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BDS 353: Watermelon Man

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the roasting of Drew Brees, NBA returning, JR Smith regrets whooping that ass, Jason Whitlock loses his job, Grant Napear resigns from Kings announcing job, James Dolan statements, Andrew Church takes shots at Tebow, Kaepernick charity, MJ releases statement, Ciara praying for change, Josina Anderson leaving ESPN, Tiger Woods, NFL teams won’t have joint practices, Deion Sanders Jr roasted over his car, Russell Wilson talks racism, Lonzo Ball new song, Metta World Peace shows up to rally, Akiem Hicks, Brittany Payton racist incident, Fangio apologizes, McDavid condemns racism, MLB rejects 114 game plan and Summer Bunni traps Tony Pollard.


  1. kauzimiwani

    Hello Rod, Justin and Karen

    Its been interesting hearing and seeing all this Sports Organizations coming out with statements about equality and condemning Racism when the receipts show a different story, like FIFA which in 2016 disbanded its anti-racism taskforce declaring that it’s work was complete! the situation on the ground has been entirely different with one particular club being fined more for a stray cat walking into the playing area than for racist chants towards players. Secondly, I am really glad the NBA will be back and as a Canadian ( Go Raptors!!) Pau Gasol coming back looking younger and fitter than ever is giving me hope for another finals appearance… and more Embiid tears MUHAHAHA,!! Thanks for the great work as usual.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jike Norvell,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Can y’all think of any other sports parallel to NASCAR getting rid of the Confederate Flag? Cuz I was wondering, if NASCAR can drop the Confederate flag, then surely Cleveland could change the name of the baseball team, right? Conversely, I don’t think that Dan Snyder will ever change the name of the Washington Racial Slurs. He’s the same dude that made the Washington Redskins Original American Foundation and was out here giving folks turkeys like Bumpy Johnson.

    College football coaches been extra fucking this past week. How did Mike Norvell exactly think he could lie about talking to all his players and that was somehow going to slip under the radar, like all them niggas don’t have Twitter? I’ve seen coaches lose teams before but I’ve never seen it happen *this* damn quickly.

    And then we got Iowa, where Kirk Ferentz is so racist in controlling players he benched players for not conforming to his racist ass rules? And after Chris Doyle (the fantastically racist strength coach) ran a workout that gave 11 players rhabdomyolysis back in 2011, Ferentz created an Assistant Coach of the Year award and gave it to Doyle. How the fuck do you put 11 players in the hospital with kidney damage and not just keep your job, but get rewarded for it? And I’d say Iowa should fire Ferentz, but I don’t know if they can cuz Ferentz’s buyout currently stands at about $16 million (or $250,000 a month until the end of his contract). Shit is awful.

    As always, have a great and safe weekend y’all,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  3. Kemdoc

    I remember JR Smith as a knuckle head and I don’t know what JR y’all got introduced to. Maybe the Cavs JR was a reset and everybody forgot the fukkshyt. I remember herL intentionally elbowed the eff outta Jason Terry as a Knick against the Celtics. We were on our way to sweeping them. Jason Kidd still had fresh legs and a jump shot. JR got suspended one game. After that the Celtics rung off two games. And we were no longer fresh for the Pacers. Jason Kidd bricked the fukk outta all his jump shots thereafter. I’m talking wideeeee open three pointers. Smh. The unrealistic expectation was Knicks in 6 versus the Pacers and we would play the Heat in the Eastern conference finals. Didn’t happen. I blame JR’s immaturity and selfishness on that cause we crumbled without the 6th man of the year on the roster.

    Then there was the Tahiry hotel thing. Him flagrant fouling Jae Crowder with a cheap shot that when he landed he tore knee ligaments. Just dirty and grimy.

  4. CEPETE88

    Karen and you other negroes,

    Love the show. Appreciate the steady content coming thru. I was just wondering what’s up with the new intro or additions to the intro that you teased a few months ago?

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin

    Nah, no slander this week. It’s me. I’m the clown. Imagine rooting for the Knicks being the last team in the league with a statement on Black Lives Matter, and then when they finally put out a bunch of nothing they let NASCAR be more progressive. The bar is so low for my squad they’re not even really making the block hot for these bums like we need to.

    But Rod tried to tell y’all with Gov. Northam, recognize when we got these people by the balls and they’ll saying anything to get back in our good graces. It took the whole league roasting him, but now Drew Brees out here @ing 45 and telling him we gotta fix systematic racism! By the end of the week he’s gonna retire his job and demand Kap replace him. I still don’t know what makes this time so much different, but we’re gonna keep pushing for shit until they stop letting us get away with it man.

    Alright y’all have a great week and appreciate the dope shows as always.

  6. fyahworks

    Greetings rod, Karen, Karen’s laugh (which is featured on this too much) & Jubba Wallace…..

    A)So rod are we inviting nascar driver, bubba Wallace to the cookout? He spoke out on black lives matter, condemning the confederate flag, which he says is still waving at races and now he plans to race in a car that is paintjob full of blackness. I say , for now shout out to him. But I just hope that all these people and companies who are not of color, are not doing this becuase it’s trendy but really stand behind this. 6,12,18 months from now and beyond! I personally respect him speaking out, especially because no one is looking to nascar, a heavily while sport, which is also heavily watched by whites to speak up or out on black issues. So I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. As I am typing this. it was just announced that nascar will no longer allow the confederate flag at races!

    B) Next up, roger goddell. I won’t go too deep Because I’m sure you guys, as well as other writing in, will speak on it, but I just wanted to say, I felt like Roger hit a speedy Gonzalez on saying something about black lives matter, mostly because he noticed the players were speaking up, and I also feel he sees the face of the league is starting to change color. I think his speech, or whatever you wanna call it is a piggy back (for lack of a better word) on drew Brees and his situation. And it was bullshit! I wasn’t buying it at all! Roger is no Adam silver!

    C) have you guys heard that dame dollar track?

    You guys have a great weekend

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  7. DizzyLizzyGyal

    Hoooomygawd. What an episode. Drew Brees really stepped on it, you hate to see it (I don’t lol). The piéce de resistance was you hearing Shannon Sharpes dressing down of him over the Ether beat. Y’all laughing and Karen’s trademark oh noooo had me dying. I love us for real!

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