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PG 240: Blessed And Highly Flavored

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin returning to the office, Karen not going to the office, Rod’s beard growing, the ABC Store, booking guests for the show, all the Zoom alternatives, cooking on Facebook Live, listener feedback and is Tami Rivera in an abusive relationship?


  1. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    White people will still be confused about the white privilege term. After seeing the gentle care they’re treated with when they come to a government municipality with guns and bullet proof vests vs tear gas and rubber bullets protesters are met with. On one hand the cops stood at attention like these militia thugs were two star generals giving orders and dressing them down. On the other hand they seem to salivate at how far they can throw tear gas.

    There’s definitely some inherent pact to never shoot a White person under any circumstance. That’s the culture. But three of you can casually, callously, and intentionally drain the life force out of a man on the street while your Asian partner backs you up no questions asked. The two officers that held that man down are actually escaping the wrath that the Asian officer is facing. That’s the privilege. We expect nothing but that from them. We foolishly expect humanity out of the Asian officer. Ironic times given the conversations that have been sparked regarding the coronavirus, violence against Asians, and even the dialogue on Insecure.

    I’ve found myself hoping that when there’s a mass shooter he isn’t black because I know what the implications are. When that black person killed police officers in Texas, without any questions they drove a bomb around the corner and just blew him away. Kill innocent black people in a church after they pray for you and you’re given a bullet proof vest after they swing by to cop a couple burgers for you. That’s your reward. My white office mate has never had to worry about any of that shyt when white people enact these kinds of acts. I know it because he’s said it when we talk.

    What a sick fukking country this is. Founded on White privilege. And whites are thriving on White privilege. It’ll take lifetimes to fix this if it can be fixed at all.

    I was fukked up for a couple days off of all of this but I’m feeling better day by day. I’m hopeful and thankful for that. Blessings to all the other listeners and enjoyers of your podcast as well. My thoughts and vibes are positive towards you all.

    Please take care of each other. Thanks for being there in the gap for us.
    Monique who goes by Kemdoc.

  2. fyahworks

    Howdy brother rod, quarantine Queen K, and J-Christian Cooper!

    It’s been a short week but surely a stressful one! First we had central park Karen. Shoutouts to the rescue shelter who removed that dog from her possession, and shouts to her employer, for taking that job from up under her real quick! But I’m not feeling the man who made this all possible! He sounding like he regrets the outcome of all of this! They coming for this Karen, digging up receipts and as he puts it, “turning her life upside down” ! wtf did he think was gonna happen? It’s quarantine! Niggaz got nothing but time! If he really cared, why did he put out the footage then? I know she did what she did and said what she said probably hoping he might have ended up like George Floyd! With that said Rest In Peace to that brother! I know you guys aren’t into watching videos like that, but it was Eric Garner all over again! This has truly been a difficult year and we not even at the half way point yet! I can’t thank you guys enough for the escape every week, damn near every day! The shows and guests have been awesome! But the one two punch of pg and bds is what I always look forward too!

    And I must say rod! Last week you said “blessed and highly flavored “ from my comment and funny enough that’s what came out thanks to auto correct and I had to fix it to “favored “ Thanks Apple!

    You guys have a great weekend


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