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BDS 358: You Never Go Full Hitler

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson vs the Jewish community, new NFL rules to avoid Covid, JJ Redick is woke, Redskins in turmoil, Patrick Mahomes secures the bag, Khloe swear she not engaged, Kaepernick on the 4th, Jaylen Brown jersey, WNBA jerseys will have victims names, WNBA players roast Kelly Loefffler, Kings close facility, Cam Newton talking that shit, Trump car crashes, Cornell rejects commit over racism, Austin Rivers wants Trayvon’s name on jersey, Bubba Wallace gets Beats sponsorship, Rasir Bolton reveals why he transferred, Antonio Brown, Kaepernick gets Disney bag, Dinwiddie not coming to Florida, Kyrie producing TV show about Breonna Taylor, UNC football players got the Covid, WNBA vs NBA bubble, Deshaun Watson expecting some uncomfortable conversations in camp, Marquise Goodwin accused of antisemitism, Josh Gordon selling ring, Jason Whitlock fighting to be relevant, Zion news, Mike Gundy pay cut, Big Ten not doing out of conference games, MLS tournament adjusting, NFL wants to hold player salary in escrow, NBA players get to ride Disney rides, Tori Miller first woman to be NBA G-league GM, OJ Simpson supports Mahomes and Tyler Herro doing quarantine right.


  1. chubbzero

    Hello karen,rod , and jussel jestbrook . How you gone show up to the happiest place on earth with that rona? I bet when they told russie that he was covid positive he probably looked like that famous gif of his and said “y’all niggas trippin'” and have y’all heard that the origin of the tar heel name may be embedded in the confederacy? Rod, what are your thoughts on a new name if they have to change it? Alright, talk to you guys later! Peace!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JWNBA,

    Is the WNBA letting the NFL moonlight in their front office, cuz how the hell else do they explain denying Elena Delle Donne, reigning MVP, her opt-out for lyme disease? We got Rona pop locking across Florida and the WNBA told Delle Donne to either get her lyme disease having self down there or just go broke for the season.

    Speaking of the NFL fucking up, can I highlight one of the few NFL things that wasn’t a fuck up? Myles Garrett signed back with the Browns for $125 million AND 100 MILLION OF THEM THANGS GUARANTEED Y’ALL!!! MYLES GARRETT GOT TO THE ONLY SACK THAT MATTERS AND IT’S THE ONE FULL OF THAT LUCHINI!!! Sorry for the all caps, but it’s rare for the Browns to do something smart and even rarer for them to have a first round draft pick good enough to resign. Granted, this nigga might be crazy (hitting the white boy with the helmet) but it ain’t like playing football can exacerbate that.

    Did y’all see the Alabama Democrat Twitter account roasting Tommy Tuberville as being a scammer and shitty coach to endorse Doug Jones? Somebody from a Rivals message board must’ve taken over the account. Obviously I want Jones to win, but it’s wild to me that the AL Dems are straight up leaning on college football to keep Jones in office.

    Shouts out to the Big Ten saying they’re going to play conference only this season not cuz I think it is a great idea in and of itself (the fucking conference stretches from Dirty Jersey to fucking Nebraska), but because it means that there’s a growing chance that the season itself will be canceled. And you’d think that eventually one of these coaches would at least do the grim math behind it and realize that either a) one of their players will catch it and die, thus ending the season OR b) the coach themselves can catch it and die, but then I remember these are rich white men. They don’t trust a stove can burn them til they’re in the burn ward saying they never would’ve guessed all those warnings were correct.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend, thank you as always,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Justin,
    I’m getting this feedback in just under the wire! First let me say, the DeSean Jackson Hitler comments were crazy. When I saw it on Twitter, I was like people must really not like securing and keeping the bag cause this was stupid. And Edelman’s comments were spot on to me. He said, it’s really hard to see the challenges a community can face, when you’re not a part of it. Why is it so hard for people to understand that you might not fully understand what another group of people are experiencing. It doesn’t seem like a difficult concept but unfortunately, people can’t seem to grasp it.

    Now…on to my quarterback….Mr. Mahomes is what they call em!! (in my Martin show voice).

    A half a billion dollars!?!?! Whew wee!! Don’t get me wrong, Kansas City was prepared to start a GoFund Me, if necessary, to pay and keep Patrick Mahomes in KC for as long as possible. But the final contract was much longer than I thought it would be. I’m so happy for him. I believes he deserves all the money, and he got it! lol

    I spent the whole day watching sports shows talking about how it was a bad deal for Patrick and how he gave his leverage away. I was mad but then I remembered, the people talking trash didn’t have a 500 million deal when they played so what the hell do they know. Also, since Patrick’s dad played professional baseball, he had exposure to the professional sports world. And he likely wasn’t struggling as a kid, so money may not have been his primary motivator. He was also focused on keeping the team together so he may have made some trade-offs so that 20 of 22 KC starters will be back next season.

    As for Brittany Matthews, she’s a trainer so I’m sure her leg lock is already strong and ready for the greatest leg lock in history!!

    But unfortunately Rod is right about Patrick. One bad game and everyone will be saying he’s not worth the money. My boyfriend, who’s a Broncos fan (I know, he almost didn’t make it :), said that I’m going to be sad when KC doesn’t win the Super Bowl next year. I assured him, I will be just fine. That 2020 Super Bowl win was so epic, it will keep me smiling well into 2021.

    Thanks for being the best sports/non-sports show, PERIOD. 🙂

    Love you guys! Stay safe!
    STYLEnosh in Atlanta

  4. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jan Snyder,

    The Washington football team probably could have kept the name and losing in perpetuity and wouldn’t lose fans. It will be interesting to see fans still rocking the racial slur paraphernalia in droves. I can see that happening for the authentic gear and older jerseys before the name change but there will be a certain element that will rock it defiantly to be casually racist.

    Can Cam fit them dreads under a helmet comfortably? I saw a video of JCole before this look he’s been rocking and it’s night and day. Maybe when you’re as good looking as Cam (he still fine as hell even with the zoot suit fashions) it must get boring so you spice it up with knotted interwoven dreads. I mean that’s just my stupid ass narrative with absolutely no facts to support his thinking. Lol. I will say this. As a Jamaican that grew up around a number of Rastas and understand the portions of the lifestyle they lead, it’s kinda wild to see these guys don the hairstyle. I’m not sure and don’t care if they subscribe to the principles and practices but I know it’s frowned upon but the Rastas around the world if they don’t. Anyway positivity to them!!

    I find it interesting that Lebron and AD will not wear a message on the back of their jersey when others will. Shyt I would buy a Lakers Lebron I Can’t Breathe limited Jersey or TShirt. That’d be dope as hell. The same way the Kaepernick 7 on anything sends a message. To me it’s not a spectacle if there’s buy in from the prominent players. Imagine if they’re in their Orlando bubble and put ego and the branding and bag aside for a change and sent the strong message of complete solidarity out to the world. NASCAR, Futbol leagues, etc are putting on displays. Come through NBA.

    Aight y’all be safe,

  5. fyahworks

    What’s good ROD-dy rich, queen K and Jichaun Holmes

    1. So thank god it wasn’t a star player, but there’s always one! You hate to see it! Richaun Holmes of the Kings (never heard of him) broke quarantine to get some outside the bubble food and got caught! Yes I’ve seen the food and early living conditions! But either Someone snitched or the nba is monitoring Uber eats, grub hub and door dash coming to the bubble! It has to be hard to be 6”8 and sneak but I’ve never heard of this player so he probably was gonna ride the bench anyway, but in all seriousness, his dumb ass wanting some chipotle could be how this shit spreads within the bubble!

    2. Smokey the bear says only you can prevent forest fires, well Myles Garrett says you can punch a white boy in the face, accuse him of calling you nigga, and get paid 125 million over 5 years!

    3. Giannis has decided to wear equality on the back of his jersey because after all these years, y’all still can’t pronounce his name right! If any player in the nba was gonna have a nick name, it damn sure was gonna be him! We call him the Greek freak, but what if his brother was a star as well? Would be call greek freak jr? Or Greek freak pt 2? You know what? Just call them niggaz
    4. ya hate to see it but that boy westbrook got that rona!!! I thought him running up and down the court at 90 mph, he was safe! Guess not! Like the internet, (so far) corona virus is undefeated!!!
    5. That Patrick “my homie” contract is large and in charge, but if the nfl is on some don’t play, don’t pay shit, if I was him I wouldnt be as excited just yet!

    Y’all have a great weekend

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


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