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2107: Dickdash

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Jess Wood to discuss quaranpeen in the lock down, staying creative, Coronavirus News, high school plant heist, street racing crack down, woman calls 911 on Blake Shelton and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Raven

    I loved this episode! Jess was hilarious. But I saw the Tyra Banks backlash on Twitter and thought some people were nitpicking about some of her past actions and some of it was justified. The times she put the models in black face was a hugely problematic thing she never addressed. Especially since it was done in two separate seasons where she personally oversaw those photo shoots. Tyra was not only the host, but an executive producer of the show and actually did have enough power to prevent it, so I’ve always wondered why/how it happened.

  2. MizzBarnes72

    OMG….Jess was a trip!!! She reminds me of the white friend that you have that’s off the rails, but doesn’t over do it too terribly much…..LOL! She definately pops flavor and drips sauce!

  3. B.Len

    Hey Karen and Alex. I melt my smell good candles in candle warmer. You can also us a mug warmer where it usually has a setting where you can have it set to shut off after a couple of hours. They also make candles last longer.

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