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TTM 74: Lowkey Done

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. BreAnnSam

    Hi Bassey and Rod!
    (hope ya’ll are doing well)

    I enjoyed this last episode! It was directed by Jay (Lawrence), so I was looking forward to seeing what he’ll do. It was really well done, the scenery was great and the framing of shots was pretty good too.

    I was surprised that we didn’t see Kelli call Molly this episode, but that’s ok. I was wondering whether or Molly saw Issa at the restaurant so I’m glad they showed that. Did ya’ll think Molly was being rude to her assistant? As some who does has not lived the “I have an assistant,” life mate I just don’t know but it was a little offputting to me.

    What the last episode and this episode have shown are situations where Molly and Issa would want to vent to or just talk with the best friend. Since, they aren’t talking we’re seeing them handle situations alone. First trips with significant others are a big deal and it’s sad Molly couldn’t talk to Issa about it.

    Okay, brruuhhhh wtf is up with Andrew’s brother!?!? I have unfortunately had many of the same conversations with Asian men and it is hella frustrating. There is a clear cultural difference in addressing conflict AND those of Asian descent also have a leg up as they are considered the “model minority.” I’m glad Andrew checked him and this will be of course the first of many conversations about this interracial relationship. I’m glad Molly is going to therapy to deal with and not just bail when it gets hard or complicated.

    Excited for next week. Excited not to see Andrew’s brother anymore, fuck him. I’m also hoping we get another therapy episode for Molly.

  2. Demetria2000

    Hi Rod and Bossey:
    First time, long time (you know the drill). My overthinking, procrastinating, Libra ass always has great ‘intentions’ of writing/leaving reviews (and they always stay in my head)… I love that you and Bossey review this show.
    Anywho, I am really enjoying the growth of the show as well as it’s characters. Though I’m more ‘seasoned’, it has also made me a little more self reflective (though some of that may be ‘Rona’ related) about my relationships within my peer group and family. This is where great writing and character development can be appreciated.
    Since we’ll have 10 episodes to work with, do you think we ‘ll be going back to Baby Simone’s birth? Kelly mentioned that she and Tiffany worked through their issues before they let it sit too long, and Molly also mentioned that Issa missed some important event for her job. Will we be seeing any of this? The writers are really good about leaving those (LIT-eral) bread crumbs for great layers in their storytelling. Jay Ellis (fine ass) did a PHENOMENAL job with the direction (this week’s cinematography, music, and fashion were )! And the sex scenes….. I think I’ll leave on that note.
    Keep up the great work, guys…..
    And Bossey… go ahead and let Biden know we waitin ✊

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey!

    My first time leaving feedback! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this season of Insecure and the recaps you two do. Both of you give the most nuanced, reasonable, opinions I’ve heard/seen. IMO, it doesn’t come off like you two are pro-Molly, but that you’re trying to offset the disproportionate hate that character is getting.

    With that said, I was someone who thought Molly was mostly to blame for her and Issa’s conflict until I rewatched this season’s episodes as if I were Tiffani/Kelli. Now, Molly isn’t as bad as I thought. She’s grown a lot and has been mostly direct in her communication in her relationship with Andrew. While she could do better with Issa, much better, Issa needs to know how to stop avoiding confrontation.

    Also, I don’t blame Molly for being upset with Issa for going behind her back to ask for Andrew’s help with the block party. That’s exactly what she did. If Issa thought it was it was fine, she could’ve gone to Andrew herself and/or asserted to Molly she would talk to Andrew. But the second she asked for Molly’s permission and Molly said no, Issa was in the wrong. Plus, Issa said “Well everything worked out, didn’t it?” People only say that when they knew they did the wrong thing for the right reason and it happened to work out.

    Finally, I wish people would stop saying Molly is “choosing her relationship” over Issa. Both characters are growing + finding success in areas that made them Insecure in previous seasons — Molly with her relationships with men and Issa with her career. Molly deserves to have an adult, healthy, romantic relationship, set boundaries around it, and prioritize it. Just like Issa gets to prioritize her new ventures.

    Okay, this is pretty long. In the end, Molly and Issa need to take time to cool off. I’m excited to see them work their way back to each other. It won’t be the same, but their friendship could be much healthier if they see and love each other for the women they’re becoming.

    P.S. Hey Andrew boooooo what you into?!

    Thanks for the great show! I hope HBO + the Insecure crew are listening! #Lissa #Mandrew (molly and Andrew)

    – T’ara

  4. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey!!

    Great episode. Truly. Congrats to Yvonne Orji. She plays Molly so well that people can’t separate her and her character. Which in turn brings out a level of toxicity that’s been pretty yuck. It’s getting close to Game of Thrones with the debate around the show. Went from lit to toxic. Let’s get back to enjoying this black good Ass time.

    Andrew rich rich. Okay!! Holy smokes. He spent all the coin at Bedroom Kandi. Hate to say it but I don’t think Molly freak number high enough for him just yet. I enjoy Andrew’s patience with Molly. Even in the worst moments that nigga really ten toes down. We haven’t seen this level of ‘I’m in this shyt, even if we argue’ in awhile from a male character and it’s refreshing. I would like to see more deep conversations between them as their relationship progresses. The show seems to pop lock in and out of opportunities to get deep with them but aight. Half hour show.

    A nice touch would have been them calling Molly’s name on the loud speaker while she was sweating it out running through LAX. And I’ve been ziplining on a nice resort. It’s not something you happen upon (like sex lol). But with the ziplining you get to see Jay Ellis directorial touches. I also liked the voyeuristic camera angle of the balcony sex.

    Is it me or do the men that sign onto the show know they finna be naked in some aspect? Issa. Prentice. We thank you. Where else are we seeing premium content like this?? And unlike Lena Dunham (no disrespect here just a comparison) Issa and Yvonne haven’t had to be exposed in order to keep it sexy.

    I’m with Molly. Give her a fukking towel without the harassment. What is she finna steal it. Gtfoh. And yes Andrew’s brother charged her up. Her gaslighting radar sensor should have went off. Victor’s an ass. But you know what. I am just gonna take Molly for who she is. She isn’t really one to hold her tongue except for with the Issa rift. Was it about race? I don’t know but if it was me, that’s how I would have felt as well.

    Would have liked to see Molly and Andrew have a deeper discussion about her Asian comment. Does that fly with him without any level push back or explanation? Anybody I’m dating says fukk you to my sister (who isn’t an asshole, but whatever….scenarios) we gonna have words at the very least right then and there. And it might get ugly. And I love that Molly is gonna try therapy again. The exploration should be interesting. Was uncomfortable at her snapping at the assistant although I get it. Wish she and Issa could have a mediated session.

    How many convos have we seen Molly and Lawrence have where there wasn’t friction? I don’t recall many. Understandably awkward.

    My prediction: Lawrence talking to Aparna Lol. It def ain’t Issa. Not yet.

    Thanks for the laughs and excavation of this amazing show,

  5. shanna

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I don’t usually comment much but I have to appreciate you two because y’all might be the only ones with any damn sense left. How are people STILL mad at Molly after her solo episode? I saw that she only yelled at her assistant because she was mad Issa didn’t talk to her at the restaurant. No she was mad at her assistant because she didn’t tell her about a meeting she had to take right before her FLIGHT out of the country. I saw that she made up the whole towel thing and we can’t be sure it was racism . I don’t react to those situations like Molly but I have friends who do and I appreciate them. And again while I wouldn’t react like Molly, Andrew’s ole devil’s advocate brother deserved to be called out too.

    I just don’t see how people don’t see the growth. “Old Molly” would have dropped Andrew and told her girls “he just couldn’t get it together”. The fact that she’s sticking around, calling her therapist (and telling the truth about why she’s calling), and work through the problem instead of cutting and running is amazing to me. Didn’t GI Joe teach us that knowing is half the battle?

    Again, I appreciate your recaps for the nuance and the ability to see all sides of the issues. It’s honestly great writing. Love y’all.

  6. Bynum24_20

    I loved this episode I thought it was really funny. I wanted to stop by to give you guys your flowers . Y’all absolutely do have the best Insecure review show! Thanks for doing this every week.

    Andrew is a good dude and I like that he kept dropping nuggets for Molly to see Issas perspective too. Issa had Kelly in her ear last week. Now in this episode they have Molly seeing how quickly Andrew handled the issue with his brother “bcus he didn’t to want to let it fester”. I can’t wait to see the Molly & Issa reunion. I hope they can communicate just a lil next week.

    One last thing – Let the love triangle begin!!!

  7. rodimusprime

    I liked this episode and shoutout to Jay Ellis for directing it. Loved seeing Molly and Andrew get freaky with each other and enjoy themselves on this vacation . I wasn’t mad at Molly for calling out the towel girl and good for Andrew having her back and telling his brother he was wrong at the same time for not taking Molly seriously.

    And love that Molly hasn’t been in therapy this season and she has been making these changes in herself on her own and not because she was in therapy . Also I liked that she called her therapist because she felt she needed to see her and it still boggles my mind folks wanting to hate her that much though. I really wish people would move past the surface level of these characters who are ALL flawed with strengths and weaknesses.

    I KNEW Nathan had some mental issues going on , I’m glad it finally came out . Nathan and Issa seeing each other again ? Kim Fields was great and hilarious as well as Jay Ellis’ mom playing the ticket lady and the writer of the episode Jason Lew playing the male flight attendant – just FYI .

    Michelle Tanner , Full House lmao

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey


  8. rodimusprime

    Molly episode…. I am happy to see the growth in Molly in trying to get out of her comfort zone and being open. Molly at first was not happy with the over planning by Andrews brother but then realized it wasn’t that bad. The towel situation…. Andrews brother just came off as someone who likes to play devils advocate and not realizing when to stop. I do think Molly went to far when she told his Brother “Fuck You.” Getting passed that will need some work if they continue to stay together. Asians are a “model” minority sooooo……I do think that some of that anger with the towel situation was towards the unresolved issues with Issa. The growth of MOLLY CALLING HER THERAPIST!!! I was like Molly seen where she needed help, acknowledged it! And is trying to fix it. I see people saying she has not changed since season 1!!!! I don’t think we are watching the same show. Season 1 molly would NEVER.

    Andrew.. Why do people hate on him? He defends Molly when he needs to and is trying to work with her to grow more. Like the Issa situation. When she would bring Issa up instead of letting her go down the Issa rabbit hole he would redirect the convo in a way that is not dismissive to Mollys feelings. When towel station happened he kept trying to diffuse it. There is no easy way to diffuse a situation between family and your spouse. When Nathan called and Issa was in the background Molly made a dissmisive comment Issa being there. Andrew didn’t go off on her. He let Molly know there is more to that situation then she knows.

    Lastly I think the big news is that Lawrence got a job in the Bay Area and is moving. And Shout out to Jay Ellis for directing the episode

    Love the Show


  9. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I made the mistake of being on Twitter when the show began, and the Molly hatred is beyond irrational, it screams of projection. Watching the comments and the venom directed at Molly had me asking are those people watching the show that is airing, or are they watching a show they have created in their own minds.

    The timeline was just full of people demanding that Andrew dump Molly because her mere existence is the epitome of evil. They act as if Andrew doesn’t know Molly broke into his house; that he does not know about Dro; that he does not know Molly can be dismissive to people at times; that he does not know that she can be self-absorbed when it comes to things that matters to her; that he does not know about the situation with Issa, and was not literally there for the fight; like he doesn’t know that Molly is this radical new thing called human. They act as if Andrew is an innocent, freshly born babe, who is being lead down the primrose path by Satan’s minion. It’s actually insulting to the character. It’s almost as if Andrew sees the good and the bad in Molly and has decided that at this point in life, the good outweighs the bad and being with Molly makes him happy.

    I think the show is brilliant for introducing us to a couple at the end of their coupledom with Issa and Lawrence, giving a brief glimpse into the efforts of a couple struggling to work things through in Tiffany and Derek , and now giving us a couple at the beginning of their coupledom in Molly and Andrew. It’s almost as if the show is commenting on the current era of throwing people and relationships (and friendships) away when everything is not 100% perfect 100% of the time. I for one love what the show is doing, and I hope all three couples wind up together when the show ends. Even if some couples/friendships don’t survive, I am enjoying the exploration of how people and their relationships of all kinds struggle to evolve and survive.

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