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PG 245: Covid Truthers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss getting masks for parents, Covid truthers, the new style of journalism, Me Too is back, The Ringer exposes the podcasting industry, YELP Black Owned lies, NoName deletes twitter, being forgiving of yourself, Curb, Westworld, listener feedback and Pregame News.


  1. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jaugust Alsina,

    This shyt was none of our fukking business. And Jada categorically denying this is interesting. I have to say I find Angela Yee gross. The whole thing is weird.

    There was yet another argument that turned into a domestic dispute between the weed dealer and his baby momma that live below me. He was playing keep away with her car keys. She was swinging on him and I was sitting at my at home office aka my dinning room thinking please don’t hit her. Cause I don’t wanna call authorities when you gonna be back with the nigga.

    She got the keys from him and he pretended to walk away until she unlocked the car and this nigga hopped in the passenger side. I think, but can’t verify, that they were tussling in the car. He kicked her out and got into the driver side and drove away.

    Somebody called the Montgomery County Police and two squad cars showed up. I’m was hoping he wasn’t coming back til they left. But here he comes. And they didn’t do anything but talk to her. They left after 15 min.

    These people are crazy. Everything was peaceful here til they moved in. Smh. And they’re friendly when I see them and his parents out in the parking lot but damn. I gotta move.

    I wanna live in a boring ass complex. The authorities have swung but a couple times for a couple families during the quarantine. Smh

    Be safe y’all,

  2. Felix

    I’m surprised to hear Rod gave Westworld another shot. I almost gave up after season 2 because I thought it was wild trash outside Thandie Newton and the native Americans stories. I actually ended up loving season 3 by the end. I started off hatin but after I saw how often they showed off Tessa Thompson’s biceps I swiftly changed my opinion haha. I’m looking forward to the next season whenever that is. Only thing that had me dozing off throughout season 3 was Aaron Paul. I didn’t finish breaking bad so I have no connection with him and he was pretty boring in this imo. Otherwise it almost made me wanna read all the sci-fi novels they took inspiration from but I know none of those have Tessa Thompson’s biceps in them so I didn’t.

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