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PG 242: The Steaks Is High

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss taking some mental health days, Facebook Live cooking, no strangers during the Rona, pre-game news, RDC World, mask update and listener feedback.comments.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey guys just wanted to say the new segment, welcome to the cook out is great! I always start laughing when the song play because I can envision that person really walking into a back yard! Rod on the grill, just by the bar and all the shit Karen be saying, she is actually saying to that person! Great segment! Love it

    Love you guys

    Fyahworks out!!!!

    • Kemdoc

      In reply to Fyahworks:

      I agree. I love the segment. Can we invite some of these white folks to the cookouts but bring the plate out to the car? Lol. Cause some of them are still the feds.


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