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2108: White Podcasting Money

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Rod and Karen discuss the dual oppression of black women, Coronavirus News, Ahmaud Arbery updates, Ben Carson kicked off church property, Larry Hogan vetoes HBCU bill, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Monica

    Rod said, well that was a song, and I replied out loud in my kitchen, Was it though??? I cracked up when Rod stopped in the middle and asked Karen if she wanted to mosh.
    I loved the story of the Arizona restaurant that won’t reopen until Disney opens. So good to hear that owner be so conscientious and careful. Also, he was delightfully candid and funny. I want everybody in the country to be that aware!!!!

  2. JohnBabyJohn

    As you talked about it I was thinking Trump’s plan to paint his border wall black is even stupider than you described it. Not only would it be ineffective in colder months, but even in hotter months I’m assuming the wall will be cooler at night. Nobody is trying to walk across South Texas – let alone climb walls…don’t matter what the color – in the heat of day.

  3. Vertigostark

    WHHHEEW CHILLLE! That coronavirus song was …..a song. I prayed after hearing that and I’m not even religious. The devil was definitely all up in that song. “Go on and be great with yo lavender” lol

  4. Anne

    Thought experiment: If they were able to show that Covid-19 was infecting only Asian people or that it occurred mostly where Asian people lived, do you think that the Freedom crowd would have objected to the mask and social distancing requirements? Restrictions are only for others.

  5. ebibebi

    I’m so glad I decided to watch the replay today. Karen face when the growl came out was priceless. I was not prepared. I love a good death growl, but I think this the first time I’ve heard death trap…is that what we’re calling it? Trapcore? That shit took me oooouuuuttt. Pure chaos. Don’t nobody tell the rap rock artists this is a thing. They’ll take out the guitars and double bass drum pedals and leave us with whatever this cacophony is.

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