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TTM 76: Lowkey Happy

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    I’ve enjoyed this week’s episode. I’m sad we only have one left.

    Molly is a mess. Her “I’m the victim” mentality right now is going to permanently damage her relationships with Issa and Andrew. Home girl has been growing into a slightly more secure person this season and hit a huge bump in the road. I think her not accepting Victor’s invite is going to be a big issue down the road. Is she just planning on never seeing Andrew’s brother again? Even though he’s an asshole, Andrew does love him. I can’t tell if Molly is setting that boundary of not speaking to Victor because she holds grudges or because she is truly practicing self-care — maybe both.

    For Issa and Nathan, I love them together. Nathan is SO fine! I’m so happy this show tackled bipolar disorder in Black men. I hope Issa doesn’t feel obligated to stay in his life, though. But in reality, I think most people would.

    With that said, it’s Issa and Lawrence for me all the way and I really loved the first 5 minutes of the show. I started rewatching the show from Season 1 and WHEW all of these characters have come SO FAR since season 1!

    Thanks for recapping! Y’all do a great job as always!

    – T’ara

  2. rodimusprime

    Bassie and Rod, I don’t have much to add. This season has been fantastic.
    Great story, great humor, great acting and direction.
    The characters are more secure, yet more genuine and still funny.
    This season had flown by.
    Thanks for the fantastic reviews as always.
    Take care.

  3. thatTish

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    I was smiling SO hard at Issa and Lawrence. They’re so good together and they had me doing some dramatic-ass romantical sighs. Look at all the open communication.

    Side note: Chupacabra is a runner-up for This Ain’t It/This Ain’t Me/Ho, Who is You? But I guess we know for almost certain that she’s the one who ended things with Lawrence. The only explanation for her being so pressed to talk to Lawrence has to be that she regrets breaking up and knew her window to snatch him back was shrinking.

    Oh, Molly… She really doesn’t wanna keep doing the work in either of these relationships. Once she gets comfortable, Molly just wants everybody to meet her where she’s decided to settle. Andrew’s reaching his limit since he knows Molly has basically thrown his brother away. He knows it’s only a matter of time before their relationship is on her chopping block if she’s actually cutting Issa off. Molly is actively fighting against doing the work and there’s only so long that a relationship with a person like that can last.

    Nathan is wrong for that dig at Issa. He knows she felt shitty about cheating on Lawrence, so throwing that in her face isn’t so much a dig at Lawrence “not having his shit together” as it is a reminder of her personal shortcomings.

    Texting the person I’m talking about is one of my nightmare scenarios. I’m so paranoid about it that I triple-check the person I’m texting and which group chat it is before I hit send. Molly just, ugh. I’m sure y’all will say what I feel about the whole Molly and Issa scene at the end.

    Molly reminds me of a friend I have who makes unhealthy choices when it comes to her relationships. The difference is that two of us have actually had the conversation where we lay out our issues with her, and the friend made the INFORMED decision not to change anything about her relationships with her friends. Neither Molly nor Issa have laid out their actual issues with each other, so their decisions are based off of assumptions. Molly is STILL avoiding the hard work of doing the first step, which is having the conversation about how they got here.

    I’m tired of her.

    Thanks for the recap, y’all! I hate that there’s only one episode left.

  4. rodimusprime

    I am a long time listener of TTM and enjoy all the recaps you do! It makes my week when you your podcast pops up on my feed so thank you for making our weeks a little brighter with your witty and thought provoking commentary.

    I wanted to remind Bassey that if she hasn’t already discussed it, please discuss your Issa/Molly miscommunication theory.

    After a discussion with my friends, one of them said that Nathan was somewhat manipulative because of how he chose to bring up his mental health issues at that particular moment with Issa. He might’ve not only been trying to explain why he “ghosted” her but trying to gain sympathy and still try to be in her life as well. I didn’t even consider that because Nathan was too busy being fine but she might’ve had a point.

    I’ve also seen things about Issa being wrong about not bringing up the block party at brunch. I genuinely think Issa missed Molly and she just wanted her friend back. I think Issa had let what happened at the block party go for the sake of their friendship.
    Molly had a chance to discuss what she felt at brunch and when Issa asked her about it at the end of the episode. She chose not to do so. Is it because she is waiting for Issa to acknowledge she was wrong for everything that has happened like she discussed with her therapist? I’m so confused about what she wants. She’s so self absorbed and I was genuinely cheering for her at the beginning of this season. She seem to be making strides but now she’s headed in the wrong direction.

    Also, has anyone noticed that Molly only listens to Issa when she tells her she is wrong? Molly won’t even listen to her damn therapist for fucks sakes. Just wasting her copay!

    Anyway, I think this email is longer than I anticipated.

    Have a great week guys-

    Bridgette (@bgrs on Twitter)

  5. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    As tumultuous as this season has been its becoming my favorite season of any show ever. A happy Issa makes this show so different. The first five minutes. All revolving around the bouch! Very nice directing Kerry. Reading the behind the scenes tweets was light and fun. So exuberant. I feel like I need to revisit happier times with Issa and Lawrence in the first season to see if their dynamic felt like this. I know when they were bouch shopping that was gems galore but the opener of the show was golden. I don’t always see it for Lawrence but yeaaaaa I see it. And that wellness pop up has potential! Her assistant/intern is perfect. Her honest conversation with Nathan about lawrence took a turn toward petty but came back around. We finally heard from his own account and as usual Issa was able to handle it with sensitivity and compassion. This show sets a great example in that regard.

    When you’re beefing with the only person that can relate to most of the timeline in your life the people you call never can relate. They don’t be giving a fukkkkk. Mostly because they can sense why you’re calling.

    Ahhh. The tale of two brunches. I was fully on board with both of their interpretations of the sit down. It was interesting that Issa seemed to take corrective action and asked Molly questions about herself instead of diving into her own shyt. However, I do have to say I was disappointed that Molly found it so surface and wrote it off. That stung.

    When she texted Issa by mistake I screamed for two minutes straight. And cringed!! You know her heart rate shot through the roof. Molly’s therapist attempted to extract some great growth out Molly. But she can’t stick the landing for her. The most critical question was deep: Does the relationship still serve you? The answer was ‘I mean it’s Issa. She’s my best friend.’ That’s a non-answer.

    At odds with Andrew and at odds with Issa. Both self-inflicted. Andrew and Issa are genuinely trying with her. She won’t bend. She has to realize his brother may have asshole tendencies but they have a relationship. More than likely it’s a non negotiable. Figure it out Molly. Or you might lose out yet again. We still haven’t forgotten about standup nigga (Jared?) from the first season from Enterprise where she couldn’t move past that one issue. Her dating life was all downhill after that. She can never shake the hangups.

    And with all of that, I will not give up on Molly. I won’t. Her growth will be a rollercoaster. Just like Issa’s professional growth has been. Strap in and open some windows. Insecure HBO lords we’ve seen what you’ve brought Issa through, do the same for Molly. Yvonne is doing a masterful job and trying her best to take it in stride. And her comedy special was a nice reprieve from the madness of life.

    Y’all be safe and sound,

  6. BreAnnSam

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I am disappointed in this episode. Maybe I missed something, maybe there was some nuance that went over my head. I was expecting more with Kerry Washington as the director. On a live stream, Yvonne Orji mentioned Kerry yelling at her during a scene saying ‘I don’t feel it!” Feel what!?!?! There was no groundbreaking screen that would require Kerry to yell that at anyone. I know I’m not an actor and my days of high school musicals are gone, but jeez. Maybe I just hyped it up too much in my head.

    Lawrence and Issa are cute obviously, but I am not sure if it’s gonna last. It’s TV so we gotta Ross and Rachel the hell out of this.

    Nathan is a petty betty and I love it. “uh, the one you cheated?” “oh, I hope he keep his shit together.” HA

    Molly and Andrew are gonna have to talk. I don’t think that Molly needs to hang out with Vic at any games, but they do need to talk and figure out how to move forward cause he ain’t going anywhere and neither is she.

    I feel like there are a lot of loose ends here. Having 10 episodes allows for more space, story, alladat. Though, I think they started more stories than they had time for this season. Where is Tiffany?! Why haven’t we heard anything else about her and her baby? At least we could get something from Lawrence talking to Derek, but nope. Maybe next season? I don’t know.

    I haven’t seen a send-a-text-to-the-wrong-person-to-build-conflict scene in a while now on TV and I think it was well done in this episode. I don’t see a reconciliation between Issa and Molly happening this season. Like I said before, there will be a love triangle and Issa will have to make a choice and because it’s TV she ain’t gone choose neither one of em.

    Excited to see what happens next. Can’t believe we’re already at the finale next week. Thanks for your recaps and discussion of the show each week! Much appreciated.

    Stay safe yall.

  7. Amani

    Shout out to the best Insecure recap in the game! And Karen in the background #KayHive

    This is just Bassey’s reminder to talk about her Issa/Molly miscommunication theory.

  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    First, Karen laughing in the background of last week’s episode made the review absolutely perfect.

    When we opened with Lawyer and Issa, I thought it was a fantasy sequence and I immediately got nervous when it was revealed that it was real. That togetherness was too quick, so now the show has me waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I had similar concerns when we got the superficial interaction between Issa and Molly in the diner, and look how that turned out.

    Speaking of Molly, girl, you have shown so much growth. Please heed the words of your therapist; you can either be right all the time, or you can be in relationships, which requires compromise. I’m not saying Molly should go back to having no boundaries and giving in, but there is a middle ground between digging in your heels and standing on top of Mount Rightness and burying your emotions to please others.

    I appreciate Nathan being honest with Issa, and it is clear he wants more than friendship. If Issa doesn’t see this, it is because she doesn’t want to see it, which raises questions about her feelings for Nathan, especially now that she knows his truth.

  9. rodimusprime

    Hello Bassey, Rod, and Karen’s background laugh!

    Thank you for your recaps! I really appreciate your perspective and insight. I have a lot of thoughts so feel free to cut what isn’t useful.

    This episode hit me hard because I’ve had friends like Issa and Molly. I’ve been both. I know Issa doesn’t like to confront issues head on but I’ve seen her growth in this department, specifically her conversations with Lawrence and Nathan. However, she still didn’t address the issues that resulted in the fight with Molly at brunch. From her convo with the waitress, we knew the fight was on her mind so why did she not bring it up? Why did Issa think she and Molly could [continue to] spend time together without discussing their issues? Yes, Molly could have brought it up too but Issa is the one with confrontation issues. It would have been nice to see Issa acknowledge it overall. I know Issa has expressed frustration with being the first to reach out (I get that) but she didn’t reach out to confront the problems but to act like nothing happened at all. In season 1 she called Molly because her job had her doing thank you calls, not to discuss their argument or to even really reach out. Issa might always be the one breaking the ice but Molly doesn’t act like there isn’t an issue. Molly also tried to mend it early (lunch date that Condola joined) and address it (Thanksgiving). The last scene was tough for me because I feel for Issa, but I’m always wary of folks who want to work on the relationship by trying to act like good times without discussing the issues first. What are we working on then?

    I do hope Molly takes her therapist’s advice and explores a way to move on from an issue without feeling the need to cut people off completely. Plus, if she wants to talk to Issa about their problems then she can work on breaking the ice as well.

    Couple of points from the season (feel free not to read)
    – Where is Flava Flav? Is he okay?
    – I don’t know if the show meant to do this but I’ve seen most of Issa’s growth expressed through her relationships with her romantic interests. I don’t count Condola because that was business and Issa wasn’t bad at her previous job, she just wasn’t passionate. Condola helped her realize her goal in this field was attainable and I’m not sure Issa would have accepted that validation from her friend group who she feels sees her as a fuck up.
    – I didn’t see Molly as being unsupportive of Issa’s dreams or even her growth. TBH, none of Issa’s friends knew what she was doing with the block party and we didn’t really see her ask for help, especially once Condola was in the mix.
    – Over the past couple seasons, Molly has encouraged and rolled with Issa through her transitions without really putting them/her down (breakup, Lyft, hotation, property manager).

    Don’t roast me please
    Statica Shockur

  10. sainttam

    Hey y’all
    This weeks episode has me so worried for Molly. I know she’s been on some bullshit lately but this thing with Andrew’s brother and her breaking up with Issa just made me feel so bad for her. She has a real good thing with Andrew and they haven’t been together long enough for her to be dodging his family like this, you save that shit for after the wedding . And her face when Issa agreed that it might be over for them. I know she’s doing this to herself but DAMN. Also this episode wasn’t as breathtaking as the last one but for me it was just as great and it was full of so many awesome moments. The LISSA montage I’m the beginning , Nathan and Issa’s conversation,that therapy session, Issa being afraid to call Molly for selfish reasons, Issa’s face when she sees that text from Molly and just trying not to cry that whole conversation!
    I was just in my feelings the WHOLE time.
    Last thing, like you guys I’m a LISSA shipper but when Nathan was in the kitchen talkin bout he’ll “earn it”!!! NIGGA I WAS READY TO CHEAT ON LAWRENCE. That man is fine as fuck

    Love you guys,

  11. Anonymous


    It’s your girl Danielle Dee, my PACU girls and I always discuss Insecure after each episode. I was trippin this week and forgot to watch mostly due to me working overnights -> but that’s over. When I Watched this episode… I thought of you guy’s first and I just knew y’all be happy. But, for the girls I was like “didn’t I tell you…exactly what happened… and when did I tell you, a long time ago” I knew from the body language that big head Lawrence wanted to re-evaluate their relationship. Didn’t you guys love the dead silence for their conversation in the restaurant, ah genius. Also, I don’t like that Issa had to reach out yet again to Molly -> I guess she hadn’t made it to her therapist appt yet. . Any who, I’ll try to be on time with the email before the review if I have a comment.

    P.S I haven’t had the chance to listen to the review (this too much) yet but will on Friday. It will be my personal Friday escape from today’s world. Thank you guys for everything


  12. Cidney

    Karen’s laugh in the background… icing on the cake <3

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