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BDS 357: Passing At The Racetrack

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cam Newton to Pats, Redskins pressured to change name, Bobby Bonilla still getting paid, Black National Anthem at NFL games, Drew Brees apology tour, Back The Blue NASCAR crew chief suspended, Trump 2020 car, Oakland black ownership group, NBA woke jerseys, Johnny Manziel says it might be over, Ja Morant, Tom Brady vs NFL Union, Mike Fulp, BSO let go from TMZ, Keshia Knight Pulliam child support lawsuit, Pats fined for cheating again, Bo gets paid, 6ers cheerleading racism, racial bias in sports broadcasting, Cici and Russy, 9 of 344 NBA players test positive for coronavirus, Djokovic and wife test negative, Lakers won’t replace Dwight, Zion gets ripped, Dwyane Wade supporting gay pride, Tuberville bus catches fire, NFL may require covid waiver for fans, KY sports caller, NBA players offered free porn accounts, Mitchell and Gobert team up on racist fan, Kristin Cavallari trapping, Ken Griffey still getting money, Jim Edmonds 50th bday party, CJ Gardner-Johnson vs Summer Buni, Goedert fight info, Jermiah Braswell cut from Cardinals and Mike Fulp cried.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jtephen Jackson,

    Shouts out to DJax and Stephen Jackson for giving off some powerful “Black men are the white people of Black people” energy this week. Seriously, can that statement read any truer than when a nigga sees a passage that starts with “Hitler said” and sharing it to make their point? I didn’t know that DJax got down like that nor Stephen Jackson but goddamnit, fuck this championing a few ounces of pro-Blackness that comes with a ton of fuckery, in this case antisemitism.

    Aye, they’re on Dan Snyder’s ass right now, right? Nike took the Slurs gear off their website. Then FedEx asked for Dan to change the name. And now the minority owners of the team want out but can’t find buyers for their shares cuz Dan Snyder is only good at one thing and that’s being a giant asshole. Wow. He found a way to alienate Slurs fans, which is incredible cuz even the Browns haven’t found a way to do that! Speaking of Cleveland, the baseball team better change their name cuz the days of the being the Tom Brady Trump voter shrugging their shoulders at the MAGA hat wearing Washington slurs are coming to a close. Hopefully.

    It’s still Dan Snyder and I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed the name to another slur against Native Americans. Wouldn’t it be fitting for Snyder changed the name to the Washington Indians and demanded credit for it?

    Shouts to the lightskint gawd Project Pat DeBarge for getting SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY, MAH GAWD! The price of the brick is halfway to Pluto now and I know DeShaun Watson is somewhere *sick* knowing Bill O’Brien is gonna offer him some bullshit deal in the future.

    I hope y’all are well and safe during the age of the Rona. Thank you as always for an excellent show and being insightful, ratchet and hilarious.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen and Jsean Jackson or should I say J Stack Jack. Damn shame them fools need to be told that quoting Hitler is a dumb idea. That first apology was not it. How post that quote and say you have no ill will towards jewish people? And Stephen Jackson. Smh. I guess black women and Jews are the enemy to him. As always good to hear from y’all. Niggas only peace.!


    Hello Rod, Karen & Jtephen Jackson.

    I find it very interesting that some of these lower-tier race teams are putting sponsors up for Trump or the Police. Out here telling on themselves like a bunch of fragile busters. Speaking of which, the owner of that Back the Blue car, owned by Mark Harmon, is sadly relevant for an awful crash he had at Bristol in 2002, where his car & chassis was destroyed. Dude got the most attention he ever got in his career, just for that accident, considering all he’s ever been is a starter-&-parker his whole career.

    32 Trump car outchea got wreck in a pit row accident at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this past Sunday, with other drivers; &, besides a crew member getting hurt, it did put a smile on my face to see Trump’s car wrecked in the dumbest way possible.

    In the midst of it all, Bubba Wallace is having his best season in Cup to date in the 43 car. He’s not putting up top-fives like the Kevin Harvicks & Denny Hamlins, he has finished inside the top-20 for much of the year. He also has a couple of top-tens, with a best of 6th at Vegas, earlier in the year. He finished 9th at Indy on Sunday.

    It’d be something if he gets a win, this year, especially in that 43 car & to be the first black man to win since Windell Scott. Aric Almirola was the last to win in that car at Daytona, in July of 2014.

    • kalynlouis

      Hey Rod, Karen and Jamal Crawford:

      I know the NBA is on track to start in a couple weeks but have y’all watched any of The Basketball Tournament on ESPN. It is my yearly fix for ball during the summer and this year these niggas definitely got my full attention. They never scheduled to cancel even in the thick of the Rona (which we’re still in) and it seems to be reaping the benefits. If not it’s definitely a good watch, most players have NBA/overseas experience and every game ends on the Elam Ending like the All Star game did. Catch y’all niggas later, peace! K-Louis

  4. fyahworks


    Hey rod, Karen, JFL

    1. So the national football league has put a stop to jersey swaps, post game! I know obj ain’t gonna like that shit! So it’s ok to pile on a mountain of guys after a fumble but no switching of jerseys! I would assume they are speaking after a vaccine has been found and things can return to some semblance of normalcy, but nfl talking like they about to start the season in September

    2. MLB might have said fuck it to 2020, because the 202q schedule just came out with opening day being April 1,2021

    3. Lastly to take from that awesome show black af, I caught wind of a clip from Taylor and jj reddick in which Jj basically says the decision by lebron which aired 10 years ago this week, and kd joining the warriors was “becuase of slavery” lol! Nah he really said he loved those moves because it showed black athletes taking control of their destiny and it was something (lbj’s decision) that was never done before and was a pivotal moment in nba history!

    You guys have a great weekend


  5. Kemdoc

    Hey Karen, Rod, and Jarcellus Wiley,

    What is up with Marcellus? He wasn’t always cooning for checks man. This is not the same guy that used to go toe to toe when he had the show with Michelle Beadle. By the way whatever happened to that White woman? I feel like Erin Andrews has the career trajectory she wishes she had. I always found that there was a special kind of ‘White woman petty’ that Beadle taps into. Anyway I found it disgusting that Marcellus truncated the BLM statement live on Fox News to fit some anti black yet white supremist patriarchal capitalist agenda. He seemed woefully ignorant to the shyt he walked right into. Or was he?? I’m not so sure anymore. Very irresponsible. Going toss him in the same recycling bin Terry Crews finna be in. Black men keep striking. Smh.

    I was waiting to hear from you guys about the Desean Jackson comments. I didn’t have the bandwidth to even get into that. What I will say is that anti-Semitism is such an interesting thing. White racists used anti Jewish sentiments all the time yet dive at Rep Omar for her anything she might whisper about Jewish related issues. I just find that very interesting. It’s a career death sentence to mention the words Jew and bank in the same sentence anymore.

    Regarding ClassicRabdBLovers comment about the Chi without spoilers since Rod and Karen may not have: a deeper conversation needs to be had about the parenting that takes place across the show. Mainly the lack of parenting wholesale. These kids don’t really stand a chance to make it out of their circumstances in Chicago.

    Loved the show yesterday! Karen kept character and was riffing like a mugg!! We appreciate you Karen

    Be safe and healthy y’all,

  6. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, Karen and jesean jjackson.?Ion care how profound you think a quote may be, you never cosign Hitler! So he’ll probably get suspended and rightfully so but remember this is the same organization that gave mr. ” I’ll whoop every nigger[hard r r] out here”riley cooper a slap on the hand. Also, this dude that replaced jason coonlock’s place on fs1. Emanuel Acho, he’s giving me some magical negro vibes with his “uncomfortable conversations with a black man” videos. I’d love to get you guys opinion on him. Ok. Talk to y’all later!

  7. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and JeSean Jackson
    DeSean out here quoting HITLER?! It’s bad enough when you start going too deep with the Farrakhan quotes but Adolph my nigga? I’m surprised Terry Crews didn’t pop back up talking about Black Supremacy. And I know Rod appreciated the twitter conversation pivoting to Riley Cooper in defense. Nah we can admit that was anti-semetic even if you want to extend him grace that he can do better. Only winner in that was Justin’s old squad just thankful to get off the Summer Jam screen for a day.

    And Shout out to Makur Maker! My man is a 5-star recruit and picked Howard over Kentucky and UCLA and he’s trying to recruit other top talent to come to HBCUs. I’ve been waiting on this day for a while and if it works, major! I just want this to take off and then we get the Black Dick Vitale who just gets to be extra AF during games and is always biased towards Fayetteville State. Get the sponsors to switch up and everything, let’s go all the way with it.

    Appreciate the dope show as always, hope y’all had a great week.

  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Hope everyone is safe and staying off of those Rona filled streets to the best of their ability to do so. This is a long one, so forgive me in advance.

    I watched On the Record, and there is no doubt in my mind that Russell Simmons and LA Reid are guilty. There is no way you look at Drew and the pain she is still clearly in and believe she and the other women are lying. If you believe it, it says something about you that you will deny 20 women who came forward, and like Justin said, those are the ones brave we ought to come forward. Equally important to me is the woman who knew Drew and talked about not being able to get out of bed when she heard. I suspect she is a reflection of the vast majority of women who fell victim to Russell, the ones who can’t say they were raped in the traditionally held sense, even though what happened to them is still rape. She represents the women with even less standing than a music executive, an experienced model and the daughter of famed director, Sidney Lumet, and granddaughter of Lena Horne. That woman is IMO, the drop in the bucket of women who “gave in” to a relationship with Russell because they could not afford to say no, they could not afford to fight back. These women have internalized the societal narrative that they are not victims, they are simply women who slept with a powerful man to keep a job or get ahead and they need to shut up because they have nothing to complain about. I suspect that if an intrepid reporter dug into that, you would have stories that would show Russell is on par with Cosby and Weinstein in terms of the women’s lives he has destroyed and/or derailed. Simmons is a monster and the men who almost kept this documentary from being seen are just as bad. Just like Cosby, Weinstein, Kelly, Epstein, Spacey, and Singer, etc., these men were able to thrive because they were protected by other men. They were shielded by culpable women who turned a blind eye. They were emboldened by a society who told them they were untouchable because no one would believe women, especially Black Women. Believe Black Women indeed.

    On a different note, is anyone watching the new season of The Chi? Two episodes in and I am loving it. I was so upset when this episode ended, I could not believe we had reached the end. The actors, especially the kids, have really grown into their characters, you can tell they know who these people are supposed to be. If the quality of the writing stays where it is, this might be the best season yet. Hopefully, the nonsense from behind the scenes has not cost the show too many viewers.

    Final question: Is anyone watching the Michael Coel series “I May Destroy You” on HBO.

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