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2134: Grits Supremacists

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  1. Brooklynshoebabe

    Listen, as your neighbor in New York, I’m tired of the sugar in grits slander. There’s nothing but on a cold morning than a warm bowl of grits with sugar and butter and rye toast. A cup of light and sweet coffee. Damnit, that’s delicious. It’s like getting a hug from the inside.

    • Brooklynshoebabe

      That should read nothing BETTER

  2. MizzBarnes72

    First and foremost, I am Team NO SUGAR in grits. They do not belong…..at all!!! But sadly, I found the anti-christ in the grits debate. Sadly, I have a friend(to preface the story, she is German) who puts stevia in her grits…………..
    I just don’t know where that goes…………………

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