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TNO 155: She Who Shall Not Be Named

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Mixer is no more, new black Batwoman, Square Enix raises money for charity, Splash Mountain changing racist ride, Margot Robbie to star in Pirate of the Caribbean, Dr. Disrespect banned from Twitch, theaters trying to reopen, UK letting Hollywood actors come through, sexual abuse allegations rock gaming industry, Ray Fisher accuses Joss Whedon of being abusive on set, Far Cry 6, Sony buys stake in Fortnight, Capcom sells 80 percent digital games, horror movies pushed back, Gotham PD tv show, Jurassic World 3 shuts down production, Tron 3 in development, The Russo’s respond to Anthony Mackie, Furiosa spin off, Janelle Monae wants to be Storm, JK Rowling doubles down on transphobia,  Fast and Furious in space, US Army Twitch chat, Super Smash Bros, Activision reversing bans, OK gesture removed from Call of Duty, Warcraft improving character creation, Keaton playing older Bruce Wayne and an EVE Online heist.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Have y’all seen that Far Cry 6 trailer? Giancarlo Esposito looking diabolic as shit in that and I can’t wait to hear him dropping those dictator bars as I liberate Not-Cuba. I played Far Cry 5 when it came out cuz shooting MAGA-mountain people was a strong selling point and I’m currently playing Far Cry 4. Is there a more annoying video game enemy than the fucking birds in Far Cry 4? They’re like hornets on steroids. Far Cry 6 looks beastly.

    Which do y’all think is gonna happen first: Tenet gets released on US streaming services OR Tenet gets released in the US by European bootleggers? Movie theaters and major studios should be looking at Major League Baseball as a great example of what happens when a business thinks by sheer American willpower they can beat that Rona and act normal: a bunch of people get Rona in the process. I absolutely love going to movie theaters; Nolan crashed a real 747 for Tenet! I’d love to see it in theaters but I enjoy having a functioning heart and kidneys more. Is it gonna take a movie being released and a Rona outbreak for theaters to stop being hardheaded? We’re such a headass country.

    I just finished up She-Ra (to quote you Karen, “that shit was flammmeesss my nigga!”) and goddamn I wish when I was a crumbsnatcher we had cartoons this fucking smart and diverse. Between this, Steven Universe, Craig of the Creek? The kids are alright. Hell, I was watching an episode of Gumball with my nephew a few years ago and hit a hard head tilt when I realized the episode was roasting the fuck outta Gamergate.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Thanks for all y’all shows and hard work.


  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope everyone is well. I continue to work on anime so I’m more than good. Having a good time learning and growing as an artist.

    Before I get into other things, after hearing kriss come for Grace Randolph’s neck I thought I’d just add a little more onto why she’s trash. Confession time, I used to be a fan of hers, I watched her content for YEARS, ashamed to admit it but we all make mistakes. She used to just talk movie news and stuff she was excited about but sometime around 2014/2015 she slowly started turning into the person y’all may know today. I think the moment for me when I stopped watching was when she stopped watching supergirl because Alex came out as gay. I thought her visceral reaction to that was wierd af at the time but looking back it all makes sense now. Anyway when I heard Zack Snyder’s dusty ass was on her show that told me everything I need to know about him. The fact that’s the person he chose to go to for an actual interview speaks volumes. Also another juicy tidbit, her hate for marvel makes more sense when you know that she was fired from their old online video projects they did in the late 2000s/early 2010s. The more you know haha.

    Also fuck comicsgate for existing. I’m really sad to see my fave Kenneth rocafort be associated with them. He was so good on Al Ewing’s ultimates. I’m just sat here hoping no more of my faves turn out to be trash. Please god.

    Now moving away from dustiness, still can’t get my hands on a switch. It’s really rough out here lol. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about The Last of Us 2. I’ve watched 5 full let’s plays of it thus far and plan to watch more. I’m a big scaredey cat so I couldn’t play this game myself, but at least watching it I can skip the scary stuff and enjoy the story. I think it’s honestly one of the best stories I’ve ever seen in any medium. Felt like a really good season of a really good HBO show or something. And also, Abby is just the best. I’d definitely want her to choke me with her biceps.

    I don’t know if y’all have seen this or not but I also found time to watch a show called Black Earth Rising. Starring everyone’s current fave, Michaela Coel alongside John Goodman. 100% recommend if you want a well written legal drama with some heavy neocolonialism critique and starring a lot of black British acting faves and some very attractive black men. I especially implore anyone who’s interested to look up an actor named Nicholas Beveney if y’all looking for a new fave. Found myself swooning when he was up to his villainy. Actually big shout-out to actors playing extremely compelling black villains. This show was full of them.

    Lastly, shout-out to anime coming back after all the hiatuses. What’s really nice is seeing a lot of my friends on a bunch of shows. Deca-dence has a buncha folks I know and love working on it and putting out their best work. I’d say more but that’s enough gushing haha.

    And finally still waiting for the black panther comic to return so we can finish out the intergalactic empire of wakanda saga. We were almost at the finishing line. The wait is killing me. At least Legion of Superheroes and Far Sector came back. Those continue to brighten my day. Ok can’t wait for the show as usual, love y’all, Felix out.

    • Felix

      Oh almost forgot, shout out to whatever dark magic was performed to give us the Anthony Mackie we have today. I watched the entirety of the podcast he was on with daveed diggs and he didn’t even exhibit an ounce of the ashiness he has in the past. Can’t wait to see my Captain America in action.


    The movie theater is my sanctuary. A place I used to frequent every week after work. I am saddenes that movie theaters aren’t open, but I also recognize that it’s dying off like brick & mortar stores not changing with the times.

    Kriss is absolutely right, that this was going to happen. I do think, even if Coronavirus wasn’t a thing, the 2020 box office would lose more footing to benefits of streaming apps. Black Widow, Bond & Tenet are viable films that may have done well under normal circumstances but they ain’t Avengers: Endgame or even The Force Awakens, for that matter.

    If anything, the movie theater lobby, NATO, should be ashamed that they haven’t welcomed Netflix & others with open arms. Besides, those apps are owned by some of the largest conglomerates in the world. They could’ve gotten a considerable boost from them, but they bitch, like people nagging about plot holes already explained to the viewer for the millionth time.

    They’ve lost the battle & the war. Preventable losses, to be honest. If anything, I feel really bad for independent theaters who need support. AMC, Regal & Cinemark do need a leg-up, but they’re all so stubborn for their own good, that they’re irrelevant, right now. Banning Universal Pictures for earning more revenue for Trolls 2 via VOD vs Cinemas ain’t taking a stance, it’s an admission of insecurity that they’re fading out of the limelight. Damn shame, too.

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