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BDS 356: Hanging Around The Garage

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Bubba Wallace noose scandal fallout, NBA players will wear Oura ring, Kaepernick, Mississippi state flag ultimatums, DeAndre Yedlin, Jeanie Buss gets racist letter, UCLA players don’t trust coach, Kristin Cavallari, Bruce Arena questions use of National Anthem, Novak Djokovic hold tournament and gets Covid, Eagles player knocked out, Carl Crawford sued, Muhammad Ali’s hating ass son, Muhammad Wilkerson’s brother charged with murder, MLBPA agrees to 60 games, Big Ben admitting his addictions, Josie Harris death, James Franklin to coach apart from his family, Formula One CEO racism, Darius Leonard profiled at Chipotle, Herschel Walker on Defund The Police, Giannis mural vandalized, Softball team quits, Kayla Braxton got the Covid twice, Ben Simmons sister makes joke, Malcolm Jenkins on NFL season, Curt Schilling deactivates Twitter, Yaya Mayweather plays with gun on TikTok, Bengals owner begged players not to kneel, Jim Edmonds bashes wife, Ryan Anderson CTE, HaHa Clinton Dix runs from bears, Rudy Gobert retweets the wrong Serena Williams, Cam Newton Father’s Day message to his maybe kids, Kendrick Perkin’s cries over being called sellout by KD, Jerry Rice’s dauther in ICU, Brittany Renner, Ryan Clark cries about son being called slur, NFL Redzone off Dish and Sling TV, Gatorbait is over, NBA Covid testing, Civil War renamed and Stephen Jackson’s video about bitter black women.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the JFL,

    The wiseman Bomani Jones once said that Bill Belichik is a huge fan of the open box special and this week he signed Cam to a 4th discount contract! I’d be sick right now if I rooted for any one of the teams that decided to ride with a sorry white dude instead of signing Cam. In fact, nobody better complain about this being a “rich getting richer” type thing cuz all Belichik did was be the lone not-stupid coach/GM in the league. Again. This shit lowkey reminds me of when the Pats got Randy Moss; folks was talking like Moss was finished, like that nigga’s name ain’t verb for catching a pass over someone’s stupid head. And to think folks were talking like Jarret Stidham and Brian fucking Hoyer were somehow gonna become good in New England. Nig. Guh. PLEASE.

    Shouts out to everyone in Boston whose trying to square their racism with wanting the Pats to stay being good, cuz I know them Boston folks are gonna be sick when Cam pull up in with an auntie church hat and wood grain zoot suit, looking like he’s telling Black Dynamite he sells drugs to the community. I love it.

    Salute to Maya Moore for getting Johnathan Irons outta prison. WNBA stays being about that life, but the idea of one of best players in sport putting her career on hold for some justice? You love to see it.

    Have a great and safe weekend, y’all. Take care of yourselves.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and J. Rona

    Nobody knows how the NBA bubble is supposed to work with Florida picking up thousands of cases a day, and now they want to add a second bubble for the losers bracket who didn’t make the playoffs? But you know who’s the only team that didn’t bother to show up for the call with the league? That’s right, my New York Knicks baby! No wonder we mess up every free agent meeting we get.

    And did you see the NFL said they’re gonna play the Black National Anthem before games in week 1? Who knew NASCAR was really the trendsetter like this? What’s gonna happen when Nick Bosa and the MAGA players on the roster take a knee for that one?

    Shout out to y’all for the dope show as always. New intro is flameojis and appreciate the hard work as always.

  3. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and J’Odell Beckham Jr,

    I see Odell went back to blonde. I hate it. He was fine as fukk with the natural hair color. Even the honey blonde was hot. This platinum blonder ain’t it. Anyway.

    Maya Moore. She kick started my UConn standom. I can’t say enough about how proud I am of her foregoing playing in the WNBA to fight to overturn convictions. I have been reading Just Mercy and watched the movie. The impact of fighting for years to return someone back to their family is amazing to see. Cheers to her!!!

    I was trying to hold off on thinking it…..but Stephen A is a damn coon man. I’m listening to Shannon and Shannon only.


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jam Newton

    I only have one question, now that Cam Newton is now signed to the Patriots (even if it is with a league veteran minimum, slavery contract) can I come out of the closet as a Pats fan or have I said too much?

    Also, did you see that the NHL is sticking with Canada for the hub city to finish the season because the US is the COVID-19 ghetto. Somebody in Toronto needs to pull a Suge Knight at the Source Awards to get the NBA to use Toronto as the hub “If you don’t want the ‘Rona all up in your playoffs, come to the North Side”.



  5. fyahworks

    Greetings brother Rod, Queen K, and jobby Bonilla!

    1) I know we don’t cover much mlb on this wonder show, but we gotta give it up to the greatest finesse known to mankind or athlete-kind! Bobby hasn’t played for the ny Mets, since 2001 and get paid every July 1 $1.19 million until 2035 or…. when he is 72 years old! He is currently 57! If that’s not a finesse, tell me what is?

    2) last week, you guys discussed the corona ring that the nba is gonna be using! And I heard someone say, that’s the closest to a nba ring melo will ever get! Ouch!!

    3) word on the street is , can only received offers from the Cleveland blacks and the patriots! After baker mayfield got invited to the cookout , Cleveland said “hey can we got our guy”

    4) Justin, how u feel about that henny gawd signing to them lakers?? Was it the ass whooping he shelled out On that white boy a few weeks ago that mad pelinka say , yep that’s our guy? They are gonna miss Bradley who opted out to take care of his sick son! But I still feel lakers have probably the best chance to win it all with a healthy king James! With that said, Giannis came out and said ain’t gonna be no asterisks on whoever wins! He goes on to say this. Gonna be tougher than a full 82 game season! What you guys think?

    Enjoy the weekend, have a great 4th, be safe
    And nigz only. Only nigz


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jay Newton

    Not sure if you seen this Cam Newton is now a patriot. I would have loved him out in Oakland Derick Carr not right since that injury… actually never mind ain’t Jay Gruden out there smh he would have killed Cam.

    Speaking of QBs honestly Kaepernick could have taken the Vikings, Bears, Colts, Bengals, Miami, Titans, Panthers or Chargers starting jobs easy. Smh idk if he wants back in or the owners honestly too hard to tell.

    This is from a few weeks ago but did y’all see the 49ers tweet about Black Lives matter and the internet get in they ass about Kaepernick being right. Do y’all think they own him an apology? I know he asked for the release but whole thing seems fishy to me.

    WNBA is starting but several women sitting out. The WNBA leadership wants them to play but I’m pretty sure the WNBAPA president is sitting out along with the VP. Kyrie could learn something from them on how to make a players decision because I saw they getting their full salary too after the last CBA so that’s dope.

    Be easy out there.


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