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2135: Franqi French Toast

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Rod and Karen are joined by Franqi French to talk live during quarantine, California during Covid, creating new content during the lock down, we hate Trump, targeted Facebook ads, Herman Cain gets sick, Kanye West tweets he’s running for president,standing up for BLM, Barstool Sports controversy, speaking your mind, dealing with anger and more.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t think Kanye will actually run because he’s nothing but an agent of chaos at this point. And this will probably just a story line for the next season of Keeping up with the Kardashians

  2. LaKeta

    This podcast has introduced me to so many great new people & Franqi was no exception! The conversation was funny AND enlightening. I really want to thank Karen & Rod for allowing me & others to come to the most fun, funny, EDIFYING, almost-daily get together with 50-100 awesome people to gather, laugh, sometimes get angry, sometimes even cry – with HEAVY social distancing to boot(we’re all in different places, literally)! Because of y’all, I dont feel an “urge” to go out & socialize because I look forward to seeing Karen, Rod, & all my new “cyber friends” every day! Y’all work so hard & Rod’s woman got TWO jobs lmao. I really appreciate it & y’all are helping to keep ya girl sane because I aint itching to go out no time soon. Don’t forget us when y’all inevitably make it big!

  3. brijasi78

    I loved this episode with Franqi French! There were so many golden moments. I enjoyed hearing about her experience with her career trajectory, how she is managing as things go haywire and using her platform to speak out against racism in the comedy industry. I also really appreciated hearing her say that sometimes people actually don’t ‘survive’ traumatic experiences and that made me re-evaluate what survival actually is. Amazing that in the midst of all my laughing through this podcast, I came away with a pretty deep mental and spiritual examination.

  4. Anne

    Good episode. Enjoyed every minute.

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