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PG 246: On The Record

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Curb, Karen’s bonuses, Coronavirus, Barry, Betty Davis documentary, Coronavirus effecting pick up basketball, On The Record documentary, Westworld, listener feedback and Tammy Rivera on colorism.


  1. katrese206

    The highlight of my week & these strange, COVID times. Thanks so much!

  2. fyahworks

    Rod, Karen, justin

    Good day to you all!

    Have you guys heard that 5 people (3 adults, 2 juves) were arrested in connection in the pop smoke murder? Maybe it’s technology, or these dumb, sloppy negros nowadays, but 25 years later they can’t close the case on biggie and Tupac!

    Did you guys also hear about the almost lynching in Indiana? In this 2020, is there anything, 7 months in,that is surprising anymore?

    I mean we have got a lil bit of everything this year, we lost Kobe(athlete) we lost pop smoke (rapper) we got more Karen’s than we can count! We have a deadly pandemic with no end in sight, racism is alive and well, shootings are up in the nyc area, (i think the nightly fireworks have finally stopped up here as well, or Atleast calm down drastically) and then there is 45 and his never ending bull shit! God help us all! I can’t tell you how much tbgwt gets me through my work days, and how much I look forward to pg and bds where I get to talk to you guys! As the young kids say, keep that same energy!

    Lastly, rod I’ve been poppin in, them kitchen sessions, I can’t comment tho, but I enjoy watching you work, Where do you get them aprons from?

    Niggaz only only niggaz


  3. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Juda Pinkett-Smith,

    I think Jada and Will categorically denying this is a misstep. What better time than now to have a brief statement about what the industry and the niggas inquiry for years have already thought about what happens in the confines of your marriage. Speak on it and then move forward. Most believe parts of what August revealed. Was it messy and none of our damn business…yes !! But it seems like this was one was not gonna go to the grave with him.

    What is she really gonna say when she brings herself to the table? This is a critical time for their integrity and brand so I’m sure they’re scrambling the best they can but whew….mess. The magnifying glass is above them and the sun is getting hot. Perhaps they dealing with folks with more discretion than August encompassed.

    Finally, fukk Lady Antebellum. Changing their name to an Lady A was half cocked, careless, and dumb. I hope the group that originally had the name backs the Brinx truck up to mediation. Pay them. Now. Just keep ‘antebellum’ in your name anyway. We already know the time you’re on. All they did was drop letters. The figurative klan hoodies are still in the closet like Watchmen. We see y’all.

    Have a great weekend y’all!

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