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2129: Lowercase “b” Blacks

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Rod’s Random Thoughts, Coronavirus news, crime numbers drop in ATL, Meghan McCain upset over statues, Bill Cosby wins right to appeal, Russell Simmons’ interview pulled from Tidal, capitalizing the B in Black, Seattle Karen story, new catchy C**n song, Cookout™ Invites (Band-Aid, Netflix CEO, Beau From The Fifth Column), naked woman tries to catch a plane, bigoted FL police chief, GA man kills accomplice during crime and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    That road rage Karen story sounded fishy from the beginning because he kept going off about her flipping him off but casually throws in she called him the N word. Wouldn’t that be what you lead with? Now he’s selling Merch? Boy bye. I love a good Karen video like the rest of us but that dude was a scammer.

  2. Monica

    So good to hear Justin! I just need to tell you, ROD, that kombucha IS an acquired taste, thank you very much!

    And that taste is extremely disgusting. Even though it’s supposed to have some kind of health benefits, I drink it 100% to prevent myself from drinking soda. I’ve gotten used to the offensive flavor. I like the bubbles.
    I also love circus peanuts and candy corn, so do what you want with that information.

  3. J-L Cauvin

    That dude who followed that woman home for flipping him off – he said she flipped him off like 8 times and then slipped in “she called me a ni**er” once? The N word is the headliner for a Karen video – not the intermission! If this dude were telling the truth wouldn’t getting called the N word be way worse than being flipped off? Rod is right. So not only was he basically harassing her (unless she was in on it as well), but when he felt like it was not viral worthy he slipped a slur in the middle and never mentioned it again. Trash.

  4. @NapiChulo


  5. Anne

    Just saw a couple of white people with what looks like commemorative 2020 Juneteenth tee shirts walking into the local Costco. The shirts were black, green and red. This is America now. Progressive America.

  6. Omar

    It would be just my luck!

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