Lawrence breaking up should not have led her to ghost Issa. Condola is dead to me. What she did proved she wasn’t who everyone thought she was: a put together, grown woman, my ass. She’s like a teenager pouting over her boyfriend of 4 months. Is it that serious sis? I can’t with these people. Lol

    Great show though. The intricacies in these relationships is truly fun to watch. Oh, and I think Lawrence didn’t come to the block party because he didn’t want to see Condola and he didn’t want to see Issa because he’s starting to admit he still has feelings for her. (Yes! Cause I’m team Lisa too. )

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Lowkey Movin On. Are you both still cheering for Molly after this mess???

    Lovin This Too Much,

    STYLEnosh in Atlanta

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I just found your podcast for Insecure and I feel like I found my people. I’ve really enjoyed your commentary so much so I am emailing a podcast which is a first for me. The ‘rona got me deep diving into Insecure like my GoT days.

    So, first Molly confronting Issa and literally stepping to her was so egregious there is no excusing how she came at Issa in public! Since there is lots of Molly hate going around, I want to raise a mitigating factor. Issa was being messy in how she went about this and Issa’s failure to preempt this by communicating. We know Issa didn’t come to Molly’s dinner celebrating her case which would have been an opportunity for them to connect or at least still “show up” for her friend. Issa is still the person who flaked on Thanksgiving even if Molly’s text short with Issa. And although Molly was being salty before attending the block party as soon as Andrew said they shouldn’t go, she stopped because she was going to “show up” for her friend. She even softened up after talking to Andrew, legitimately gave Issa her props, and did the I brought you some food peace overture.

    When Molly learns that Issa went around her by getting Nathan to ask Andrew she was livid. Issa is the victim but…but…this is Issa being messy and failing to communicate and it making things worse because you didn’t just own up to what you did to cut off possibility of drama. Did Issa assume Molly knew? Was she hoping Molly wasn’t going to find out? Did Issa just make herself believe she did nothing wrong and Molly would be fine.

    Whether you think Issa had the right to ask Nathan to ask Andrew, we know she knows Molly would not see it that way. Issa should have ripped the bandaid and said something. You know when else Issa avoided someone and it came back to bite her….after she cheated with Daniel and wouldn’t have a conversation with him. So what did he do, he showed up and fundraiser and confronted her. I was appalled he did that but I also could not believe she wouldn’t have the conversation to limit potential for mess. So Molly is wrong for how she communicated and Issa is wrong for not communicating something she knew would would be a sore topic. And they are both wrong for continuing to not have overdue come to Jesus conversation.

    Sorry it’s so long. Thanks for reading.


    p.s. Condola is so trifling. As someone who thinks you can be friends with exes and was rooting for the new friendship between Condola and Issa [insert Viola Davis cutting her eyes and taking her purse gif.]

  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassey

    This whole season of Insecure has been very TRIGGERING for me. Last November my “best friend” of 8 years and I stopped talking. She was like Molly never really had a successful relationship and I was like Issa just floating thru life and having issues most of our friendship. 4 years ago I met my now fiancé. We bought a house together, then had our son, and now we are planning on getting married. When we started planning our wedding last year my friend started acting distant and weird. I asked her to be my maid of honor. She was being rude to others in the wedding and kept being argumentative. Well I finally asked her what was the problem. She told me that I didn’t deserve my fiancé, that I just go through life always fucking up and somehow always land on my feet, and that I don’t deserve this wedding when girls like her are perfect and trying to find a decent man. Long story short my heartbroke for our friendship at the moment. Watching the episodes leading up to their confrontation made my anxious and sad. I felt like I was reliving last year. My “best friend” and I haven’t spoke since that day and no we wont be reconciling. I hope Molly and Issa can get their friendship back on the right track. Then again this is TV show so they will find a way to patch it up. Well I love the recap. And I find your recap way more entertaining and informational than the “Official HBO Insecure podcast.” I love the ladies who do the podcast but you and Bassey are just superior at this recap. LOL

    Love the show


  4. Forest

    So, this was…a lot. One thing stuck out to me in that fight, though. I’m trying to figure out what favors Molly has been doling out to Issa? When Issa was lost/fucked up her job, she didn’t turn to Molly for a hook up. When Issa didn’t have a place to live, she didn’t turn to Molly. When Issa was started putting this together, she didn’t turn to Molly. We’ve only seen Issa vent to Molly, but where are these favors? Like, is it implied and I’m missing it? Is she just talking about the fact that Issa has leaned on people in general? I somewhat get it, but it seems like throughout what we’ve seen, Issa has been careful not to put Molly in that position. So, I’m really wondering what the issue is, aside from her thinking so little of Issa that she could I guess fuck with Andrew’s job.

    I get Molly wanting to set boundaries. I even get her feeling a way about Issa using another route to get to Andrew, but she didn’t clearly communicate that she didn’t want him to help her at all, which is low-key fucked up. I’ve put on an event like this before and your first one is almost entirely calling in favors to friends and friends of friends. Like, he works at Live Nation and she’s putting on a live event. They working in adjacent industries at this point. So, from a business perspective it was a no brainer and ultimately a win-win. Molly throwing salt on that is nothing but personal feelings coloring her perspective.

    Both Issa and Molly have been hella wrong for avoiding communication and letting it build to this point. That said, there was no way this was the time or place for Molly to press this. Is Molly still seeing her therapist? I feel like Molly did that thing where shit starts going good and you stop before the work is through. Anyway, love y’alls commentary. It’s like kicking it with my favorite cousins. Can’t wait to hear what y’all think.


  5. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    This shyt is getting so nuanced and layered that at this point they need to table the friendship for a couple years if not in perpetuity. It doesn’t exist right now. In real life this is the friend you almost fight, never talk to them, hope you don’t cross paths at functions, and your friends might even draw lines in the sand. Only one of y’all can attend a gathering and the other will see it on IG and be pissed. Then you might see them by happenstance three years later. Both of y’all are in great spaces and happy so there’s no friction. Maybe you get nostalgic for a hot second but then there’s some awkward pause and you leave it where it is. And that’s closure.

    Back to the show though: If this is salvageable, then they’re wizards. My goodness I just don’t see it. Like Issa violated through Nathan and Andrew, and Molly caused a whole scenario at a successful event. I really didn’t see Issa doing the reach around still to get to Andrew but she was hella desperate and at a breaking point. Super foul. Molly exploding was a long time coming. Completely ruined the night before it shots almost rang out and even the rain. Thankfully they left some bullets in the chamber there. I cant believe how they fight at every one of Issa’s events. Wowwww. So disappointed in both of them

    Question: if you’re Andrew and you see Molly jump out of herself when it’s clearly not the time or place do you look at her sideways?? He didn’t but I would. I can’t witness that exchange go down in that setting and not feel a way. Seemed like he did the favor and it was nothing for him to get weird ass Vince to set the block party out.

    Shoutout to Smino looking super tall and handsome and high as hell. Loved that British side story with Kelli. I also imagibe that Schoolboy Q is cool with them using him as a flake in their storyline.

    Raphael saiddd it never rains in Southern California, but when it does SHYT!!

    Bye Condola. See you never girl. I can’t. This was longer than I thought it would be. Damn.

    Aight loved ones. Be safe and well.
    Sent from my iPhone

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Wow this was a hilariously good episode despite how it ended. I first and foremost want to acknowledge Issa’s faults and all the f-ed up things she has done in her relationship as Molly’s friend. But I also want to say that Molly should have explained WHY she didn’t want to go to Andrew to help Issa – she could have just said ” hey I’m really trying to make this work with Andrew and I don’t want to mess it up”. And I’m going to catch hell for saying this but you have to acknowledge Issa didn’t call Nathan , he called her and she just explained what was going on with her block party situation.

    Issa couldn’t stop Nathan from doing what he did, that’s just how i see it. I felt like they have both used one another in various ways throughout their friendship – Issa has been using Molly for stuff and Molly then doesn’t realize it till she gets put on the spot by Issa and Molly has been using Issa as a crutch to make herself feel better about being more successful in her professional life. I think WHERE and HOW they both grew up plays some part into that – like Molly grew up on Florence and Crenshaw and Issa grew up in Baldwin or Windsor Hills and think that personal detail factors in as well. As adults their lives have turned out the opposite of their childhoods.

    Prentice Penny mentions this a little in a tv guide interview I just read about this episode, of course he cosigns a lot of things you two have already brought up about this season.

    (you guys don’t have to read this on the show , posting the link if anyone wants to read it )


    Despite that argument this really had some hilarious moments – the spoken word lady, Derrick telling them kids to ” SHUT THE FUCK UP!” out of nowhere lol, Issa’s brother and every crazy thing he said,Kelli and that fake British accent, Issa’s intern’s nose randomly starting to bleed out of nowhere and ” niggas cant have nothing” and every line of dialogue that came before that line lol.

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey


  7. Vinylcollectors

    Hey Rod and Bassey! I’m gonna try to keep my comments short and sweet. First, I was SO HAPPY for Issa at the Block Party. I love seeing people realize their dreams and to see it all come together and everyone having fun made me really happy. Second, I don’t understand Molly but I think she is clearly a hater. This is the second time she’s come at Issa sideways when she’s on a high from actually “killin’ it”. It feels like she intentionally tries to bring her down when she’s winning. Regardless of whether she had a reason to be mad/annoyed (which I really don’t think she did) she could have waited until the next day to bring it up with Issa and at least given her a day to enjoy the feeling of actually pulling off this event she’d poured so much time and effort into. Condola is childish. Why ghost Issa because you and Lawrence broke up? It’s not like Issa stole him from you. Either be woman enough to tell her what’s up or be professional enough to continue working on the event you signed up to help on. Finally one comment about a few seasons back when Molly went to talk to Lawrence- I recall that she did that because Issa asked her too so I don’t think that was Molly being shady and going behind her back. Anyway, I think some things were said in that fight that will be pretty hard to come back from but I hope Molly and Issa can salvage their friendship.

  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    What a roller coaster episode. I started off being pissed at Issa because she ignored Molly’s efforts to reach at to her with the seafood fest and was telling Nathan! That she don’t mess with Molly no more. On top of that, Molly was being a good friend by still going to the event.I wound up feeling like Molly was 10,000% wrong to confront Issa at the block party. [The Molly hate on Twitter is going to be intense.] I don’t know they you come back from this. Issa and Molly might patch things up, but I don’t things will ever truly be the same. It will take a lot of work and a lot of growth on both their parts to make things better, not just between them , but in terms of the overall dynamics of their fractured friendship.

    So Condola did just ghost Issa. Umm that’s some sloppy ass, immature ish. So she and Lawrence are over, and he didn’t even tell his boy. That can go two ways: 1) He hasn’t told anyone because he wants to get back with Condola, or 2) Admitting it’s over with Condola means confronting the Issa question Condola posed in their argument.

    Bassey, you called it. Tiffany is experiencing Post-Partem Depression, cause talking about leaving the baby in parking lots in addition to her other actions screams Woman in Distress.

  9. AbsurdSpoonful (Jon)

    Rod, this is related to your HTGAWM tangent. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t actually have anything to do with the show’s writing/storylines. The show is just included under the Shondaland umbrella. So it’s even worse. The head writer/showrunner is Peter Nowalk who is a WHOLE white man that people are allowing to play in our faces every week with this writing.

    Anyway, I too have been burned by the #S’murder writing room and needed to set the record straight.

    I enjoy the recaps so very much, y’all. Thanks so much for the quarantine content.

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