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2128: Who Sleeps With The Door Open?

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jemele Hill or the Jemele Hill Is Unbothered Podcast to discuss working during the Rona, married life, beauty standards changing in the pandemic, upcoming interviews on Unbothered, the return of sports, which white people can play spades, HS principal accused of racist FB post, Aunt Jemima controversy, Bubba Watson noose investigation, angry Popeye’s customer, rental car carjacker, baby clothes heist and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    psychopaths sleep with the door open. No offense to Jemelle.

  2. Sofa King

    TBGWT out here breaking news, and shit! Y’all need to tell Jack to get off his ass and get Karen verified, now that y’all some for real journalists, and everything!

  3. think_p_smart

    I am a recovering door closer. I can sleep with my bedroom door open. Closet doors still gotta be closed though. I also live on the top floor and keep that stick in my sliding glass door. Why? To protect my valuables. I am THEE most valuable thing up in here!!

    Also, all drawers AND cabinet doors in the house have to be closed with nothing hanging out! Why? I don’t need to do my 3:00 AM awakening and see strange shadows. That’s how walls get shot!

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