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2104: Lemmings

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Rod and Karen discuss resistance to black people migrating to the north, new desktop struggle, the orthodontist, Coronavirus news, Tamron Hall benefit, celebrity deaths, Murder Hornets news, Future is the daddy again, professor fired for porn tab, Ahmaud Arbery updates, Breonna Taylor, KKK hood dude won’t be prosecuted, Candace Owens upsets black conservatives, woman beats husband with flowers, woman strangles man over chapstick, men arrested for pandemic pranks and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t mean to victim blame but I’m totally victim blaming. If you let Future bust in you without a condom you deserve everything coming to you. Only people I feel sorry for in these scenarios are the kids.

  2. trey_swindu744

    This nigga Future had a spreadsheet sized thank you list to all his baby mamas on twitter…smdh

    Did Future think “condoms are fad , just like hip hop” (c) Sherman Showcase lol

    Thanks again
    Rod and Karen


  3. Mike Mallory

    Y’all had me cracking up talking about Future cutting checks to his newest baby momma. At this point it’s like hearing some major corporation lost a court case and has to cut a check for tens of millions of dollars . Then, when you get your check settlement check in the mail it’s for $7.42

  4. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars!!! #ToFreedom

  5. ebibebi

    Listening to yall talk made me remember that I’ve heard some gun nuts say that they believe having weapons is the “smarter” choice because they can just jack everybody else’s shit at gunpoint. It’s usually said kinda jokingly, but I don’t think that shit is cute or funny at all. How is your PLAN in a disaster hinging COMPLETELY on your neighbors’ ability to prepare? What if your neighbors don’t got what you came out the house shooting for? Like, your big idea was to just go around the city getting into firefights with the other gun nuts every time you need something? These people really think life is an action-thriller and they got plot armor or something.

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