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PG 247: Amanda Knox To Freddie Gibbs

Rod. Justin and Karen discuss working with people without masks, returning things from Target, a friend who refuses to stop playing basketball, contact tracers being harassed, Insecure, Curb, Amanda Knox documentary, Freddie Gibbs rape accusation, Filthy Rich, Disclosure, The Floor Is Lava, Justin’s terrible TV shows, uploading old episodes to the feed, the secret hidden episode of the podcast and listener feedback.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen and J Black men. I swear it seems like Terry Crews aside when black dude says some crazy stuff i.e. Nick Cannon niggas get in formation like it’s a male lemonade video to defend them. I guess this Jewish shit is the hill they gonna die on.
    Other news. It’s cool to rewatch Curb and see all the cameo appearances. I saw Rod you tweeting about Barry not too long ago what did you think about it? I thought it was pretty good and Fuchs might be one of the most not shit characters ever. As always peace

  2. Kemdoc

    These hills these blacks are choosing to die on….wow. I’m pretty sure if you want the Jewish community to stand alongside you more often, perpetuating racist tropes against them mighttttt nottttt be the way. I mean what do I know. Goodness gracious. Wtf. I think DWade logged on to social media and saw Nick lost all his bags and didn’t read up on why. Just tweeted his support since Nick was vocal in his support for Gabrielle when she was battling CBS. Side note: the visual of Chance the Rapper running full speed down that Kanye for President hill in his Super Mario overall jumpsuit and a 3 hat the minute Terry Crews came down to flex the pecs on his behalf. Yo. I’m certain I was laughing to the point of tears. Tripling down about Ye being better than Biden only to about face when Terry comes cooning around the corner is breathtaking. Kinda feel bad for Terry at times but not really. He a coon.

    WHO the fukk shot Megan? I mean wow. And TMZ don’t even have the story from their LAPD insiders which is surprising.

    That video of the standoff with LAPD was infuriating to watch no matter who that happened to. Megan’s homegirl had on a dress so short her booty meat was out but you want her to spread her legs? What’s gonna fall out, a 9 mm glock? Smh. The story is wild and incomplete but I hope the authorities get to the bottom of what went down and all parties get healing. That seemed traumatic and treacherous.

    Did you catch up on the Chi? I need to hear some Ronny impressions. Omg I hate that nigga.

    Be safe,

  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod, Karen, & J thrill

    Hope the week was kind to you guys.
    riddle me this…… this is something I’ve experienced in New York City, tell me if y’all have seen this in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

    police pull people over for being on their phone while driving right? But yet I see police do it all the time! Police run traffic lights and don’t even put on their lights, but will pull you over for running a light! If their job is to enforce the law, shouldn’t they be setting the example? Who will police the police? Is this the do as I say, not as I do scenario??

    Lastly have you guys heard about the postal worker who got arrested in west va for election fraud? Thomas Cooper, a 47 year old whhhhite man, change votes to Republican on mail-in ballots. Cooper held a contract with the U.S. Postal Service to pick up mail in three towns in Pendleton County. the county clerk found absentee ballot requests from at least eight voters that were tampered with, with a black ink pen, five of which had their party affiliation switched to Republican. These white folks trying everything under the sun smh!
    As Karen always says, VOTE!!! They wanna give the Cheeto another 4 on top of the 4 he didn’t deserve! This man has enough blood of his hands, we can not afford another term! Rod,Karen and Justin have always spoke on how important it is to Vote on all levels, especially locally! So do your part!!

    One love


  4. CheyenneKnew

    Okay so I came back to say, unfortunately taking Coronavirus seriously isn’t a partisan issue I’ve already gotten into arguments w family members about COVID-19. It’s not just Trumpers who think it’s a little flu that will pass. My mom lives in Florida and she been having a ball going to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld

  5. CheyenneKnew

    Hey guys! I just got tested for covid at a drive by community health center in Charlotte. They put a q tip down your nose for a couple seconds and call with results in 2-5 days. It’s not very invasive, was uncomfortable for about 5 minutes but I could still drive. Just felt like sneezing.

    • Mdog

      Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin

      Great episode as always. Just wanted to say that I finished Disclosure and wow was it a good documentary. I think they did a better job of explaining why representation matters than anything else. Honestly needs to be required watch for everyone (In fact let me slide the Netflix link into JK Rowlings DMs).

      I don’t know if yall will discuss this on this episode but it was wild to see the way the Timeline was discussing the Entanglementâ„¢ of Will and Jada. Idk if people watched the same 10 minutes I did. Idk how they came out with Will is in an abusive relationship and Jada is a manipulative asshole. They really took their corny joke about “Bad Marriage for life” like it was peak abusive. All I saw was two mature adults who have been through some stuff telling us shit we really shouldn’t have had the right to be privy to. I think people wanted to create more mess than was there because they were bored.

      And finally, Man I am surprised (only slightly) how quick Black people came to the defense of Nick Cannon without even understanding what the fuck he was saying. Like my man went full anti Semitic on us and all black people got was he got fired because he said fuck white people? How is he gonna say he wasn’t informed about the Antisemitism in his comments, but was able to research all these deep Hotep Conspiracies. Like these aren’t beginner level hateful comments, these are “in racial chatrooms showing feet” level of Antisemitism.
      I hate to say this but maybe Terry crews was right. He clearly was listening to Nick Cannons podcast and was like man yall being some Black Supremacists. I believe we owe him and Chance an apology.
      Speaking of I wonder since Kanye did run for president if he is about to endorse somebody. If he endorses Trump you know Chance never hearing the end of this lol. Went hard for Kanye 2020 to have him “drop out” the next day and endorse Trump. Hate to see it.

      Justin if you haven’t watched Love Island on Hulu you should definitely watch. Its pure British Mess.

      Stay safe out here yall,

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