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2110: You Ain’t Black

Download Episode Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m more annoyed by white people telling me I should be offended by what Joe Biden said more than what Hoe Biden actually said.

  2. Anthony

    Hello rod and Karen, last week you guys wished me a happy belated birthday on your feedback show. Even though it was belated, I still appreciate that. My wife, [another karen. But she black tho.] Sent you guys the email on my actual birthday thinking you would read it then. She didn’t know. She’s a civilian. It is true, I hit the big 50 and I gotta say being a black man in America, that is truly a milestone. And I want you guys to know I’ve been a listener for a long time. I don’t know exactly how long but I can remember rod’s first review of Godzilla and I also remember the origin of impossible white man movies. I can truly say I’m a better person now than I was then and I owe a lot of that to you guys! Alright, yall have a nice day!

  3. Malick

    What up Rod and Karen,
    I just wanted to say yall made hella points on this episode especially with the whoel discourse around the talks about The Breakfast Club and Biden. I whole-heartedly agree. I am not gonna fix myself to argue about Joe making a joke about kicking people out of blackness for being trump supporters when you know we do the same shit to them on the daily. Hell whenever Shaun King is trending on the internet people stay kicking him out of blackness/ questioning his blackness and no one ever feels guilty about it. Joe def got too comfortable with black folks in his campaign. You know what I would love to see though. What would people on social media do if Joe had retweeted the article about Shaun King allegedly scamming and said “Enough is enough Talcum X must be stopped!”. Would people be praising him and dunking or think piecing about how wrong it was to call out Shaun King.

    I know that would never happen but boy would it be fascinating to watch.
    Stay safe out there,
    – Malick

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