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2136: IllumiPatti Labelle

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Rod and Karen discuss communicating with parents, Coronavirus News, KW Miller goes at Bey and Patti, Akademiks suspended, racist woman charged, Central Park Karen, confederate flag hung over highway, Dukes Of Hazzard car will remain on display, 82 year old bodybuilder folks up home intruder, 600 lbs of Meth seized, teacher arrested for being drunk at school and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    To my secret shame I still watch the Dukes of Hazzards on the Country Music Station. I grew up wanting to be Daisy Duke because I wanted to date one of the Duke boys not realizing as a kid that they were cousins. lol

  2. Anne

    The word fete is French for party. Your Trinidadian roommates probably used it when they talked about a party.

  3. Trillkhalil

    Hearing you guys talk about bey and aunt patti reminded me of umar Johnson talking about his vegan non alcoholic sports bar. I had to stop the pod and watch it again lol Here’s a link to someone who posted it just watch the first two and a half minutes lol https://youtu.be/mU7TM72Z4nQ

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