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TTM 73: Lowkey Movin’ On

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. Bree

    I know I’m late but let’s not forget they have a tendency to do this because Molly took it upon herself to stop Nathan from talking to Issa last season. Molly should equally be upset with Andrew because he is also to blame. They both think it’s okay to “help” the other by not putting them directly in the line of fire. Because Molly didn’t have boundaries then but now she has them. It’s hypocritical

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    Firstly, Bassey I’m loving your book. Thank you. Truly.

    Look at using ass Issa overcompensating and trying to do favors for everyone. When she broke down I felt that with her mom, my goodness I felt that. And the buildup over the course of the episode to make that happen was awesome. She was completely overwhelmed at that point.

    I’ve also experienced the pain of accomplishing a goal I strived for a long time and the emptiness that came with it. Her parade was rained on in so many ways. But I love the way the show has a way of showing her working back to her center. She goes back to her apartment. Marie Kondo’s. And then got to work on her social networking. Love that. I also loved that she didn’t go in there and have that awkward talk with Molly. It was too soon and too fresh. That early y’all after a disagreement will irreparably damage any reconciliation hopes. Especially with these two and the explosive nature of the conflict. Avoidance was the smart play here.

    Them trife people she ran into on her quest though. They all can GOOOO. Omg fukkk them. Issa about to be bankrupt but she wait, did she dine and dash on the check too?!?! I’m excited to see Molly’s episode. There’s sure to be a couple Asian jokes and cringy moments. I also want her perspective on the fight too.

    Sidebar: Saw a lot of men saying Kyla Pratt been fine all their lives and I gotta say it…..agree 1000%. What a beautiful spirit. Love to see it.

    Take special care of yourselves…..ohhhh effortless bars!!!


  3. thatTish

    Hey Bassey & Rod!

    One thing I love about this episode is the conversation with Issa’s mom. She internalized the way she THOUGHT her mom saw her and I love that her mom released her from that and gave her some affirmation. I wish Issa would have also realized that she’s too far in her own head and needs to actually talk with people about what was said. She spent the whole day avoiding Molly and their mutual friends so hard and connecting the few dots she had about what went wrong which left her deciding she had something to prove. It’s sad that she couldn’t find it in herself to just walk in and speak to Molly, but I understand. I would probably still be stuck outside the door trying to figure out if I should risk leaving because it’s WORSE if someone catches you tipping away when they know you were never inside.

    I really don’t expect to get much out of Molly’s episode. I’ve started a rewatch and I’m just happy for her growth. Old Molly made my second-hand embarrassment skyrocket with her overzealous approach to dating. Her getting to a place where she’s actually invited on a trip with a man’s family is a long way from where we met her.

    I’m fully expecting a Lawrence episode after hers and I don’t mind a look at what he’s been up to, but I wanna see what stage Chad is at now. I wonder if he and Leah will be broken up by the end of the series. In the 2nd or 3rd episode of the 1st season Chad said he was her realtor, he moved in 2 months after he sold her a place, and that they would get HER divorce papers and their prenup sign at the same time. Their whole relationship is a house of cards on top of a Jenga game.

    Last thing- What happened to the show having a “thing” every season? First season was Drake lyrics, 2nd was Frank Ocean, 3rd was memes. Did they stop, or have we just been missing it?

    Thanks for all the recaps!

  4. stylenosh

    Hey Rod and Bassey,
    Watching episode 6, Issa’s issues with avoidance were once again on full display. Thanks Bassey for pointing that out a few weeks ago. I was very disappointed that Issa didn’t go talk to Molly when she saw her at the restaurant. I’ve never been one to feel like I can’t be the first to reach out if I have beef with someone. And honestly, I can’t remember Issa being the one to always apologize first. But either way, Kelli is right. If they let this rift go on too long, the damage could be permanent.

    Anyhoo, I can’t wait to see Molly and Andrew in Mexico. Traveling with your significant other is a great way to test the viability of your relationship. It’s either, I had so much fun traveling with you or as soon as I get home I’m never talking to this mofo again! lol

    Thanks so much for the awesome recaps!

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    I’m going to leave the deep thoughts and observations to you to because all I can think after watching tonight’s episode is, “I know Issa and that scammer did not sit on the toilets in that bathroom.”

  6. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and Bassey. I was ready to write in about how I felt you guys were letting the Molly haters make you go too hard the other way the last couple of weeks but of course being the great podcast that you are, halfway through the last episode(block party) you addressed it. I was almost thinking like damn they Mollyvengers. I do enjoy the perspective from that point of view because it makes me look smart in front of my wife when I just repeat what you guys said making her feel Molly and just not taking Issa’s side all of the time. I really didn’t see anything wrong with her going through Nathan though, because it seems like something anyone would do. Didn’t Molly and Andrew meet because of Issa and Nathan, I really dont remember but anyway it will be kind of wack of Issa if that’s what made her start talking to Nathan again giving credit to Molly saying she uses people. But that’s all, again I love the show, I thought my man Rod was putting Molly in that Sansa Stark protection. Lol.


  7. ProfKori

    Dear Rod and Bassey, thanks, as always for this show! You really help me appreciate the craft of the writing and other aspects of INSECURE. This week, Kelli killed even more than usual. What a treat! But the main reason I’m writing is to say: Every time y’all brag on yourselves, I hear Beyonce “I’m feelin’ myseellllf, I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ my… I’m feelin’ myseellllf, I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ my…”

    Love it!
    ~Koritha (@ProfKori)

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