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BDS 351: There’s Nothing Else To Do Sal

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ed Oliver arrested, The Last Dance, FC Seoul fined for sex doll fans, Rory not golfing with Trump, Cody Latimer arrested, Dwight Howard loses son’s mother, Kentucky cheerleading scandal, Magic Johnson loans, Gilbert Arenas homeless lotto story, Rooney Rule changes, NFL player sues airlines, Jerry Sloan, He Got Game sequel, Covid-19 sports doc, Larsa Pippen, Chad Johnson tipping, former Clemson player arrested for murders, Big Ben Beard-gate, Channing Frey trolled over MJ opinion, Luke Hill arrested, Viking can sell alcohol outside stadium, Vince McMahan may try to buy XFL again, Kapri Bibbs roasts kid atheist, Tristan Thompson suing woman, Alex Bregman leaves Klutch, Meghan King threesome divorce drama, Aldon Smith back, NCAA workouts can begin, NBA eye Disney World, A’s won’t pay lease, Baker / Dunbar plead not guilty, Latimer arrest details, NFL testing facemasks, Jauan Williams accused of domestic violence, Very Cavallari is over, Mike Tyson wants to box Holyfield for charity, Lebron holding private workouts, Akim Aliu spills the tea and Lance Armstrong documentary.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jypsy Rose from Target,

    How have y’all celebrated National Brick Day, a holiday in honor of the Rockets bricking 27 shots in a row? Y’all are sound basketball minds, after how many shots do y’all think despair set in for Rockets fans? Most of the niggas that throw around bricks like that are signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. After how many shots do y’all think someone wondered if the Rockets were point shaving? Just imagine: your team is in the Western Conference Finals. They ain’t won shit since Starter jackets were hot and mixtapes were literally cassette tapes, The Warriors are banged up and…the Rockets miss a 3. Then another one. Then another one. Whole team shooting with Mr. MaGoo vision. You hate to see it, a whole team turned into Deion Waiters’s.

    I love seeing niggas get money, so shouts out to Naomi Osaka for getting to the money and earning $37.4 million!

    Have y’all been watching this Lance Armstrong 30 for 30? I’ve never cared that Armstrong was on PEDs cuz the Tour de France is such a grueling event that *everyone* is on PEDs of some inventive sort (one team was caught using non-stick pan spray as a blood substitute; they’re super creative) but I did not know he was such an asshole! Jesus.

    Have a great weekend as always y’all,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jhamiek Moore

    We talk about that good baseball money all the time, but we get to see why this week. That union ain’t no joke! NFL players getting rolled on signing up for a extra game, meanwhile MLB owners tried to get them players to take a bad deal and they hit the nay no my brother!! Get that money.

    I can’t even pretend like I’ve been paying attention to sports this week. Just wanted to shout y’all out for always having a dope show to get the people through. Even if Rod had to take a couple extra draft picks just to keep Justin on the team it’s definitely worth it man.

  3. Anonymous

    What’s up rod , karen, & jame lillard

    Nah, dame dollar didn’t nothing wrong. In fact, he says king James deserves mvp! Although it’s a long shot, I do agree he does! Shit there’s damn near an argument for every season he plays! Now we the talk heating up about the nba season returning, perhaps in Disney world, my questions for you guys is, would you put an asterisk next to the winner of the 2019/2020 champion? I’ve been hearing those talks about who ever wins should have an asterisk next to the player/team for their accomplishments! They said that about Kevin Durant when he joined the warriors! But they didn’t say that about the 99/2000 spurs who won the championship vs them knicks! In a shorten season (lockout) where only 55/60 games were played! Adam silver also spoke about a World Cup/olympics format! Where you put teams in groups and you make the playoffs like that! What are you guys thoughts on the asterisk argument and the potential new format that could come in the future?

    Have a great weekend y’all

    Niggaz only. only niggaz

    Fyahworks out this bitch

  4. Anonymous

    What up rod Karen & jame lillard!

    No he didn’t nothing wrong, in fact, dame dollar says king James deserves MVP for this season! Though it’s a long shot, I agree! He has been the heart and soul of the lakers this season. Keeping them in first place all year long! They were just hitting their stride and rona came in and said: STOP IT! STOP RIGHT NOW! CUT THE THE CRAP!

    My questions for you guys is, do you guys believe in that whole asterisk shit people try to put on a player or teams accomplishments? Like I’ve heard people say, if the nba resumes this season, it’s an asterisk next to the team that wins the championship! Same way some people say there is an asterisk next to kevin Durant/warriors championships! So are we giving the spurs an asterisk for the short season in 99-2000 when they only played like 55/60 games and won the championship bs the Knicks?

    Niggaz only /only niggaz

    Have a wonderful weekend y’all

    Fyahworks out

    • fyahworks


      Adam silver also spoke about a World Cup/olympics format! Where you put teams in groups and you make the playoffs like that! What are you guys thoughts on the asterisk argument and the potential new format that could come in the future?

  5. Darienfoxx

    What up Rod, Karen, and J-“You Ain’t Black”

    Now that the “Last Dance” doc is over, can somebody give us the MJ documentary we deserve? The one where everybody tells their best MJ story like Chamillionaire did?

    Here’s my entry:
    About 10 years ago, a lady friend of mine was walking down a street in New York. A limo pulled up next to her, and the back window rolled down. It was Michael Jordan. Before she could react, MJ hollered at her. “Hey, bitch! If we ain’t fuckin, we ain’t talkin!” After she didn’t respond, he rolled up the window and the limo peeled out.

    That’s a pretty weak pickup line, even for Jordan. But he is also the one who said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I wonder how many women hop in the limo like “I guess we fuckin then!”

    Love the show. Thank y’all for making quarantine a little bit more bearable. And shout out to all the athletes with “nothing else to do, Sal!”


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